Rough Fuck Friday

Sometimes karma will spit out a favor for you.  That happened shortly after my last rant about it being dead.

One of my regulars, J, hit me up via fuckmail from my craigslist ad.  He had deleted his Grindr account, but saw my ad and wanted my ass.  I said sure, when?  He replied 20 minutes, to which I said sure, bring it, but stay out of the neighbors driveway!  lol.  I try to keep my business my business and turning around in the neighbors driveway gets their dog, deathwish, barking like a break in is going on.

While I waited on J I had a few frantic trips to the bathroom to make sure things were hosed out.  J is latino and endowed with a thick thick cock that is about 6.5 long.  It’s probably 2.5 or so across, so it’s a hefty cock on a stocky guy who isn’t afraid to get aggressive on my hole.  I really enjoy getting bred by him, he’s furry as hell, friendly, and can fuck like he’s going to shred my hole.

He managed to get here and park without me spotting him.  I glanced up from my desk and saw him walking to the door.  I quickly jumped up and scrambled to the door.  I had put my keys in so I could quickly find them when he got here.  The door doesn’t always stay closed, so I like to lock it closed behind my trick.

We walked back to my room and I closed the blinds in the doors and he pulled his trousers down.  I could tell this was going to be a transaction, a fuck and go, bang my ass – fill it with seed – wipe off and walk out.  I lubed my hole, my cock, and his cock and then turned around with a bottle of poppers in my hand.  I reminded him to let me inhale my poppers before he started stretching my hole.  He was not in the mood to wait.  It burned going in as it stretched my ass out and reminded me I was about to get fucked hard and good.  I had been wanting this all day, so I was excited.  I told him to slow down a bit and give me a chance to loosen up. He complied.  I pointed out that it was really tight today and he agreed.  The poppers were so so, so I switched bottles and made a mental note to put that bottle in recycling.  I felt a twinge of embarassment at having hastily thrown 7 bottles of opened poppers on the bed.  I wondered for a second what kind of whore he thought I was with my collection of poppers at one side and a clean hand towel on the other side.  Then my kitty sense kicked in and I didn’t give a shit what he thought.  His thick throbbing cock was balls deep in my ass and pulsing like he was ready to rape it.

The second bottle of poppers wasn’t my friend either.  Smelled like liquid skittles.  Dammit, I had been meaning to go through the poppers and toss the old ones.  No time like the present.  lol.  Third bottle was better and what I affectionately refer to as “warm up” poppers.  Warm up poppers loosen you up, but don’t get you dizzy.

As J started to pump my hole I snorted poppers and switched into my more aggressive self.  I was bent over the edge of the bed, he was standing behind me.  I stroked myself and told him to take my ass.  Take it he did…. in a longer than usual session he started pounding it so hard I could barely manage to open the bottle in my hand, but sniffing from it was out of the question.  I’d wind up wearing it before I’d be able to coordinate sniffing from it.  I did manage to hit the bottle while he was edging here and there, trying to resist the urge to shoot his wad in my hole.  At one point during the fuck he was hitting my prostate so hard I thought I was going to piss.  I didn’t give a shit, I was enjoying his cock in my ass.

Finally he got even more aggressive and grabbed my hips as he slammed his 250# massive body against mine, concentrating all of his effort to split me wide open with his cock.  He gets off on dirty talk and taboos.  I happily complied by telling him to rape that ass and make it his.   After a couple of minutes of this I could feel him surge and blow his wad in my ass.  We both froze for what seemed like minutes, but probably was only 30 seconds or so.  His cock pulsing inside my ass, my ass twitching to suck up all of his seed.

He then squirmed and slowly worked his cock out, surely the sensation was intense for him.  And then just as quickly as it started he was done.  He looked around sheepishly and I handed him the hand towel to use.  I muttered, “here use this.” and he wiped his cock off and tossed the towel on the nightstand.  I used the towel I had laid down to wipe my ass and reflexively checked it for shit, blood, or other unpleasantries.  I noted it was just lube and not even his wad.  Sometimes my ass will eject the whole load when a big dick pulls out.  Kittty was truly hungry tonight and kept his load.

I thanked him for coming by and walked him to the door, promptly locking it behind him.