Little brown bottles of fun

Poppers are a near necessity for getting fucked.  They loosen your ass and for tops that can stay hard, they intensify the orgasm.  I’m sure you could do it without them, but it makes it so much more amazing.  In some ways you could say my talents as a bottom were first discovered through the art of using poppers while enjoying a thick cock.

Finding them on the other hand is a whole other headache.  So I’ll talk a little about them and my experience.

First, the storage myth.  This myth says you have to keep them in the freezer or they will go bad.  There is some truth that if they are left open they will absorb moisture and go bad.  Keeping them in the freezer could help, but in my experience it doesn’t.  I keep them in a drawer and toss them when they smell fruity.

Second, the source myth.  I swear that 99% of poppers are the same damn thing in the same damn bottle with different labels and colored caps on them.  The one big difference is price… you pay more at a local adult store and less when you order on line.  I nearly busted up laughing yesterday when I was at the baths and saw a big bottle for $35.  Okay, a 10ml bottle lasts me a while, wtf do you do with a 30 ml bottle?  get the whole room buzzing by dumping it out?

I have two primary places I can recommend.  First, I have ordered for several years from what is currently  In the past they have been on different domains.  Nice, reliable, quick shipping, and average to good stuff.  Good pricing as well.  The only headache is he has been having problems with credit cards and is check or money-order only now.  I’m not sure if he can stay in business like that.

So that prompted me to search for a new vendor and I stumbled on someone even better with much higher quality. They make their own stuff and it’s different in a good way and much stronger.  They also offer a 5ml bottle which is just right.  I buy the 5 pack for $22 and $6 of shipping.  🙂  I ordered a set of 5 bottles from them so I could test them against my standard “PWD” brand stuff.  Wow, night and day difference and I really missed it when it ran out.  It’s smoother and stronger than other varieties.  They promise that everything is Isobutyl Nitrite.  Whatever it is, it’s good stuff.  🙂