GBC and fuck-o-rama Thursday

I went out to Midtowne Spa in Houston last night.  It was dead for the most part so I enjoyed some chit chat in the pool.  I decided to go eat dinner with a friend so I got a in/out pass and did that.

When I cam back it still looked dead, but I thought, what the fuck… nothing to lose.

Within a few minutes I had met a skinny 25yo black guy with a 10 inch cock.  He wasted no time going back to my room to plow me.

After he left I wandered around and met a second skinny black guy with a giant black cock…… He slipped into my room and bred my hole.  He was probably average thickness, but a good 11 or 12 long.  One of the longest cocks I’ve seen.  It was good and I hope to see him again sometime.

After that I managed to convince a really good looking latin boy to visit me.  He was probably 5 and skinny, but wanted to use a rubber so I told him to scram.

A nice evening overall.