Fluffy’s Torpedo

It had taken forever to get checked in.  The new clerk at Midtowne Spa was having trouble with the old computer.  When I finally got to him I could tell he was flustered, so I tried to be as nice as possible.  He issued me the key for room 501.  I locked up my wallet and my car keys and trotted up the stairs to my assigned den of iniquity.  I normally didn’t go to the bathhouse on a Friday.  It was usually too busy for me to effectively get dick.  I was bored tonight and horny, so after hours of getting knowhere on Grindr I had cleaned out and headed off to the baths.

On my way to my room I passed the normal menagerie of characters that made Midtowne unique and fun.  I saw my “friend” who liked to chat about the plight of corporate workers while waiting for a nice dick to suck.  We both worked corporate jobs and he was a nice guy to chat with.  I said “hi” to him and he said “hi” back.  Ships passing in the night, I strode to my room, anxious to get undressed and start prowling.

I reached my assigned room.  I swore every room had a different lock, this one was no different.  It took me three tries before I convinced the tired ass lock to open up and let me in the room.  Johnny had done a great job getting my room ready.  Johnny was the hardest working Latino floor guy the World had ever known.  Friendly, polite, and cleaned like a Catholic.  He always worked evenings.  I felt sorry for him, but really appreciated his hard work.  My room had a small paper bag for a trash can, a light switch, a “mattress” and a pastel sheet.  It wasn’t much, but it was enough to lay down on, relax on, and get fucked on.  It would do the trick, or hopefully tricks.  I stepped in and shut the door behind me.  I put my bag on the “table” that was built in and stripped off my shirt and sweatpants.  I tossed them on the bag and placed my phone next to my backpack.  I opened the side pocket and fished out my Uranus Wet Lube and my collection of poppers.  After briefly looking at them I picked the one that would put me in my place and took a short hit on it.  I then lubed up my ass and cock.  I grabbed my towel, put my key around my arm and picked up my lube and poppers before heading out the door.  It was time to prowl.

I headed back to the maze to see what was going on.  This maze was dark and usually had some fucking going on.  It was one of the things you could count on at Midtown.  The ceiling fan desperately needed to be ripped down.  It had long ago stopped working and was hanging at an angle, covered in dust.  A single, bare red light bulb lit the maze area with some rope lights thrown in for ambiance.  I surveyed the men.  A competing Latin bottom, a Black cock sucker, and a white power bottom were in attendance.  The obligatory not into you black guy with the 9 inch cock and the slim shady looking for head were wandering through every couple of minutes.  I decided to setup shop by standing with my cock in my hand leaning forward against the wall.  This left my ass out and kept my cock away from creepy dick grabbers.  I liked to slowly massage my cock and judge how turned on something or someone made me as I thought about the possibility they represented.

After a minute or so Fluffy appeared.  Fluffy was… well fluffy.  A big big black guy, about my height and probably double my weight.  I admired his courage in coming in here and wondered what he was into.  Certainly not my type, I was keeping myself amused by watching him.  He slid down the narrow walk way towards me, being unusually polite to the other guys.  As he approached me I could tell he was staring at my ass.  This made me mildly uncomfortable because I was being setup to have to let him down easy and encourage him to move along.  I’m into getting fucked…. and fat guys usually don’t have enough dick to interest me.  Sorry, it’s just how it is.  Kitty has needs and you needs to be able to get in kitty to meet them.

I was right, he was laser focused on my ass.  He slowed down when he got to me and stopped directly behind me.  I could kind of see him out of the corner of my eye, but I really could feel the heat coming off of him.  I realized he was probably within a foot of me and still staring intently at my ass. His big broad hand reached out and started to caress my back and shoulders.  He had a nice touch, but he had to be all of at least 350.  He was fat!  I did not want to cause a scene, so I let him continue to rub my back.  Besides, it felt good.  After a few minutes he moved closer to me.

As he moved closer I felt IT.  I gasped a little as his cock bumped my ass.  His body wasn’t touching me, but his cock was.  My hole puckered a little and my hand reached down to see what this was.  I gently placed my hand around the shaft of his cock and stroked it a bit to get a feel for his size.  Oh My God Becky!  This was a BIG cock.  It was probably 10 inches and a happy handful around.  I wondered in my mind if I could take it.  I wasn’t sure, but I was gonna fucking find out.

At about that moment I decided to move into a cubby space and bend over.  I motioned for Fluffy to follow me and he willingly did.  I quickly lubed my hole, his cock, my dick, and his cock again.  And then I hit my poppers like some asthmatic kid on an inhaler trying to save his life.  I needed to loosen my hole up, like 5 seconds ago.  Godzilla was coming!  It crossed my mind that I was about take a cock that was attached to someone I didn’t find terribly attractive.  But this was a fuck not a date and I didn’t really give a shit.  My hole was twitching and wanting to be stretched and plowed. I was standing in front of fluffy and he was standing behind me and “occupying” the entrance to the cubby.  One good thing I thought is that nobody was going to get past him.  I hated “interference” from desparate queens who would stick their hands in and try to grab the tops dick while you were getting fucked.

As I bent over Fluffy put the head of his cock against my ass and started to push.  At first my ass wasn’t having any of it.  A vision of the Panama canal locks flashed through my mind, holding back a huge ship behind massive doors.  As if on queue, Fluffy turned up the pressure and broke down the doors to my ass.  Expertly he pushed just the head in which caused my hole to tighten up and grip his cock.  He stopped and started rubbing my shoulders again which relaxed me.  This was his queue to start to pull back and then push a little deeper.  He continued this for a few minutes working his massive black meat into my stretched white hole.

The whole time I had been sniffing poppers like it was some sort of religious sacrament.  In a way it was…. .the incense of the horny bottom worshipping the big meat God. I think he was probably half way in when it happened.  He suddenly stopped being nice and it’s like someone opened the throttle.  He started pile driving my ass.  Not all at once, but it went from pull and push to thump….. thump….. thump thump… thump thump thump.  Next thing I knew I was being fully assaulted from behind.  He was slamming his cock deep in my hole and shaking my whole body.  I’m not a little guy, but I’m not fat either.  I’m 5’11” 205# and built okay.  I was being pushed around by the black meat in my ass like some sort of rag doll.  My head was periodically hitting the wall in front of me and at some point he got all the way in because I remember his balls starting to slap my ass.  He was like one of those piledriving machines you see on the construction sites just banging his pole deeper into my hole.  He showed no sign of climaxing or getting anywhere near ready to bust a nut in my hole.

No good deed goes unpunished and by this time a crowd had gathered behind him to watch him wreck my ass.  Sex in the maze is sometimes spontaneous and I could catch glimpses and hear the signs that several other cocks were getting worked nearby.  On the one hand I hoped there was a line forming, and on the other my mind was writing checks that my ass would be to worn out to cash.  I was aware of a burning sensation that was building in my ass and what I can only describe as “surf” the sensation when your guts have been churned and you aren’t sure what is about to happen next.  You just know that it won’t be something nice.  Fluffy kept right on pounding my ass like some kind of mechanical beast, periodically telling my what a nice white boy ass I had.  I did my best to mutter yes sir, and fuck my hole.  I would periodically ask if he was going to breed me, or if he was getting close.  Over the course of 20 minutes this disintegrated into alternating pleas for his seed and warnings that kitty was going to need a break.

He got rougher as time went on and finally had me pinned between his meat and the wall pumping me like some sort of invader.  Almost anti-climatically he warned me that he was about to nut in my ass and then a few strokes later I felt it.  It was like he had turned on a hose and his seed gushed into my hole filling me up and dripping out.  He pulled out almost immediately pulling some of his seed with him.  It followed his cock out and hit the floor with a loud splash.  I was a bit embarassed but it was dark and nobody could tell what it was.  He said “Thanks white boy” and walked off leaving my totally wrecked, seeded hole gasping for breath against the wall of the cubby hole.  Whatever sort of line might have formed scattered like pigeons before a cat when Fluffy’s load unceremoniously squirted partly out of my ass and hit the floor with a loud noise.  So there I was in the maze, alone, with cum running down the inside of my thighs listening to blaring dance music and trying to reconcile that a fat guy with a monster cock had just wrecked my ass.  Not one to miss a moment I decided this was my queue to exit.  I wiped my legs and ass with my towel and briskly walked off towards my room to rest and recover.

I have not seen Fluffy since he wrecked my pussy.