French Connection

I had just finished Nude Yoga at Club Houston and was walking upstairs to my room.  We made contact and locked eyes for a moment.  He had beautiful eyes and a really furry chest.  My heart practically skipped a beat, he was blond, clean cut, and had a super furry chest without being a gorilla.  He had to be 30 something.  No way in hell he was actually interested in me I thought.  I kept walking up and smiled briefly back at him as he turned the corner.  I dropped my yoga mat in my room, had a refreshing drink of Coca-Cola and sat for a moment relaxing.

I was hornier than a stray cat in heat so I lubed my hole, grabbed my lube, poppers, and towel and headed out to prowl for some dick.  I made a lap of the rooms and glanced at the guys in their rooms stroking their dicks and watching twink-porn.  I decided to head to the dark maze play area and see who was in there.  Other than a few aggressive Gaysian boys slamming booth doors there wasn’t much going on.  I walked back to the cocksucking catwalk area and leaned on the wall in the dimly lit area.  The play area has a horshoe shaped raised platform that guys can stand on and other guys can walk up and suck them off through glory holes.  It’s a nice setup for sucking dick, but I usually want more than that.

As I was standing there my furry stud walked in.  We made eye contact again as he walked up the stairs and leaned against a wall across from me.  I considered pinching myself to see if it was real and then gathered my courage and pride and walked over to where he was standing.  He wasted no time in pulling his towel back and stuffing a thick 7.5″ cut cock into my mouth.  I slowly serviced his cock, letting it glide in and out of my mouth and feeling every bump, every vein, and every groove on his manhood.  We alternated with him working my mouth and me bobbing my head on his cock.  I was really into this guy and working his dick good.  I could hear the occassional moan and knew he was enjoying it.  I raised my hands and put them on the ledge next to him as it made it easier for me to float on and off his rod.  He reciprocated and lowered his hands to play with my hair.  This was probably the most sensual blow job I had given in ages.  It was really wonderful, but my ass was twitching and wanting way more.  I could also sense that a crowd was gathering and the only thing I hate worse than a little dick is a cock blocking queen trying to interfere with my trick.

My stud seemed to be thinking the same thing.  He paused me and lifted my chin up so we made eye contact.  He said in very accented English, “Let’s go to my room.”  I felt like I’d won the lottery as I replied, “Sure!”

I followed him to room 242 and he opened the door.  As I followed him in he shut the door behind me and it was just the two of us.  He was nicely built, super furry, and absolutely handsome.  He reached over and pulled me to him and we started making out.  I was stroking his cock with my hand and dropped to my knees to suck him some more.  He let me go for a few and then stopped me and pulled me up to him and asked in his thick accent, “Do you want to fuck?”  “Yes!,” was my enthusiastic reply.  He laid back and slipped a condom on his beautiful cock.  I hate condoms, but I wanted this man inside me and was willing to tolerate the condom.  I knew it would tear my ass up and hurt later, but I didn’t care right now.

I positioned myself over him and we made out for a few minutes.  I asked him his name and he said it was Marc.  I asked him where he was from, “France,” came the shocker.  Normally French guys hadn’t been that hot… I guess they just keep the ultra hot ones there.  This guy was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Aside from being handsome and hung he was really taking time to make sure I was having fun.  Kissing was turning us both on.  I lubed him up and fingered my hole a bit with lube to make the best of it.  Then I slowly pushed my ass down around his thick blond cock.  I could feel him pulse as I lowered my tight hole around him.  He moaned as I started to rock slowly up and down on his shaft.  I would periodically lean down to make out with him which gave him the opportunity to thrust up into me.

After a few minutes we switched up the positions and tried a few before settling on what I call “doormat.”  It’s where I lay flat on my stomach and the guy gets behind me.  Normally guys will pile drive my ass in this position.  Marc was very different and kept making out with me and taking his time.  It was the kind of sex I dream about having in a relationship, but which always seems to elude me in my relationships.

After about 20 minutes of intense passionate sex I told him I wanted his load.  He repeated the question to me, “You want my cum?”  “Yes please,” I replied.  He thrust into me and paused while making out with me.  Then he pulled out and reached his hand down and removed the condom.  I saw it last as he flung it on the floor and then he slipped back inside me and what was already fantastic sex got even more passionate as he was truly inside me.  He pounded me hard for a few minutes before tensing up and moaning as he blew his load deep inside me.  He just laid there with his chin on my shoulder nuzzling against the side of my head.  It was really amazing sex.  He slowly slid out and then I rolled over as he laid back down on my chest.  I was running my fingers through his hair and stroking his neck gently.  He was overnighting and headed back the next morning.  He worked for Air France as a pilot.   We laid there and chatted for a few minutes before we each had to go back to our worlds.  I thanked him and told him to have a safe trip before I walked out the door and back to my room.