I had spent about an hour sitting in the hot tub and relaxing in the pool.  I was chatting with this other Amateur Radio Operator.  It was nice to engage in casual intelligent conversation from time to time.  I looked up at the clock and realized it was 10 something.  I dried off and headed up to my room for a drink.

I was torn over leaving or getting another load.  My pussy had been thoroughly wrecked a little earlier that evening.  Always the cum-whore I decided to make a lap and see if I could get another load before I left.

I headed to the maze noting it had quieted down.  I picked one of my usual spots and stood with my ass facing out, leaning against a corner gently.  This allowed me to see all around me and gave tops a chance to see my ass and approach me.

I wasn’t there more than 5 minutes when this early 30’s black guy walked up.  He made a couple of passes by me and I wondered if he was one of these damn racist guys.  Nope, he was just shy.  He came back and stood right behind me.  He grabbed my ass and I reached back and grabbed his half-erect cock.  I asked if he wanted to fuck some ass and he replied, “yes.”  “My room or here?”, I asked.  Before he could answer I replied, I’m in room 406.  See you there.  “ok” he said.  I wasn’t sure if he was really going to come.

I walked to my room and let myself in.  I put my towel off to the side and set down my lube and poppers.  While I was wondering if he was going to show up a shadow appeared in the door.  I had left the door cracked a couple of inches.  He opened the door and looked into my dark room.  I greeted him and said “Hi there.”  He stepped in and shut the door behind himself.  I dropped down and started sucking him.  I then stood up and before I could turn around he grabbed me and pulled me into him.  We started kissing and making out which is always a bonus.  We did this for a few minutes and I could feel his cock pushing against me.  I couldn’t stand it and lubed him up and bent over in front of him.  His cock curves gently upwards, but he was pretty experienced.  He slid it in and started pumping my ass good.  After a few minutes I asked if he liked to be ridden.  He said yes and I asked if I could.  He said sure and pulled out.

I moved out of the way and let him lay down before getting on top of him.  We started making out and I was grinding against his cock.  Then I lifted myself up and he maneuvered his cock against my hole.  I eased down on to his ass noting that it burned a little.  This meant my ass was torn up real good by the previous guy, too tall.  Fortunately this guy was somewhat more conventional.  I bounced up and down on his shaft and he pumped my hole from below.  This went on for a few minutes.  It was beginning to tire me out…. so time to change positions.  I stopped and made out with him for a few minutes.  He grabbed my dick and stroked it a bit.  As a bottom I usually don’t get turned on.  But something about this guy had me going. He asked if I liked to top, to which I said sure, sometimes.  There was a twinkle in his eye, so I asked if he wanted to get fucked right now.  He said yes, so I maneuvered myself between his legs.  I grabbed some lube and lubed his hole.  Next I offered him some poppers before I hit them myself.  Then I slipped the head of my cock inside him while leaning forward to make out with him some more.

He moaned softly as I slipped in him.  I wasted no time getting all the way in him.  He had a nice tight hole and he was very sensual.  It was refreshingly good sex for the baths.   I started slowly but before long was pounding his hole.  After a few minutes of pounding his ass I slammed my cock in and unloaded in him.  Then I collapsed on top of him nuzzled against his neck.  He was caressing my shoulders and it really felt great.

After a few minutes I realized that he had precum quite a bit and I could feel his cock periodicallly throbbing against my stomach.  I knew that I still owed him my hole.

I suggested that we try me face down ass up for him to breed and he agreed.  I maneuvered into position and he slipped behind me and inside me.  He began to pump me and then stopped after a couple of minutes.  I asked if he was edging and he said yes.  I told him I wanted his load next time.  He held his cock in side me still.  After a minute or so he started pumping again.  This went on for a couple of minutes before he started to edge again.  I squeezed down on his cock with my muscular ass and begin to push back against him working his shaft.  This pushed him over the edge and he resumed pounding me until he shot his load.  I felt a good 3 squirts come out of him and deep up in my ass.  We both lay there quietly.  Me on my stomach and him on my back inside me.  His cock felt fantastic, even if I was a little bit sore.

As with all good things he slid out and stood up.  I rolled over and turned the light on a bit.  I asked what area he lived in and was pleasantly surprised it was my side of town.  He wasn’t as handsome in the light, but he was very good in bed and I didn’t give a damn.  I grabbed my phone and opened the contacts.  I asked if he wanted to get together sometime.  He said sure and I asked for his phone number.  I sent him a text and told him I looked forward to it.

I noticed his cock was still sticking straight out with a gentle curve up.  I needed to get home and eat, so I whisked him out the door despite the temptation to ride him for another load.  Hopefully I will hear from him soon.