Tool Room – Part 2

I was nearly panicked.  Keys being put in the door could only mean one thing.  Someone was coming in!  Smith’s cock was hanging out of his pants and my pants were down and I was on my knees with a load of my cum in front of me.

My worst fear was about to come true.  I was going to get caught sucking dick!  Ugh!  My heart sank as the door opened and Master Sergeant Stevens opened the door.  He got the door about 3/4 of the way open before his eyes realized that there were two soldiers in the tool room, in the dark.  He stopped.  Smith and I froze, deer caught in the headlights of the Master Sergeant.  He looked at Smith and looked at me and looked at Smith again.

Smith quickly zipped up his pants and put his cock away.  I couldn’t blame him.  Stevens didn’t say anything.  I knew this was “off” so I just stayed put another second or so.  If I was busted, well I was busted.  Before I could try to explain he said, “Well, what have we hear, a Private Cocksucker?”  My heart sank.  I was damned!  I kept my mouth shut to see where this would go.  Smith had a look of terror on his face in the dim yellow light that was coming through the toolroom door.  Stevens prodded again, “Well?”  I sighed and said, “Yes Master Sergeant.”  Might as well go out with some glory I thought.  I could see Smith react a little in shock.

Stevens looked at Smith and looked at me and then looked at Smith again and said, “Boy don’t you have somewhere to be?”  Smith shockingly looked at me and Stevens before replying, “Yes Master Sergeant.”  Stevens shot back, “Well then get there.”  Smith left the tool room faster than a cat escaping from a dryer.  Ten seconds later it was just me with my limp cock and Stevens.  I couldn’t see him terribly well because he was backlit.  No worries, any fear evaporated when he said, “Good, I have something for you to suck boy.”  He stepped in and over to me as the door shut behind him.  Stevens was in good shape, white, close cut dark hair, probably 45.  I wasn’t into older guys in the least, but he was kinda hot.  I guess that was a good thing because as the door shut I heard his belt buckle come undone.  I couldn’t believe this.

Before I could pinch myself his 8.5″ cock hit me in the face.  It was hot, thick, and big.  I didn’t need to be told what to do, I licked it and started to suck him.  He wasn’t content with this and said in a low growl, “Boy you are going to suck this cock.”  With that he put his two medium large hands on my head and pulled me down onto his cock.  I was nearly choking, gagging on his substantial manhood.  He clearly didn’t give a shit.  I never had pegged him as being queer.  His cock slid in and out of my mouth rapidly.  Choking me and fucking my throat all at once.  I was nearly gagging on the deeper parts of it as he fucked me.  I could smell his sweaty man-balls.  I realized I was getting turned on by this.  After a few minutes he stopped and told me he needed more.  He told me to stand up.  I did as I was told.  I was facing the Master Sergeant who ran the motor pool.  He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock.  I obediently started stroking him.  He took my hand off his cock and with the other hand he turned me around.  I wondered what the hell he was doing.  No worries, he made sure I knew in short order.  He pushed me forward and I took a couple  of steps before I cam to the parts cabinet.  He was directly behind me.

He cleared his throat and spit in his hand.  Without asking me he spread his spit in the crack of my ass.  Again he spit in his hand and spread it in my ass.  My mind was racing, I really wasn’t into Anal, but I also literally wasn’t in a position to argue with this man.  Before I could say anything I felt the head of his cock against my ass.  He told me to relax and let him in or he would pin me down and take it.  I pondered the choice before replying that I wasn’t used to getting fucked.  He replied, “I don’t give a shit, I need some private ass!”  With that he thrust a bit and forced the head of his cock into my hole.  It hurt, but felt good at the same time.  He pulled back a bit before thrusting in a bit deeper.  He was going to fuck me!  It burned my ass at first, and then I realized my cock had come to life.  I started to stroke it, gently at first, and then furiously.  Stroking my cock distracted me from the fact that my ass was being shredded by a big white dick.  Stevens clearly knew what he was doing.  He had one hand on my shoulder controlling my position, and the other hand was resting on the other shoulder.  I let out a moan and that hand quickly covered my mouth and he growled in my ear, “Keep quiet and take this dick!”  I whimpered, “Yes sir” back.

He picked up the pace and was plowing my hole.  This went on for what seemed like forever before he started pounding me so hard it was moving my whole body.  I was getting ready to shoot my load and didn’t know if I could hold back.  No matter, he slammed into me and stopped.  Before I could wonder what was going on he growled in my ear, “This ass is mine, I am claiming it with my seed.”  I felt his cock pump deep in my ass and I realized he was cumming in my ass.  I simultaneously shot a huge load all over the side of the tool cabinet.

He slipped out and stepped back.  I stayed where I was and didn’t move.  I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  I got caught sucking dick and was fucked alright, but not in the punishment sort of way I would have expected.  I heard him pull up his pants and fasten his belt.  He stepped over to the dimly outlined door and opened it.  He turned on the light and turned to me and said, “Son, this place is a mess, grab some paper towels and clean up.”  “Yes Sir,” I responded.  Before I could say anything else he replied, “When you’re done go hit the rack and get a good night’s sleep.”  “Yes Sir,” I replied again.  With that he stepped out and the door slammed behind him.  I quickly pulled my pants up and felt a moistness in my ass.  I put my finger back there to see what the hell it was.  When I pulled my finger back it was gooey and clear, I sniffed it.  Cum!  Wow, I had just gotten used and bred by an older man.  I quickly fastened my belt and wiped my finger on my pants.  I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned up the floor and cabinet.  I tossed them in the trash can and grabbed the bag out of it.  No need to leave evidence I figured.  I locked up and put the bag in the trash and hurried back to my room.  It was 11:30 now.

Stevens never said anything, and it didn’t happen again.  I saw Smith the next day and he asked if we were in trouble.  I told him “no.”  He looked at me funny and I replied, “I took care of it.”  I smiled.  He laughed and said “okay, thanks.”