I Miss my gloryhole

I miss the gloryhole I used to have…. let me tell you about it.  This isn’t one of those fairy tale stories…..

So at one point I owned a piece of property with a warehouse on it.  I sometimes used to enjoy playing in my warehouse.  Usually it was on the order of anonymous, dark scenes.  I would set it up where guys would come over and the building would be blacked out.  I would be naked, lubed, and ass up.  I used to set my lube and poppers on a brick in front of me.  It almost had an altar like appearance to it.

I claimed it was anonymous, but in reality I watched them pull in so I could make sure I did not have any psycho action going on.

So one day I lamented that all the bookstore gloryholes had been shutdown in Houston.  I thought, WTF why not just build one?  So I did.  I spent about $100 on materials.  At the time it was a chunk of change to me because money was tight.  I built a roughly 4 foot square “booth” that was attached to the entrance door on the side of the warehouse.  Guys would step in and be inside the booth.  It was amazing.

The panel opposite the door had a glory hole cut in it and could be opened when action wasn’t going on.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the ideal height and finally concluded that it needed to be about 8 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide and positioned from about 30 inches to 38 inches off the ground.  It was damn near perfect.

There were some days that I managed to get 8 to 10 tricks to it.  Some guys only wanted to get sucked off, but most would want to fuck once they were hard and you could pretty easilly work lube in and then spin around and sit on the beautiful cock.  At that point it was a matter of rocking back against the glory hole and letting the top get to work banging your ass.  I had some awesome sex via that hole and in that building.  Some of the guys were amazing, clean cut, well hung studs, and others were scruffy guys with dicks and a vengance for fucking.  More on that another time.