My favorite lube – Wet Uranus

Here is a link to my favorite lube for getting my hole fucked and bred.  It comes in several sizes and here is why you might want to buy each one.

The 3.1 oz is my go-to size for going to the baths or keeping out for playtime with a trick.  The cap usually leaks a bit, but tricks aren’t likely to dump the whole damn bottle out.

I like to refill from the 8.9 ounce bottle.  If I leave this size out tricks will accidentally dump too much out… and at $28/bottle that’s not fun.

Lately, I have been buying the 15.7oz bottle with the pump.  I find this to be faster than the 8.9 ounce and a bit easier to dispense.  I rarely spill this one.  Just a few pumps to top up my bottle and I’m good to go.  As a bonus it’s a bit cheaper than buying the 8.9 oz bottle.

Some folks complain about washing this off, the simple solution is dawn dish detergent.  I like the orange scented personally, but any of them will work.  I buy this at WalMart, several bottles at a time… but you can also get it delivered from Amazon.

I use two different dispensers for the soap.  A Simple Human in the shower:

and a hand soap automated dispenser at the sink: