Morning Stray

Bzzzz.  Bzzzz.  My phone was making a slight buzzing noise.  I cracked my eyes open and rolled over to find the offending object.  I grabbed it and unlocked it.  It was a Grindr Message.  The sender was a 27yo handsome black guy.  Hmm, that’s a nice way to wake up I thought.  I said Hi back and layed there.  It was 8:45am according to the digital clock on my dresser.  Ugh, I needed to get going.

I checked my phone again, first meeting wasn’t until 10am so I was good to go for a few minutes.  My day was packed with conference calls, the new normal.  Fortunately I could work from home most of the time, so this left me time for breakfast.

“I want some ass, now!” read the message.  “cock pic?” I replied.  A very nice thick, black cock came back in the image that responded.  “Host or visit?” I replied.  “You host, location?” he replied.  I sent back my location and a couple of pictures of my ass.  “address?” he replied.  I thought for a second about my roommate who was asleep upstairs and then sent my address.  I asked my trick if he wanted to fuck out in my motorhome or in my house.  He replied that he didn’t care, I just needed to lubed and ass up.  I told him he would be fucking me in my motorhome.   I asked his ETA and he responded 16 minutes.

I hurried through the shower, checking to make sure everything was squeaky clean.  I had gone out the night before and gotten my hole destroyed, so there was no telling how things were this morning.  That went well and I grabbed lube, fresh poppers, and a towel.  I opened up the motorhome and opened the driveway gate directly in front of it.  Calling it a motorhome was a bit of an understatement.  It is a converted coach and is really big and really unique.  I’d been fucked in it once before when I was bringing it home from the auction I bought it at.  This was the first time I’d tricked in my motorhome.

I waited inside the motorhome, lubed, naked, with my poppers open, ready to get fucked.  This was a great way to start the morning I thought.  Across the street the neighbors 20 something son was washing his car.  He was hot in his own right and I stood there stroking myself wondering what sort of manhood was between his legs.  He was a nicely built black man of average height.

My fantasy was quickly disrupted when the blue Toyota Corolla pulled in.  It was a nice, basic car.  A slim man stepped out and adjusted himself.  He walked hesitantly up to the gate and then came around to the door.  I could see all of this through the big window in the front of the motorhome.  It was tinted with reflective film so I could see out, but nobody could see in.

He stepped in and said hi.  He almost immmediately unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to his knees.  Out flopped an absolutely beautiful cock.  Somewhere between 8.5 and 9 and a little thicker than average with increasing thickness near the thick head.  Probably one of the nicest cocks I’d had the pleasure of.  I dropped to my knees and started sucking him hard.  It took only a minute or two to get him fully erect.  He had a gentle upward curve.

I assumed the position bent over the couch while he applied lube to his cock.  He slipped in and it was surprisingly easy.  I thought to myself that he had the perfect fucking cock.  He wasted no time and begin banging my ass at a medium tempo.  After a few minutes of mutual moaning I asked if I could ride him.  He said sure and we switched positions.

I climbed on top of him and eased myself down onto his cock, steadying myself with my hands on his broad shoulders.  My rock hard cock was precumming on his smooth midsection as I bounced on his lap and worked my hole in and out over his cock.  We were both enjoying the hell out of each other.  I put his hands on my shoulders and neck to see what sort of play he was into.  He took the bait and started to fuck me more forcefully.  After a minute he pulled me into him and held me there.  I nuzzled him and we started making out a bit.  Then I held his shoulders as I leaned back with his cock fully in me.  Again I started to ride him and then stopped after a few seconds.

He was getting more aggressive.  He told me to lay face down on the couch and he would bang me from behind.  The furniture dimensions were nearly perfect for this.  As I got off of him I spotted some white fluid that had leaked out of my ass and onto his belly.  I teased and asked if he had cum once.  He said maybe a little, but that he wasn’t done with me at all.  That was hot, I rarely made guys cum by riding them.

He got behind me and slipped into me burying his meat all the way inside me until he slammed his hips against my ass.  He then started pile driving my hole.  It was hurting a little bit and there was no way I could grab my poppers.  I had put them on the window ledge which turned out to be convenient as I could just manage to inhale from them.  He kept on banging me and telling me how good that ass was.  He was making my hole sore and I started squeezing my ass around his cock as he pushed.

This must have sent him over the edge.  He leaned over me and started fucking alot harder.  This was amazing sex, but getting better.  He said to me, “You want my load whore?” “Yes Sir” I replied.  “good, you are going to get it.” he said and with that he slammed into me and I felt his meat pump a load of seed inside my hole.

He held his cock inside me and the throbbing subsided.  He slowly pulled out while telling me, “I want to make sure my load stays in there.  That’s my hole now.”  I was totally turned on by this stud.  We made small talk as he cleaned up and got dressed.  I asked him, “So are you single or stray?”  “Stray, open marriage.” he said.  “How often do you want to fuck this ass?” I asked.  “When I can get free,” He said as he turned and walked out.