The recycler

Do you have any loads in?  That was the abrasive, somewhat rude question that blurted across Grindr.  I thought, who the fuck are you?  Before answering, I navigated Grindr’s awful interface to view the inquisitor’s profile.  Hmm, I thought.  Ginger and spice, how nice indeed.  27, 6’2″ 190#, red head, and green eyes.  I did not have any loads in yet, the universe was being flaky this afternoon.  So I responded honestly with “No, you want to put one in?”  Tic Toc Tic Toc no reply… oh well, another nosy Grindr flake I thought.  After I had moved on to something else my phone buzzed again.  A reply! “Get a load first, I only fuck cummy holes.”  Hmm, okay…. so I responded “Cock pic?”  This was my standard line and it was pretty equivalent to show me the fucking goods.  A minute or so later a couple of pictures appeared on my phone.  Wow, I thought, what a nice thick white cock.  How rare for Houston.  I sent a picture of my ass back and queried him, “Do you like to fuck raw?”  No sense in playing games, let’s qualify him to see if he is going to fuck or play condom games.  “yes” came back the response, followed by “Get a load and hit me up.”

Thus started a game of cat and mouse that went on for a few weeks.  The timing was always off, he was available when I wasn’t or vice versa.  Finally one day the timing lined up.  I had cleaned out that morning in hopes of getting laid.  I was not disappointed.  Around 11am my redhead hit me up, again demanding I be bred before he would fuck me.  This time I had a nearby trick interested, so I was able to broker a deal.  I’d go get a load and then come home to host redhead.  The source of the load wasn’t bad.  A 24yo black guy with a 7 inch average cock that curved slightly down.  He was a pretty aggressive fuck and always nutted quickly.  He was a bit of a freak and once in a while he had a buddy who wanted to play.  No big deal, I was using him for his load to get to the redhead today.  He didn’t have to know this.  I agreed to hook up with him and headed to his place to get a load.  He lives in this $600/mo apartment in Pasadena, TX.  It’s the kind of place that has a nice sign, but the rest of the property is a shithole.  I imagine that the leasing agent shops at TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less and considers those to be high end fashion.  The gate to this ‘community’ is a real work of art.  You have to punch in a four digit code to get in and it never works right for me.  As I sat their punching in codes cars lined up behind me.  Finally the latina woman behind me got out of her car and came over and told me how to put the code in.  She looked impatient with her two kids in her beat the hell up Toyota mini van.  I could tell she had been fucked at least twice from the two kids in the car.  I wondered if her husband was a good fuck or not.  As the gate finallly opened my mind snapped back to the present.  I navigated the well worn parking lot full of has been cars that told the tale of their owners who lived paycheck to paycheck.  I parked and locked my car and walked over to my trick’s apartment.  Unit #705.  He always answered the door from behind the door and today was no exception.  He was naked and erect when I walked in.  It was dark in the apartment.  We went to his bedroom which was just off the kitchen and living area.  I lubed him and my ass up and the hit my poppers.  He bent me over the bed and slid his cock in, stretching my hole a little as he entered me.  He never wasted any time and started pumping me and moaning.  I actually enjoyed the way he fucked, so I was stroking my own cock while he pumped me.  He usually hit my g-spot and made me shoot my creamy load onto the carpet and side of his bed.  Today was no exception.  I shot my load and he kept fucking.  A few minutes later he slammed his cock balls deep into me and creamed my hole.  He always pulls out a few seconds later, and then the show is over.  It’s back to normal for him and he ushers me out as quickly as he can.  As best I can tell he is some sort of security guard for a refinery or government building.  He claims to be a musician too.  His apartment is full of knicknacks and crap.  In and of itself this wouldn’t be odd, but I wonder how a 24 year old manages to decorate with this much crap.  It’s like a woman lives there, but other than the junk there is no real sign of a woman.  I wonder about this as I navigate the cramped apartment and make my way to the door.  I’m not annoyed this time and am anxious to get home and get my redhead.

As I get to the car I check Grindr to make sure we’re still on.  I have four messages from redhead.  Fuck, I was only bent over for about 10 minutes.  Four fucking messages?  grrr.  He’s sitting in my driveway and wants to know how soon I can be there.  Ugh, dammit.  I pull out of Shithole Creek Apartments and head for home.  I’m always careful in Pasadena not to speed.  The cops are hot, but they would just assume give you a ticket as spit on you.  Home is only 3 miles away, so it doesn’t take me long to navigate the school zones and wierd ass streets that run at funny angles.

I’m horned up and craving his cock as I drive, and still slightly loopy from my poppers and good pounding.  I pull into the driveway and see a shiny black car sitting in my parking spot.  I park next to him and look over, not quite sure what to expect.  Sometimes Grindr tricks are hot, and sometimes they are not.  This guy is hot.  Like Clark Kent hot, clean cut, buzzed haircut.  Scruffy.  I start to feel moist as we make eye contact.  Oh I’m really wanting this and at the same time thinking, wow, what did I do to get this guy ?

As we both get out and make small talk I unlock the gate and invite him in.  We walk past the pool and I unlock the bedroom French doors.  I draw the blinds that are built into the doors.  We both start stripping and hanging our clothes on various pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

As he undresses in front of me I see that his cock really is thick and big.  I’m guessing it’s 4.5 around and 9 long.  yum, this is going to be a great fuck I think.  I drop down on my knees and he puts it in my mouth and starts working me over.  I’m rock hard, dripping, and stroking as I suck him hard.  I keep sucking him and bobbing on his cock.  He’s running his hands through my hair and pushing my head down on his cock to where I can hardly breath.  It’s intense.  And then he pulls me up and asks if I still have a load in my ass.  Of course I reply.  He pushes me over the bed and drops down on his knees.  Before I can ask what he’s doing he is sniffing my ass.  I think wow, he’s checking.  As I start to ask him about it he sticks his tongue into my crack and starts eating me out.  He’s clearly done this before and he’s pretty good at it.  My hole instinctively opens a bit as he probes it with his tongue.  It feels like he is licking the cum out of my ass!

After a few minutes of this he stands up and puts the head of his cock against my ass.  I turn to put some lube on him and he stops me and holds me against the bed.  He says to me, “The cum from the other guy is my lube, you’ll take it like this.” With that he pushes inside me and I inhale deeply on my poppers as he stretches and invades my ass.  I’m loving every second of it.  He starts working in and out going deeper with  each thrust until he is balls deep.  At that point he shifts and starts pounding my ass for a few minutes.  We are both turned on and having hot intense sex.  As he seems to be getting close he stops and pulls out.  Without a word he lays down on the bed and moves to the center of my king size bed.  I follow him up on the bed and climb on top of him.  He maneuvers me over his cock and sits me down on it.  I begin to slowly rock up and down on his meat as he is tweaking my nipples and I’m playing with his furry red chest hair.  I lean down to kiss him and he quickly turns away, signaling that he doesn’t kiss.  Too bad I was already falling for him imagining trying to date this big dicked kinky freak.

After several minutes of riding him and nuzzling and groping each other he pushes me over and off of him.  He gets up on his knees and moves me face down and ass up in front of him.  I correctly anticipate him sliding in me, but this time he’s holding me down and really pounding my ass.  It’s good, it’s deep, and it’s big.  Wow, it’s a great piece of meat between his legs.  After a few minutes of this he pushes in and I can feel his cock pulse as he creams my hole.  He lays there for a minute or two with his cock inside me, surrounded by his seed which is deep inside my ass.  Then he slowly pulls out and climbs out of bed.

We don’t talk much.  I wipe down and offer him a clean towel.  He wipes up and starts getting dressed.  Neither of us says anything.  As he gets ready to go I thank him and suggest we should do it again.  He says he enjoyed it and we’ll see.