Dallas CumUnion Party sucks

The Dallas CumUnion party had a nice crowd, about 80 guys tonight… but the venue just sucks ass.  Some of the staff is friendly, but most of them are asses.  The party is held at the Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts which is a nice leather venue for S&M and Leather folks.  It is sorely lacking for a gay sex party though.

First it has 2 toilets.  Yes, 2 toilets.  So there is always a line to take a piss.  There are no showers and the sinks are in with the toilets…. so at a ass fuck fest this creates a poor hygiene situation.

To make up for this the venue distributes 3M paper towels throughout the facility.  In jest I call them 3M.  Reality is that they are probably Member’s Mark, aka Sam’s cheapest paper towels.  There is nothing like wiping lube or shit off of your private parts with coarse paper towels.  Scratch Scratch.

For the first hour or so they had too many lights on.  They walked around and unscrewed some which helped.  For me, the crowd just wasn’t friendly.  A couple of people said hi, but most people kept to themselves.  The guys I was interested in were not interested in me.  Shrug.

There were a couple of hot tops, but the problem is that there were literally a few hot tops. They were jumping from ass to ass without going to wash up first.  Maybe I am having a bad night, but I feel like a top who has dicked 5 other random bottoms dicking me is a great way to catch any STD those other 5 bottoms or that top have.  I just don’t want to get 2 shots a week for the next 3 weeks at my doctor’s office.  Yuck.

There is no privacy, anywhere.  So if you are fucking a hot guy or getting fucked by one you are guaranteed someone not so hot is going to come run their hands over both of you and try to weasel in.

I think the party would be far more successful at a bathhouse like Club Dallas.  It has showers, private spaces, a wonderful pool, lockers,  At least there people could wash up, find some privacy to hook up with a hot guy, and engage in group if they want an audience or random guys jumping in.

So after 2 hours of chatting with a couple of guys and waiting to be noticed I decided to leave.  I came back to my hotel room, ordered pizza and got on Grindr.  Within 5 minutes I had 3 messages and cock pics being sent to me from guys I would actually let fuck me.  Bonus, Grinder didn’t charge $30 to get in.  So once I finish my pizza I’ll let dessert come fuck my ass!

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  1. Thanks for the input. I guess I will stay home. I wanted to go. But it does not look like a fun “gay” place. Now I know the facts. No private spots to have fun or places to wash up. No I need a shower and pool area to relax. Seems to straight to me.

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