Weekend adventures

Friday – missed the Club Houston half price rooms.  Managed to hook up with Jesus (Latin variety) for a so-so seed and feed.  Went back down to the steam room and played with Raoul.  A very nicely trim 5’6″ latin boy with an 8 inch dick.

Saturday – went to Club Houston again.  Cruised a hung black guy who was packing about 9 inches.  Played in the gloryhole booths and rode his cock for a few minutes.  Then invited him back to my room where he put two loads in.  The rest of the night was relatively uneventful… except for some dumbass who thought sticking his hand in my ass was more effective then saying hello.  I don’t care if we have fucked once or not….. say hi, don’t walk up behind me and stick your finger in my hole.  Just because I like to get fucked doesn’t mean I won’t beat your ass for being rude.

Sunday was uneventful, took the evening to relax.

Monday – back to work but managed to get a repeat Grindr trick after a 9am conference call.  He pounded that hole good.  9 inch, thick and a great fuck.  Truly a great way to start the morning.