poke poke… ouch

I’m happy to have been fully vaccinated for monkeypox. Managed to get my first shot in early July and my second shot in early August. By now the vaccine is fully effective at maybe 85%. News of breakthrough infections have been popping up, so I’m still sitting out until more hoes are vaxxed and we know what the fuck is going on. No dick is worth having sores in my ass.

Having turned XX recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what’s next. (the exact number is classified information). Hoe games are fun, but I’d really like some companionship. The problem with anyone thinking of adopting a feral cat is that it still needs to be wild sometimes. It’s tough to be a lap cat and still go run in the high weeds. Fenceless relationships are a source of anxiety and conflict for most gays. Normally it’s one partner resigning to the other being a total whore and that tolerance only goes on for so long before someone feels like a used doormat.

Grindr has lost their fucking mind again. The audacity to sell “unlimited” and then offer a “boost” in visibility on top of their horribly over-priced app. I’ll tell you what, if the virus plague bullshit is still going on I’m going to drop that subscription like a hot rock come December. Grindr better lead me to someone who puts out, or it can get the fuck out! Let’s call that spade by it’s real name and quit pretending it’s Christian Mingle.

Speaking of which, WTF is with a gay hookup app having trans-men and women on it? Gay = pussy not wanted. Bi = any hole will do. Straight = pussy or bust. Trans-man is a women less the tits but usually still with a pussy last time I checked. Transwoman is a man with a dick and tits who wants to be a woman. In both cases it’s not my battle and I don’t really relate. I wish them the best of luck, but I like dick and guys. I’m happy with the equipment I was issued. I’m specifically into guys who look and act like guys.

So back to being single/stray and desiring a nice place to curl up and a good breeding. This dry spell is getting old. Been more or less celibate since June and I’m officially fucking over it. Not over it enough that I want to catch monkeypox…. so here I am for probably another month or two. I want to see case counts dropping.

Texas had 1100 cases last time I looked. I think there are 10x that number that aren’t being diagnosed/reported. Still a small percentage, but absent good numbers on the population of hoes, it aint worth it. It’s probably 10 to 15% of the population of hoes and sluts, and that’s just too high for me. Club Houston is probably my favorite venue and there is way too much shared surfaces and touchy touchy going on there to run the risk of getting monkeypox. No ma’am! Grandma can sit her ass down and when things are safer I’ll be back out.

Oh yea, I mentioned in my last post I had met a nice guy when I was on vacation last week. I texted him last night and had a nice convo. Still not sure if I want to admit to having wrote Gloryhole or being behind this site. It’s sometimes better to be seen as a nice cat than as the alley slut.