Tall Scruffy and Horsehung Whiteboy

Saturday I went to Midtowne Spa….. content to continue my weekend of being a slut.  The previous night had been CumUnion, so I was still a bit sore, but horny as always.

I spent some time in the pool and in my room.  I just wasn’t feeling the crowd even though they were frisky.  I followed a tall white boy into the steamroom.  He motioned me over and started sucking my cock.  Yawn.  I mean, it’s nice, he’s interested… but don’t suck a bottom’s cock!  I was about to blow him off and walk away when I looked down and noticed he had a 10 inch cock.  Hmm, now I was excited…. oh and he was furry too.

I asked if he was a top and he said yes, at which point I directed him to my room.

He was a very good, patient top.  We spent 3 hours working two loads out of his cock and into my ass.


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