Cumunion was interesting

Sorry I have not been blogging much lately.  Been busy with stuff.  CumUnion was interesting.  The venue was okay.  Nice, clean, but the staff was a little spoiler running around a nude fuck party in their little leather outfits in levis.

A couple of guys ignored the rules about drugs and couldn’t handle whatever they were doing…so the staff shut the party down at 2am.  Lame.  A fresh set of guys were just trickling in.  It’s a wonder that they had 70 guys at the party.

I did manage to get a few loads and enjoyed the cocks I got.

Afterwards I went to the cleanest bookstore on Earth that was nearby.  Got one good load there.  Should have gone to the bathhouse instead.

Little Kitty was with me (a friend) and so we opted to chase dick closer to the HOtel.

The travel hose worked fine… but the hotel was a bit on the shady/seedy side.  No big deal, it was a place to douche and shower.  Stupid maid beat on the door at 10am to find out if we were checking out as scheduled.  Checkout is at noon biatch, go away!

Jury is out on if I will go back or go to another city or just go prowling on my own.