Fuck Me Monday

Hello Dearies,

I declared today fuck me Monday in the name of horny bottoms everywhere.  It didn’t do me much good, but I did manage to ride some cock and get a huge dripping load.  Read on for the juicy details.

So I had this awful, stupid Monday morning meeting at work today.  The kind where everyone has to drive into the office to listen to a presentation that could easily have been done via an email or teleconference.  Yip Yip Hooray.  It’s the kind of meeting that ruins your morning really…. On the bright side I find that when you move around Grindr rewards you.  It’s like there is some sort of algorithm.  A couple of cute tops hit me up, which got me to craving cock.  I wasn’t cleaned out, so morning wasn’t going to work.

I have the joy of being able to work from home often, so I got home ate lunch, and set about cleaning out and posting an ad to Flake’s List.  Flake’s List is what I call Craigslist often.  I post, I get reponses, they flake out.  One bull shit excuse or another.

I got some nice threats on Craigslist…. from latin cock and big black juicy cock….. I still wish the BBC had come through and wrecked my pussy.  He says he will…..

So I waited all afternoon trying to get some dick and keeping it clean and doing some work at the same time.  I believe this is called multi-tasking.  lol.

This evening I decided to go to Midtowne Spa.  Half price rooms and Mondays are usually somewhat kind to me.  There was actually a line to get in.  I’m not sure if it was because it was busy (it didn’t seem it) or because the new clerk who is cute as a button, was slower than molasses. As I waited in line I noticed they had a notice posted saying the water heater was out of order…. so the bathhouse has no hot water. WTF!  They claim to be working on it…. work harder bitches!  When I did get in there were a couple of adorable cute white boys with funky colored hair playing with each other and cooing over each other checking out.  What a shame.

So once I got in I made my lap and had to fend off a couple of “off” Mexicans.  They were in front of me checking in and had used passports.  In theory they could be Spanish, but I just don’t think so.  They had very accented English and were just different.  They were together, but not together.  Both of them hit on me at one point in time or another….. they were both somewhat “fluffy.”  One had a 4 inch cock and the other had a nice cock but insisted on wasting a condom.  No thanks…… condom or hole, your choice but you aren’t putting one in my ass.

I then ran into an extremely hot white guy who swore up and down he knew me… but as I told him, not well enough darling, not well enough.  I’d have jumped him in a flat second.  Meow!  He seemed to have an appetite for BBC which explains why I didn’t know him that well.  Sigh.

I went back upstairs and ran into J furry.  That’s my name for this short sexy guy I’ve played with a couple of times.  He’s shorter than me, but very passionate and a good fuck either way.  I topped him a couple of weeks ago and it was actually a good fuck.  Yes, I will fuck if I’m sufficiently turned on.  He and I played while Fluffy with the 8″ cock looked on and grew irritated with us.  J furry was clearly boinking my hole and we were having “who gives a shit what you think” sex in one of the hidey spaces.  I lubed my hole and his pole and tossed my towel and lube bottle down.  I opened the cap to my poppers and dropped the cap and took a huge breath of poppers to loosen my hole up.  J furry has an average length but a huge true mushroom head that stretches my ass good.  We went at it for a good 10 minutes before he called a truce.  He is always reluctant to cum in my ass, which is annoying, but you take the good with the bad.

So then I went downstairs to sit in the hot tub and steamroom for a few minutes.  I talked to Oh God He’s Hot in the steamroom and he invited some BBC back to his room for a blow and go.  I then sat in the hot tub and chatted with this latin guy who we’ll call “Little English” because he clearly speaks enough English to say fuck me please, but not enough to be polite.  Shrug.

On the way back up I encountered this beefy Asian/Latin looking guy wearing what looked like a nitegown.  Eyeroll!  Please, if you are going to a bathhouse at least be wearing a towel and nothing more.  Fetishwear is okay, but for crying out loud, WTF is with wearing a nightgown top?  Funny thing is about 5 minutes later he was poking Little English.  That lasted all of 3 or 4 minutes before Little English took off like a cat who’s tail had been stepped on.  Asian Dress came out of the dark space they had been in and went to walk past me.  It was a tight squeeze where I was standing and he stopped behind me and started to push his cock against my ass.  Fine with me, I don’t need to be asked twice.  I motioned over to where I could bend over and he happily followed and started fucking me.  His cock was probably 7 long but crooked.  I swear it had two bends in it like some sort of water finding stick.  He wasn’t content to fuck me with it, he had to move it around like he was trying to find something in my ass.  No wonder Little English didn’t care for it.  The whole time he is starting to pound my ass some fluffy white guy with a beard comes in and motions to him and looks at me and walks out.  Finally the 3rd time he followed Fluffy beard out like a lost dog.  Sometimes I just smile and don’t ask any questions.

I went back to my post and didn’t wait long before a black guy with a thug cock and dreadlocks came by.  He almost fucked Little English and decided to squeeze by me instead.  Like Asian Dress he stopped behind me and decided to feel my ass up.  I quickly invited him over to the public fuck space where I could bend over.  He wasted no time and before long had stuffed his 8.5″ thick cock up my ass and was stretching it good.  He was doing what I call sprint fucking where he fucks quick for a few minutes and then pauses, probably to edge.  He was fucking me hard and I started to mutter things to egg him on.  I am sometimes an aggressive bottom that will talk shit, and the voice came out and got loud enough for him to hear.  Meanwhile this other bottom was next to us hoping to get leftovers and listening to me egg this top guy on.  I was telling him, oh yea, fuck that hole….. use it.  Which escalated to rape my ass, breed my ass, use it.  After a bit he decided to roll me over and started banging me good.  He was really getting into it and so was I.  I held my legs up and let him have at it which I normally don’t do.  After about 5 minutes of this he shot a huge 2 or 3 squirt load in my ass and then just froze for a couple of minutes.  I squeezed his cock a couple of times and made him jump a little bit.  I thanked him for the load and he said no problem and told everyone else watching what a good fucking ass I had.  🙂

I made a couple of laps around the floor before returning to wait and decide if I was gonna call it a night or not.  I love walking around and feeling a big thick load in me and feeling it ooze out a little.  I ran into cock number 4 who is someone I’ve done several times but not lately.  He felt my ass and noticed it was lubey/cummy and asked if I wanted more.  I replied, Kitty is always hungry, let’s go.  He bent me over and started banging my hole.  He’s a Asian American guy with probably a 7 inch average cock.  He’s a good fuck but never cums in my ass which always annoys me.  Tonight was no exception.  He was churning Dreadfuck’s load in my ass and it was oozing out and getting sloppy.  After about 10 minutes he stopped and complained he was getting close.  I reminded him that kitty was hungry and I love getting bred and want his load.  At which point he jumped back in and started on it again.  After a couple of minutes he went soft and said he couldn’t…. and walked off.  I was afraid for a second that things had gotten shitty, they were certainly sloppy…. I did a finger check, nothing.  A finger check is where you get your finger wet and sniff to see if it’s nasty or not.  no odor or cummy is good.  shitty is time to bail.  I even did a towel check, because sometimes your nose gets fucked up after sniffing poppers hard.  Towel came clean, but it was definitely time to change it.

That pretty much summed up my night and I went home shortly thereafter.  Just one damn good load.  🙂

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  1. Yes i would like to fuck your gloryhole until you say stop cause i am goi g to put a 11 in half dick in your booty hole for real ok.

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