Riding Horsecock

The maze area was very crowded.  My eyes hadn’t adjusted but I could tell there were 6 to 8 people in the play area of the maze at Midtown Spa.  This was my favorite bathhouse in Houston.  A touch sleazy but not pretentious.  From what I could tell there were 3 bottoms on the mattress and at least 3 tops fucking ass or playing with it.  The one closest to me was a 6’2″ black guy and he was hot.  As my eyes adjusted I could see the black guy near me was probably 10 inches.  He began fucking the guy laying closest to me and was really pile driving that ass.

A man was exiting and made his way through the crowd and stopping past me.  He was nicely build, 5’10 and middle aged.  I couldn’t really see anything in his towel as he walked past.  He stopped a few steps past me and walked back.  I was standing with my towel in my hand and my naked, lubed ass exposed.  He stopped directly behind me and rubbed his bulge against me.  He was big…. very big.  He pushed against me and began to grind my ass with his package.  I leaned back and asked if he wanted to fuck here or in my room. “Your room” came the reply.  I replied, “406, see you there.”

I was rock hard, and horned up as hell.  I walked to my room and he was right behind me.  He walked in behind me and shut the door, dropping his towel and throwing it in the corner.  His cock flopped out.  It was huge!  I swear I had seen this dick before and had it.  It was the largest cock I’d ever had.  It was not the right first, cock for the day as he was easily 10 by 7.  Meaning he was 10 long and 7 around.  I told him to hang on while i opened fresh poppers.  I was going to need that to take him.

I opened my poppers and lubed him good several times and my hole good before bending over to submit to his will.  He wasted no time putting the head of his dick against my ass.  It was pitch black in my room except for the light coming in over the wall.  He pushed but my hole was not opening.  He didn’t let this stop him and simply pushed harder, forcing my hole to open wide for him.  He slid all the way in despite my moaning and protests between inhaling poppers as deeply as I could.  He slowly pulled out and then thrust back in while holding my ass still.  He picked up the rythm and was pounding my hole while periodically slapping my ass.  I had my head against the wall and was desperately inhaling poppers hoping for relief from the force that was violating my ass.  On the one hand it hurt in a very special way, and on the other hand it was a huge turn on being forcefully used by this man and his cock.  If ever I had seen a monster cock or donkey dick, this was it!  He just kept pounding my hole, standing behind me and working me over.  After about 30 minutes I told him I needed a break.  He pulled out and let his cock hang there.  I stood up, slightly dizzy from being fucked.  He reminded me that he had fucked me before and that it was good to see me again.  I thanked him and told him to use me again in a bit.

He walked out and I sat there trying to figure out the state of my insides.  After a few minutes I grabbed my towel and walked down to the maze area.  It was mostly empty again so I laid my towel on the play area and bent over.  An older guy with an 8 inch cock walked up behind me and slipped his cock in.  He pumped me for a few minutes before seeding my hole.  While he was fucking my donkey cock trick walked up.  When the older guy walked off donkey cock walked over and leaned over me.  He growled, “I thought you needed a break?” Before I could reply he added, ” I need some more ass and I’m taking it now.”  “Yes sir” I said.  He slid in me much to the amazement of a couple of people who were watching by now.  He proceeded to work up to pounding my ass.  After a few minutes he just stopped pulled out and walked away, leaving me wondering what was wrong.  He later came up and said he just wanted some variety.

A third guy had been watching and now walked up to play with my ass.  He was latin with a scruffy beard and furry chest, probably early 30’s.  His cock had a pronounced downward curve.  He lubed and up and slid in to what would be a marathon fuck.  My ass was sore, so a curve down and a marathon fuck weren’t exactly a great idea.  After about 10 minutes he showed no sign of getting off and I let him slide out.  I told him I had to piss and walked off before he could slip back in.  The reality was he had been pumping my bladder and it wasn’t terribly comfortable.

I walked off to the bathroom, but couldn’t piss.  I said hi to some friends and wandered back to see if I could get some more dick.  It was getting late and I needed to go soon.  Horse cock walked over to me and whispered in my ear that he needed to cum in some ass.  I suggested my room and he agreed.  He again wasted no time in my room, this time with the lights on.  He positioned me bent over and forced his thick shaft inside me.  He was fucking harder this time and I knew that he was on the path to seeding me.  After 5 minutes or so he succeeded in getting off as I heard him moan and shove his cock deep into my ass.  He unloaded and then held it there for 30 seconds or so before slowly slipping back out.  He thanked me and I thanked him for the cock.  I suggested videoing my hole next time he fucked it.  He laughed and walked out.