Frequently Asked Questions.

There is no such thing as a dumb question, but asking the same one over and over again gets old.

Site specific questions:

  1. Why did you create the site?  Because I wanted to.  Really.  Sex is a natural human activity.  You wouldn’t be reading this without it.  I wanted to share my adventures.
  2. Who are you?  Access Denied.  It’s more enjoyable for everyone when we keep this anonymous.  Names are labels that don’t always serve a purpose.
  3. Are you worried about creating a bad example?  Not really.  I’m not doing anything that hasn’t happened before in the world.  What I am doing is talking about it and telling what works and what doesn’t.
  4. I don’t want my son/daughter/boyfriend/wife/pastor/etc reading your site, will you take it down?  No.  It sounds like you have a control issue and I recommend exploring this with a qualified counselor.  As for your son/daughter there are two ways to learn about sex… they can read about it, or they can go do it.  I supposed doing it without researching it works for some people, but the lessons can be expensive.

Questions in general:

  1. Why don’t you practice Safer Sex?  Fair question, blunt answer.  I don’t like the artificial barrier that condoms create.  Frankly they don’t feel good.
  2. Are you worried about catching something?  Not really.  Every time you get in an airplane there is a risk that it won’t land in one piece.  Every sexual act has a risk associated with it.  We cannot run our lives based on the relative risk alone.  Each person needs to evaluate risk and decide for themselves what matters.