I heard it on the grapevine……

In other gossip this week it looks like Midtowne Spa might be sticking around a bit longer.  The managers and staff had been saying that it would be closing at the end of July.  There is now a notice on the glass and by the desk stating that maybe it will close, maybe it won’t.  It goes on to say that the assistant managers and staff are lying if they say anything.  What a wonderful way to run a business and treat your employees.  I heard from several people that they are upset at my blog and trash talking what I wrote.  You can’t really make up the kind of stuff people tell you…… but whatever.

It’s interesting that the for sale listing is missing from LoopNet.  I think the transaction probably got slowed down.  Commercial properties are notoriously slow to close.  Here is a search from LoopNet which is where Commercial Real Estate is listed in the Houston Market.  If it had truly fallen through the listing would be back online.


On the bright side, that gives Club Houston more time to practice being polite to their customers.  I personally don’t have any issues with the staff in either place.  Hell,  the staff at both Midtown and Club Houston will happily fuck your ass and plant some seed.  lol.  So far Midtowne is winning that contest by the way.  Very nicely hung floor guys.  Club Houston is trying hard and it’s amazing what giving up a little ass will do for making folks friendly.

It was unlikely that someone would buy Midtowne and put lofts or apartments there.  The high end apartment market is at 73% occupancy which means that incentives and discounts are being used to fill units.   Just in case someone thinks I’m making shit up here’s the article in the Chronicle. – http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Apartment-glut-slows-of-rent-hikes-but-not-all-7071789.php

If they are going to be staying open perhaps they can put a new mattress in the play area.  The one that is there has been split open for a year.  God only knows what is growing on or crawling in it.  It wouldn’t hurt to buy a swiffer and get some of the dust off the fans and signs either.  The biggest difference between Club Houston and Midtowne Spa is that Midtowne is just flat dirty.  ;(