Kitty got fed at lunch, twice

A repeat stud from Grindr hit me up this morning.  I was able to work him in at lunch.  Definitely not a dissappointment.  9 inches, thick and very well built.  Most of the black guys I’ve hooked up with are not that into kissing.  This guy likes to and is good at it.

So the hookup started with making out, and then me sucking him nice and fully hard.  He stripped off his shirt and tossed it on the bed as I tried to bury my nose in his bush.  He put his big hands on the back of my head and worked his cock deep into my throat telling me how he was going to wreck my pussy the whole time.

I asked if he was ready to fuck and if I could ride it and he said sure.  He layed back on the bed and I climbed on him and we made out a bit before I grabbed the shaft of his manhood.  I took a deep hit on my poppers and then slide my tight ass down on his shaft stretching it and making it burn a bit from the size of his cock.  I immediately realized it was a tad too much too fast so I slid off of him.  I kept making out with him and talking shit a bit before trying again to work his cock deep into my hole.

Try two was more successful and I managed to get him balls deep before he started pumping my hole from under me.  I leaned back and felt him slip all the way into my ass.  My ass was now fully down against his pubes and I started to rock and bounce and pump his cock in and out of my hole.  He put his big hands on my waist and I grabbed his well built arms and used them as leverage to ride his cock.

After a few minutes he needed to be in control and to dominate my hole.  First he slid me to the edge of the bed, on my back.  He slowly penetrated me and then started to pound me as I resisted the urge to scratch the fuck out of his back.  He plowed me for a few minutes and then growled at me to flip my ass over.  He positioned me in what I call downward dog as it’s close to the yoga pose by the same name.  I hit my poppers and knew I was about to get my hole wrecked.  He did not disappoint and pushed his cock against my hole before pushing intently inside me.  His thick shaft stretched my hole and I could feel him all the way inside me.  He was horned up by now and decided to start holding my hips while banging my hole.

He tried to edge by stopping for a minute and I was enjoying it too much so I started rocking back against him and working his cock.  That was too much for him so he took control and started pounding my hole until he shot his load deep in my ass.

We paused and just sat there for what seemed like forever, but was probably just a minute.  Then I pulled him down on top of me and just laid under him with his thick meat still stretching my ass.  It was a big turn on knowing his seed was way up in my ass.

After a few minutes he slipped out and stood up.  As he was cleaning off we made the requisite small talk.  I told him he needed to fuck me more regularly.  I told him it would be hot for him to spend the night, but that I might wake up and suck him hard and jump that cock.  This naughty chat got him hard again and I inquired if kitty could have another load.  He said sure and so I lubed him up, before lubing my ass and spinning around.  I bent over the edge of the bed and hit my poppers.  He hesitated as he slowly put it in and I told him to shove it in and use that ass like he wanted to wreck it.  He sped up and slid it in and started pounding my hole, shaking my entire body as he slammed his dick into my ass.  He shot after about 7 minutes and convulsed each time as he injected a load of his seed into my hungry and willing hole.

Afterwards we cleaned up and he got dressed and went to work out.

Definitely a great lunch fuck.