Not tonight kitty

Sometimes I go through the day savoring a particular cock.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I had run across a guy who was back in “available” status.  We’ve fucked here and there for years…. he’s black/Indian mix with a nice cock and an aggressive manor in bed.  He isn’t big enough to wreck my hole, but he can get kitty worked up and filled up nicely.  It’s always a simple fuck n go with him.  Well, he was fucking me regularly, and then wound up dating someone, so he was “off-line”.  lol.

I do not normally care if someone has a bf or wife…. but in this case I knew both guys and had known them for a long time.  While your obligations are not my problem, I don’t mess in the neighbors yard either!  As often happens, this relationship ran it’s course and he was available.  I let him be for a couple of months and then hit him up the other day and asked for a load.

He said he had been busy but committed to breeding me again, late at night, right before bed, cum-n-go.  Nice I thought.  Yesterday I saw him on BBRTS and we agreed to hookup.  BBRTS usually has a low probability of getting me laid, so I don’t put alot of time or effort into it.  We chatted most of the day and agreed to a nice fuck.

I wound up on a work call from 8 to 11.  This was one of these damn calls where I don’t actually do anything, but I have to be there nonetheless.  As the call drug on I realized I was worn out.  So I messaged stud to see how we was doing.  He said he was exhausted, so we agreed to fuck another night.  🙁

Murphy’s law must exist for sex…… because when kitty is out of action there is a boundless supply of dick.  And when kitty is on the prowl there is nothing around.