Let’s blog again

So much has been going on lately.  The run around with Midtown Spa left a nasty taste in my mouth about the same time work went from crazy to insane busy.  I took a break from blogging because I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading or appreciating my work.

A quick check over at Gaydemon.com is flattering…. some of my stories have racked up 8,000 reads.  Not bad.

I’ve pretty much stopped going to Club Houston. For one thing it’s not been very productive.  I can hardly get laid there anymore.  It’s certainly not for trying.

Grindr and Craigslist continue to be very productive for me.  They have the added benefit of being way more convenient and way cheaper.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s blog again”

  1. Wow man.. You are incredible. I just found your site and am blown away. I used to go the baths a lot, but I have been married now for a few years and my husband and I live out in Sugar Land and don’t go into Houston as much. I had some luck at Club Houston with a few hot guys, but I much more preferred Midtowne Spa.. much less attitude, more relaxed and the black & Latin men were fantastic.
    Reading your stories and knowing exactly where you are & what the scene is like is so fucking hot! I am so stoked about going tonight. The most mind blowing experience of mine was in the maze and a lot of people were going at it in the side room and I slipped in.. within a few minutes the hot black guy with a 10 inch cock had me on the plastic mat and was fucking me so deep and so good that I didn’t even care that all the other guys were there.. I had become a star of a wonderful show. The black guy was so tall and much bigger than me and he wrapped his arms around me and put his huge hand on my head to protect it from being pounded into the wall. When he came inside of me it was the hottest thing I ever felt. When I got up I could feel some of his load dripping out of my well stretched hole and I reached down and scooped some up and put it in my mouth… fucking fantastic fuck and great tasting cum, too!
    I had almost forgotten that wonderful night until I was reading your stories.
    My husband is out of town and I am definitely heading there tonight and I hope I will have a story to share with you tomorrow.
    Thank you for the stories.. I would love to have a drink with you sometime and meet this fantastic writer, story teller and expert load taker.

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