fuck fuck fuck

I got flaked out on last night.  No big surprise, I saw the bullshit coming a few days ago.  Still pissed me off.

Best way to make up for being stood up?  get fucked!

Off to Midtown I went.  Had a bang up time.  Took all of 20 minutes to find the first hot man and we played for a while and flipped and bred each other.  Woof!

Ran into a good friend and spent the next 2 hours in the pool and hot tub chit chatting.  tsk tsk.

Went back up stairs and found this hot guy who was a dead ringer for the one that stood me up.  lol.  Oh except this guy was short on excuses and long on ass.  Proceeded to plow him silly, but could not get off.  Had him in nearly every position…. he is super hot 32, trimmed beard, trimmed chest, nice cock, great ass.  Has had 14 loads before I get him.

Agreed to intermission and I went and laid down with the door open in my room.  About 30 minutes later he walks by 3 times so I jump up and go find him in the maze.  We go back to my room and make out.  He’s up to 17 loads now.  He wants to breed me.  Sure…. so he proceeds to pound a load into my ass and blow a huge wad of cum in me.  Amazing self-control that he could hold his wad while 17 guys raped his ass.  As we are making out he notices I’m hard again…. I offer him my load and proceed to fuck him.  He lets me know he comes to Houston once a month and we could play regularly.  Bam, that does it and I’m able to nut in his ass.  For some reason I just don’t top random bottoms.  shrug.

He gives me his number and we both split to get dressed and get out… it’s 4am and the bath house is quickly becoming the scene of a zombie fuckdown.