Deep Tissue Massage

The lobby always had that too clean appearance to it.  It was accented by the sickeningly friendly woman at the counter.  I could tell she was drinking the Kool-Aid. Hell she was probably fucking the manager.  No big deal, I wasn’t here for her or the bull shit new age nonsense for sale in the lobby.  While I generally hated the pretense at Massage Envy, I did enjoy getting a massage.  As I checked in I learned that my regular massage therapist wasn’t available.  He had called in sick so they had switched me to David.  She hoped I didn’t mind.  Well fuck! I thought.  I guess I was going to be fine with it.

I sank down in the chair and pulled out my iPhone to see what was lurking on Grindr.  I was more horny than sore, but I had signed up for the massage a few days ago.  Grindr was the same boring fucks that always wanted to trade pictures.  It was like some sort of beginner porn or something.  As I was scrolling through the prospects I heard my name being called, “John….”  I looked up at the source of the voice.

I thought to myself, this must be David.  I sure hope he can give a good massage.  He wasn’t that much to look at. Okay, he was flat fucking ugly.  I reminded myself that I was hear for the rub down not the fuck down.  I greeted the little troll at the door and smiled as politely as I could muster.

“Hi John, David was busy setting up the room from his last client and wanted me to bring you back.  I’m Sam.,  he said.  “Thank you Sam,” I replied.  Sam proceeded to escort me back to room 12.  This room was usually colder than a Baptist preacher’s wife.   Sam motioned for me to go into the room, but stayed out of the room.  Before closing the door he said, “David prefers that you be face down on the table if you want to make yourself comfortable.  Enjoy your massage.”

And with that Sam closed the door, leaving me in the dimly lit, freezing cold room listening to fake beach noises.  This was unusual.  Protocol was that the therapist greeted you and then wasted 10 minutes of your time while you got undressed.  Whatever, I thought.  It was late and they probably all wanted to get the fuck out of here.  I resigned myself to be surprised and quickly got undressed and under the sheet on the table.  To my pleasant surprise the table was warm.  At least someone had something right I thought.

I settled in under the sheet, face down as requested and waited for David.  After a few minutes there was a gentle tap followed by the door opening.  I glanced up as David introduced himself, “Hi John, I’m David.”  He continued, “I’ve read your chart and I’m ready to give you a good working over.”  Ha! I thought, you hardly know the working over I want boy!  David was 25, 5’9″ probably 180# a bit on the stocky/muscular side.  He was clean cut with short hair and was lightly tanned.  In a word this guy was hot.  I would enjoy the massage for sure, but I wanted more.  “Great,” I replied.

David placed his hand on my back and walked around me.  Therapists had this pattern of ‘grounding’ on the patient.  I could tell alot from touch and David’s hand wasn’t the cold, disinterested one.  I decided I would be chatty with him.  Sometimes I was dead quiet and just laid there enjoying my massage.  Othertimes I was chatty and would have a good conversation with the therapist.  My only rule was that they didn’t unload all their personal problems on me.

I started out with the standard fare, “How long have you been doing bodywork?”  “About 5 years,” he replied as he began to work my shoulders.  He was definitely good.  He ran his muscular hands down my back and I was acutely aware of his crotch very close to my head.  I could smell his sweaty crotch!  It smelled delicious.  David’s hands were working my sore back and finding knots while my mind was in the gutter.  He worked his way progressively down my back pausing for a second at my ass.  As he begin to massage my ass he remarked, “You have a nice ass, very firm and muscular.”  “Thanks, I hear that alot,” I replied as I smiled and laughed a bit.  He didn’t skip a beat and replied, “I bet.”  Hmmm I thought, if only you knew.  It was pretty unusual to have the therapist massage my ass, but it had happened before and was pretty inoccuous.  I had made sure to be squeaky clean before coming in.  That was my habit.

He worked his way down my legs to my feet as we traded small talk.  He had moved to Houston from Raleigh, North Carolina.  That explained the wholesome look and friendly demeanor.  He had me turn over and massaged my legs and chest and neck.  This was normally where things wound down with some pitiful plea for a tip and another massage.

Instead David told me to turn over again.  Sure, I thought.  I glanced at the clock as I turned over and realized we had run over by about 20 minutes.  I kept my mouth shut and hoped I wasn’t going to get billed extra.  He said, “You had some extra tension in your back that I want to take care of.”  “Thanks I said,” as I thought to myself that the real tension was in my ass.  He lowered the table down to where I was about 10 inches off the ground.  Massage Envy had some great powered tables, which was one of their redeeming qualities.  David straddled me and removed the draping so he could get to my back.  This was unusual for sure.  He began to work my lower back and slid down to my ass.  He settled down on to my legs which was my first clue that this was about to get interesting.  As he lowered himself he said, “You don’t mind if I touch you do you?”  “Not at all, touch whatever you want,” I replied.  “I will,” he said.  He started to work his way up my back, leaning forward as he did.  I could feel a bulge in his pants and knew that he was turned on.  That was hot I thought to myself, but it probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

As if I to ensure I hadn’t imagined his cock pushing against my ass he paused to adjust himself.  After which he remarked, “I’ve got a little tension myself that needs releasing.”  I thought for a second before replying, “I’d be happy to help.”  As if on queue he stood up and unbuckled his pants.  I didn’t dare turn around, but I could tell he was taking his pants off.  He said in a low voice, “I had hoped you might.”  Before I could reply he was back on top of me, skin against skin this time.  He said, “I have some lube here which will feel better than massage lotion, but I’m a bit aggressive when I fuck.” As he said this he was lubing himself and my hole.  I replied, “bring it!”  He was probably 8.5 and a bit thicker than average from what I could feel.  I hadn’t turned around to look lest I spoil the moment.

He wasted no time and deftly moved back to position the head of his cock against my ass.  He leaned over me and whispered, “Let me in or I’ll break down your hole.”  Hot I thought as he eased into my hole.  I desperately wanted some poppers.  He must have been reading my mind because I heard the unmistakeable sound of a cap being removed and him inhaling.  He handed the bottle to me and I happily took it.

He wasn’t messing around and started pumping my hole.  He was very good at being a top and I had been craving his cock the whole time he had been massaging me.  As he was fucking me I wondered about the time and if we were going to get interrupted.  This was somewhat risky for both of us and the last thing I needed was drama.  David plowed my hole good and deep for a few minutes before unloading in me.  He hadn’t lasted long and he knew it.  He bit gently on my ear and said, “That’s a sample.  I’ll give you my number for later.”  “Deal sir,” I replied.  He pulled out and cleaned up and got dressed.  He leaned over and whispered to me, “You’ll leave me a $5 tip.”  I thought that was odd, but before I could respond he said.  “You normally tip $15 according to the computer.  So $5 will make them think you didn’t like my massage.  I’m headed to the front to tell them you complained which is why we ran over.”  We both smiled as he walked out the door.  His seed was deep in my hole and oozing a bit as I got up and got dressed.  I pulled myself together and headed to the front.

When I got to the front the manager was the only one there and he was clearly ready to get the fuck out.   He asked how my massage was.  “It was okay, but I don’t think we should schedule him again.”  He looked up and replied, “Most people request repeats with David.”  I replied, “I didn’t care for his technique, but I can see why others might.”  He smiled, “Okay, I’ll take him off your list.”

As I signed the card receipt and put in the tip I noticed that the manager’s phone was sitting there, unlocked.  He had Grindr up.  Hmm, I thought to myself.  It made for an interesting moment because I think he realized I saw his phone.  He grabbed it at the first moment and locked the screen.  He smiled and said, “Have a nice night John.”  I smiled back and said, “I did, thanks.”  He had a twinkle in his eye so I knew there was more going on when he replied, “I’ll see you next time.”