Stranded Stray

He could see the delivery truck making it’s way down the street.  Blake shook his head and thought, “What the fuck are they doing out in this?”  He looked again, and the FedEx truck was trundling down the street.  It was pushing water up into yards with it’s wake.  It reminded Blake of a ship in the ocean.   An ocean was a fitting comparison to how much water had fallen in Houston.  Hard, pounding, tropical rain with drops that seem the size of grapes.  Each one thudding on the roof individually, but in unison creating a dull roar.  He continued to watch the truck as it turned the corner and stopped in front of the house.  It seemed like all FedEx drivers specialized in destroying transmissions and brakes.  Even in 10+ inches of water this one had managed to skid the tires and grind the gears.  Blake shook his head quietly as he watched the driver in the cab of the truck.  Blake didn’t remember ordering anything, but he often forgot about his Amazon Prime purchases before they arrived.  That was half the fun of ordering online he thought to himself.  As an added bonus he was going to get to watch some FedEx guy get soaked bringing whatever it was to the house.  Hopefully he would keep the package dry at least!

He could tell that it was a white guy, but he couldn’t see much through the rain and the truck windows.  The door opened and a 4 foot wide blue, white, and orange umbrella emerged in a futile attempt to hold back the rain. Blake chuckled, this was going to be amusing he thought.  “Yum,” he said aloud as the driver emerged with the package in one hand and the umbrella in the other.  He was around 32, 6 foot, nice build, short buzzed blond hair and damp.  In fact he was getting wetter with each step.  The umbrella seemed to pose a personal challenge to the rain as it swirled around the umbrella and landed on the poor driver.

As Blake walked to the door to open it he heard a “motherfucker…” from the front yard and arrived just in time to see the hot FedEx guy on his hands and knees in the water.  Water play not withstanding, he guessed correctly that he had tripped on the sidewalk.  The driver finally made it to the door and Blake opened the door before he could ring the bell.  “Hi,” Blake said.  “Oh, Hi” the driver replied.  His nametag indicated that he might answer to Alex on better days.  Before Alex could say anything Blake offered, “So I guess you found the crack in the sidewalk?  Yea sorry about that.”  Alex smiled and said “Yea, not exactly my favorite crack to find, but I’ll live.”  Blake thought that was odd, but kept it polite, “Can I get you a towel to dry off with while I sign for the package?”  “Sure,” Alex said as he noticed the handsome guy who seemed to live here.  “Come on in”, Blake motioned, “Shut the door behind you so we don’t float away, I’ll be right back with a towel.”  Blake figured this would be one of those good deed’s that replenish your balance at the Bank of Karma.  Blake grabbed a couple of warm towels from the dryer and returned to the entryway where the hot FedEx guy was.  By now a small puddle had drained down.  Alex was looking like a big puppy who had come in from playing in the mud, only much much hotter.  Blake signed for the package and invited Alex to dry himself off.  Alex smiled and remarked, “I really appreciate the towel.  This is a heck of a downpour and I don’t think I can get back out of the neighborhood on Richmond Ave, is there another way out?”  Blake laughed and said, “Yes, by airplane.  Not until the water goes down a bit.”  Alex looked a little stressed at that and replied, “Ok”  He pulled a phone out of his pocket which had somehow managed to avoid being drown and fiddled with it.  “Texting home base letting them know I’m stuck until the water drains,” he told Blake.

Blake decided there might be more to this opportunity than a box of whatever from Amazon.  “Would you like to shower off and I’ll throw your uniform in the dryer while we wait for the water to go down?” he asked Alex.  Alex paused for a second and said, “I would want to put you out, but if you and your wife don’t mind, yes”  “Wife?” Blake replied.  “Surely a nice guy like you has a wife in a wonderful house like this,” Alex backpedaled.  Blake laughed as Alex looked like a puppy with a mouthful of catshit caught in the litterbox.  “I’m single and gay, is that alright?” Blake asked.  “Absolutely” Alex replied with a smile and added, “I am too.”  Blake was a little surprised but took it in stride.

Alex noticed Blake do a doubletake and wondered if he was a bottom.  Rain made him particularly horny and he would love to bust a nut in that ass he thought to himself.  Of course this was risky as it was strictly against FedEx policy to fuck a customer.  Only customer service had this pleasure.

Blake led Alex down the hall to the master bedroom and instructed Alex to make himself comfortable.  “Put your wet clothes in a pile and I’ll get them in the dryer for you while you are in the shower.  I’ll throw a t-shirt and pair of shorts out for you while we wait, does that work?” Blake asked  “Sure” Alex said as he pulled his shirt off to reveal a nicely toned body with plenty of clipped fur.    Blake had intended to leave, but Alex didn’t seem to care.  Alex removed his belt and set it on the chair with his keys, phone, and wallet.  He then glanced at Blake who was trying desparately not to stare as he unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them to the floor.  Blake realized his own cock was probably beginning to show at about the same time Alex remarked, “I hope you don’t mind, I’ve never been very shy.”  “No not at all, you have a nice body,” Blake said as he glanced at Alex’s physique and cock.  He thought to himself that he must have a 8 inch cock with some nice thickness.  It was soft, but Blake had seen enough dicks in his day to be able to guess accurately most of the time how big they were.  By now Blake had a full on hard on that was hard to hide, so he adjusted it and apologized, “Sorry about that, it has a mind of it’s own sometimes,” he said.  Alex laughed and replied, “Don’t they all?”  He continued, “I guess you have a pretty high sex drive too?”  “Yes,” Blake admitted while smiling.  Alex replied, “The rain always gets me horny.”  Blake laughed, and replied, “Breathing makes me horny.”  Before Alex could reply Blake said the shower is in there on the left, I’ll get your clothes started.  He swore Alex’s cock had grown a little, but this was awkward and hot so he didn’t wanna stare outright.

Alex walked into the bathroom, it was very nicely done in slate and glass.  It was probably the biggest walk in shower he’d ever seen in a home.  He thought for sure that Blake must be a top too as he had gotten a woody when Alex undressed.  He turned his attention to getting into the shower, finding the soap and getting the water going.  As if on queue, Blake hollered to him, ” It takes a few seconds for the hot water to get to the shower.”

Blake scooped up the wet clothes and took them to the laundry room as the sound of running water from the bathroom echoed.  It was odd to hear someone else in the shower, he thought.  He no sooner had gotten the dials and buttons set on that damn Maytag dryer when he heard Alex calling his name.

“Blake?” Alex hollered out.  “Yea? be right there…” Blake yelled back.  The house wasn’t very big and when he stuck his head in the bathroom he knew instantly what the problem was.  Alex was standing half way across the shower with a puzzled look on his face.  Before he could say anything Blake calmly said, “The second knob turns the hose off and turns on the shower head.”  “Oh,” Alex replied, adding, “Thanks.  Hey what is that hose for?  cleaning the walls?”  Alex had never seen a shower setup like this.  It looked like an ordinary shower, but it was big enough for 2 or more guys and had two controls.  On one wall was a second knob and a hose with a long black attachment.  Blake smiled, it was his turn to be a little catty, he replied, “Yea the walls of my ass.  I’m a bottom, sorry that’s how bottom’s get clean and I wasn’t expecting company today so it’s where I left it earlier, before all this damn rain started.”  Alex smiled back and said “No problem, I’m a top so I’ve never seen something like that.”  Blake glanced down and noticed that Alex was mostly hard and mostly 9 inches long and about 4.5 inches wide.  “Sure thing, let me know if you need help with anything else,” Blake offered.

You could have cut the silence with a knife that followed.  Alex broke it though when he replied, “Yea there is someting…”  Blake looked up and replied, “What’s that?”  “Well, you’re a bottom, I’m a top…..” Alex paused, “It’s raining which makes me horny…. dude if you’re up for it I need to bust a nut.  You have a great looking ass…,”  Alex looked over to see if he’d blown it.  He hadn’t.  Blake said, “I’d love to….. where do you want it? ”  “Right here works,” Alex shot back.  Blake stripped his t-shirt and shorts off and put them on the floor before grabbing his lube and poppers and jumping in the shower.

Alex hesitated and said, “You sure this is okay right?”  “Totally, ” Blake said as he dropped to his knees.    The water was bouncing off of him as he slid the door closed.  He figured he would suck Alex a bit and lube his hole up at the same time.  Alex had a perfectly shaped cock an the extra water from the shower made it really easy to slurp down on it until it hit the back of his throat.  This made Alex pulse and get a little bit harder.  Blake was sucking him as best he could while he tried to lube up his ass.  Before Alex could say anything he started lubeing his cock while he was sucking it.  Silicone lube was good for being water resistant and this was one of the reasons that was a good thing.  Blake paused and asked, “You ready to fuck ass?”  Without waiting for a response Blake stood up and took a hit of his poppers as he bent over.  Alex didn’t need a second invitation.  He’d been wanting to get in this ass since he saw it earlier.  He was throbbing and ready to plow.  Alex put the head of his cock up against Blake’s hole and just held it there.   He knew better than to just jam it in as that always made guy’s spasm and clamp down.  He could feel Blake pushing back against him and just as he was about to push forward Blake’s hole opened up and took the head of his cock in.  Hmm, that felt good, warm, moist.  He heard Blake gasp a bit and smiled slyly as he liked it when guys moaned and protested a bit at his size.  He’d been told he was bigger than some black guys.  He slowly pushed in a little more knowing that he needed to get that hole open in order to enjoy it.  Each time he pushed in Blake’s ass opened up and let him in.

Blake was really enjoying this white meat.  He was used to getting fucked by black guys so he could take dick, but this was still somewhat challenging.  It had been several days

After what seemed like an eternity Alex got his cock all the way inside Blake’s hole.  He leaned over his shoulder and growled in his ear, “You ready?” “Bring it,” Blake replied back right away.  Alex enjoyed the spunk as most guys were begging for more time at this point.   He pulled his throbbing cock out slowly, feeling Blake grip his cock and yet not try to crush it.  Just before he popped out he reversed and slid all the way in, a little faster this time.  That ass felt damn good on his cock.  He paused again, no complaints.  This time he pulled it out and shoved it back in at more of a moderate tempo bottoming out with Blake’s asscheeks pushing his thick blond bush away from his cock.  He loved looking down at that.  Still no complaints so he did it again and before he knew it, he was pounding that ass.  Blake had both hands on the wall and his feet on either side of Alex bent at sort of a 45 degree angle.    Alex was pounding him full penetration bottoming out each time and it was making his balls burn with the desire to seed this ass and make it his.  Alex asked out loud, “Do you want it?” Blake replied, “Yes Please!”  Alex loved it when a bottom asked for his load.  He pounded that ass a few more times before flooding it with his seed.

Blake stood there for a second enjoying the bliss of having just gotten this stud off and knowing his seed was deep in his gut.  Before he could break the silence Alex slowly pulled out and then pulled him up and turned him around.  They looked each other for a split second before Alex pulled him in and gave him a deep kiss and then said, “That was really nice, I need showers like this and ass like this more often.”  Blake smiled and said, “I would enjoy your cock again sometime, I’ll give you my number when we dry off.”  “Ok,” Alex replied.  They both rinsed off and got out of the shower and toweled dry in the bedroom.  Just as they finished Alex’s work phone was ringing.  They both looked at each other and smiled as Alex answered it completely naked.  “I’m fine.  Just talking with a friend and waiting the water out.”  He hung up and turned to Blake, “They wanted to make sure I was okay.  Apparently another driver lost a truck in one of the creeks.  They told us to stay put until the water level goes down,” He said.  Blake smiled and offered him his number to put in his personal phone.  Alex accepted it and put on the shorts and t-shirt Blake had loaned him.  His boner was still half hard and made a little tent in the shorts.

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  1. I’m black and absolutely love a straight white stud or a white top pounding a black man. I really liked the story.

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