Dreary weather and bad hunting

Today was pretty dreary weather…… did manage to get a big load from a nice thick regular cock before heading to Club Houston this evening.  Club Houston was busy…. but a dull crowd.

Interestingly when I got there they had the “No Rooms” sign up.  As usual a 5 minute wait would get me a room.  When I got upstairs there were a few open rooms that the attendant was busily cleaning.  I didn’t think anything of it.  When I left I swear there were 7 empty rooms and he was cleaning them fast.  The same sign was up, forcing a couple of guys to wait.  I wonder if this is a half-price night marketing tactic to make people think it’s slammed.  hmmmm.  No loads while I was there.  Saw a couple of nice cocks on black guys, but the rest of the crowd was pretty unremarkable.  I was sleepy and hungry so I said the hell with it and left.