Despite being a seed seeker for a while now…. I still haven’t figured out why you can get fucked all day long some days and other days nobody can be bothered.

Today is one of those no dick no where days.  It’s a great day for it.  First it’s Friday and work is quiet on Fridays.  I get to work from home and there isn’t a whole lot to do other than clean out email and decompress.  It of course gives me time to think which is an important aspect of work.  My roommate has to work today, so that’s perfect.  I have the house to myself and can prowl for cock and contemplate my hole dripping with seed from guys strange and familiar.

The journey to sniffing poppers and getting pounded isn’t so simple.  It starts with deciding that I’m going to get fucked and then taking a couple of hours to clean out my ass with a hose.  About an hour into the process I normally take a couple of generic immodium (loperamide).  It makes it possible to get porno clean, which makes for nice uncomplicated sex.  Nothing is worse than shitty sex, literally.  Ah first world gay fucking problems.  So the immodium stops your intestines from continuing to flush poo towards your asshole.  It’s more or less harmless if you take a dose.  Don’t be stupid and do it over and over again.  But shutting down the shits for 12 hours while you get banged isn’t going to hurt anything.  Things return to normal for me about 18 to 20 hours later and by the following day (40+ hours) I’m spitting out thick solid turds.  Staying regular is an important part of anal health.

And of course finding some dick…..Grindr, A4A, BBRTS, and Craigslist are all fucking dead.  Dammit!  A few flakey hits, but nothing threatening to wreck my hole.  It’s frustrating.  Kitty is hungry for some dick and seed!  This week has been off anyway.  I went out Monday night and it was a utter waste of my time.  Wednesday wasn’t any better.  I managed to find time to go out on Wednesday and while I did get fucked it wasn’t anything magical.

Sometimes you get fucked and it’s almost a religious experience that rocks you to the core of your soul.  That’s the kind of sex that is amazing and enjoyable.

I’m beginning to think I need to do some sex tourism….. where I go out of town for the weekend with the express intent of getting my hole banged.  I’ll have to see what I can cum up with.