Ownership has it’s privileges

It was a typical Friday at Club Houston.  I had managed to get there around 7:30 and taken advantage of happier-hours when rooms are half-off.  I was standing upstairs in the glass windows looking down into the shower area.  King Kong was stroking his soapy cock and teasing the guys.  I was watching King Kong, this 6’2 built black guy with a 11″+ cock and trying to figure out which twink he was going to split in half.  I thought to myself that it might be too big for me.  As I was in my own world thinking about King Kong I heard a deep voice next to me say, “That’s a nice ass you have.”  I snapped out of my thoughts and looked over to find a tall slender 30 something black guy in tight speedos standing next to me.  “Thank you,” I replied to him.  I took inventory of him and wasn’t terribly impressed.  There was no bulge to think of and I figured he was one of those tragic men with a fine body and no cock to speak of.  On the other hand it was slow and dreaming was about all I was going to get from King Kong.  I guess he could tell what I was thinking because he put one hand on my ass.  He squeezed gently as he leaned over and said, “Wanna come back to my room?”  I looked at him and said, “Are you a top? Do you like to fuck raw?”  He leaned closer and growled in my ear, “Come to my room and I’ll bury seed in your ass.”  I really liked direct guys I thought to myself as I said, “Sure!”

I followed my new stud back to his room and he shut the door behind me.  Black guys were generally down to business so I tossed my keys and towel by the door and proceeded to get down on my knees.  He slipped his blue speedos off and threw them in the other direction.  What emerged from his speedos was much much larger than I had anticipated.  My hole spasm in anticipation wasn’t entirely unexpected.  He was slightly curved, thicker than average, maybe 1.75″ across, and around 8 and 3/4 to 9 inches.  Just what Dr. Kitty ordered I thought to myself.  I pursed my lips and got his shaft wet before taking him in my mouth and working his cock good.  A good top will always show some tendency to thrust if you are sucking him right.  He wasted no time in putting his big soft hands behind my head and pushing his cock down my throat.  He was considerate not to choke me, but I could tell he was going to be in control while we had sex.  Fine with me I thought…. I need my hole used.  After a few minutes of being throat fucked and struggling to take it I stood up and told him I had somewhere better to put his cock.  I told him I would need to sit on it and he leaned back on the bed.  I lubed him up good and then lubed my hole and hit my poppers hard before easing down onto his manhood.

He was big, but not unmanageable.  Just the right size to stretch me out without tearing me up.  He was also somewhat firm but sensuous.  I began to ride his cock in an effort to relax my hole and he was tweaking my nipples.  He pulled me down and kissed me before telling me that I could get on all fours or he would put me there and use my ass.

I really try to please as a bottom, so I got on all fours as I felt him slide into me from behind.  He slid in all the way and then started pounding me before pushing me flat on to the bed.  He thrust in and shuddered, pausing for a second before continuing to pound me.  I didn’t think anything of it.  After about 20 minutes of pounding he put his arm over my shoulder and asked if I was enjoying myself.

“Of course,” I replied.  He put his head up against the back of my neck and growled that my hole was his as he shot his load in me.

Normally this is the end of the story for most black guys.  It’s just a nut and once they get it they are done and you are out.  Not this one.  He lay there with his cock inside me throbbing and his arm over me with his head pressed against the side of mine.  I asked his name to which he replied, “Jacob.”  “Nice to meet you Jacob,” I said.  He squeezed me and said, “It’s sir to you when my cock is inside you.”  “Nice to meet you sir,” I replied.  “Good boy,” he said in my ear gently licking it.  I moaned as he licked me and nibbled on my ears.

My moaning was turning him on and I felt him getting harder again.  He quietly said in my ear, “I came twice when I was fucking you earlier, but I am going to put a 3rd load in.  Your hole is mine.”  “Yes sir,” I replied.  I partially twisted around and gave him a deep kiss as he resumed penetrating thrusts into my ass.  As his thrusts grew harder and more frequent I assumed a more passive position. He kept nibbling me which I very much enjoyed.  I could tell after about 15 minutes he was getting closer.  He growled in my ear, “This ass is mine.” I replied, “yes sir.”  A few more thrusts and he shot another huge load in my ass.  Absolutely fucking fantastic, I thought.  He lay there with his cock inside me and muttered, “I’m holding my cock in so that my seed doesn’t leak out.  It’s my claim to your hole.”  Hot I thought…. He told me, “I’m going to fuck you next week, give me your number.”  I had thoroughly enjoyed his cock so I gave him my number.  True to form he texted me the next day and told me to be ready Saturday night to take care of him.  We texted back and forth and he said, “I own that hole and ownership has it’s privileges…. like using your ass to unload whenever I need it.”  “Yes it does,” I texted back.