Night pump

I had just come in from hanging out at the local adult theater.  It was dead.  There was this really super aggressive middle aged Latin cock sucker who kept pawing everyone.  This is the kind of aggression that gets your ass kicked.  No means NO!  I had managed to score one load from a guy I hadn’t seen in ages.

He started off with, “Hey, I’ve been to your house before.”  I looked at him, not recognizing him and said, “Oh, I suppose you want to fuck my ass?”  He said, “Yes!” With that we both started looking for a booth that would lock and wasn’t disgusting.  After a couple of tries we wound up in the one I played in before.  This time the TV wasn’t working and it was pitch black.  Just as well I thought to myself.

We both proceeded to strip down enough to fulfill our roles.  I fumbled and knocked the lube over a couple of times before managing to get him and I both lubed up.  I hit my poppers and bent over.  It’s funny how you can recognize a cock by feel, but I knew who he was.  Not too big, not too small, a funny curve and a big head.  Yup, I knew that dick.

He banged me for a few minutes and creamed my hole.  Then asked me if I had any tissue paper or toilet paper.  I was glad it was dark, he couldn’t see the “why is that my problem” look on my face as I apologized and said no.  We both got dressed and I let his load ooze out of my hole.  He left and I resumed walking around hitting on the black guys.  I wasn’t having any luck and they were hitting on each other.  I saw the hottest of them come out of the booth with the super aggressive Latin guy. Well, I thought, that explains why he was grabbing the guys dick… it must work enough.

It was almost midnight, I decided to leave.  On my way out I stopped to read a notice posted on the wall about the police raiding the place.  “Keep it zipped up so you don’t get arrested.” It read.  I shook my head and walked out.  A couple of Asian boys were sitting outside and they smiled at me as I jumped in my convertible and put the top down.  It was a nice cool night and that was at least good for a drive home.

When I got home I was starving so I ate a cupcake and sat down at the computer.  I logged on to BBRTS and A4A to see if I could find some dick.  A guy I had been going back and forth with was online.  I messaged him, “Want to breed ass?”  We went back and forth and I agreed to come over right then and there.  It was 1am now, but I was desparately horny and not ready for sleep.  I had to be up at 8am but I didn’t give a fuck.  I managed to get to his place by 1:30 and parked.  I walked up to the door and tapped lightly on it.  He answered from behind the door, naked and invited me in.  He was very slender, skinny, but had a huge 9 inch cock hanging out.  He bounded up the stairs with his hard cock bouncing left and right.  He told me to follow him.

I made my way up the stairs quickly and stopped at the top.  He lived in a small 1 bedroom loft apartment.  It was a nice layout, but very modestly furnished.  A cross between broke student and I don’t give a fuck single.  I stripped at the top of the stairs and made a pile of my belongings.  He was laying back on the bed touching his cock and I was getting hard.

I wasted no time lubing myself and opening my poppers.  I brought a fresh bottle with me.  He told me to suck him and I did.  He made me suck his cock for 5 to 10 minutes, slurping up and down his shaft.  He would periodically start pumping me while asking how I liked it.  I kept my mouth shut, it was rude to talk with your mouth full, especially when it was full of cock.

Finally, he told me to lube him up and sit on it.  I did as I was told, but hit my poppers hard first.  He was thicker than I thought and it was long.  I was sore from getting bred by the big monster cock the day before.  He had done a number on my cock.

He was pushing my limits, but I enjoyed it.  I rocked on him and he pushed himself inside me.  We were both enjoying each other.  Then the trash talk started.  That made it hotter with various insults and threats mixed in for color.  He told me to hold myself still above him, the head of his cock just barely in me.  Then he started to bounce against the bed, thrusting himself in me with each rise.  This went on for a while and he scolded me when I tried to sit on him.  After about 20 minutes he grew tired of it and told me to lay down.  He got behind me and slid in and started banging it.  A slow steady fuck deeply stretching my hole.  He showed no signs of cumming and so I told him I was getting sore.  He said we could stop and he would just owe me a load later.  We both agreed and we laid next to one another.  I apologized for not being able to handle him and he said it was no problem.  He had enjoyed fucking the load out of my hole.  I smiled and we both laughed.  I had not told him about the other guy’s load, but he apparently felt it and didn’t care.  🙂