Cream Filling Sandwich

It had been a late night last night, but I woke up at 8:45 and reached for my phone.  I needed to see if work was on fire or not.  I really wanted another 4 hours of sleep.  I went to bed at 3:30am.  Sigh.  No issues at work, but Grindr and Text were on fire.  The text was the most interesting.  I had one from Ass Pounder.  Hmm, I had been wanting this one since last week.  It was just a hello, so I said hi back and went to Grindr to clear the 7 messages there.

Ass Pounder wanted to know if I was horny.  I replied and said kitty was in heat.  He asked if I could get up there.  I said sure, but that I needed to shower real quick.  I jumped up and went to piss and shower.  I really needed to know if my ass was clean.  Luck was on my side… it was clean.  I checked my schedule and texted back that I was good to go.  He said good and sent me a picture of a cock and asked if I wanted some of that too.  I said sure and asked when.  He said his friend wanted to join in and in about 40 minutes.  Perfect I thought as I got ready and got dressed.  He sent me the address and warned me to watch for no parking signs as his neighborhood was vicious about towing.  I found a spot that had other cars parked there and was free from no parking signs.  It took me a bit to find his place, but I did as I was told and let myself in.  I walked to the 3rd floor.  it was a really nice place.

He welcomed me and told me to strip down, so I did.  He was laying back on the bed stroking his fabulous cock.  I climbed on to the bed and started to suck him when I heard someone come in behind me.  It was a short, well dressed white guy who was a bit older.  He was hot I thought.  I kept sucking and he wasted no time stripping down.  What a way to start the morning I thought as I looked at the white guys 8″ cock and slurped on the black guys 9.5″ thick cock.

White boy walked over and stood by me while the black guy pushed me onto that white dick.  I sucked him a bit and marveled at what a nice cock it was.  I could see them making motions out of the corner of my eye but couldn’t tell what they were agreeing to.

No matter, I would find out soon enough.  The white guy pulled out and lubed himself up.  He maneuvered to my ass and slid in all the way.  Ass Pounder moved around and started using my mouth while white guy was pumping my ass.  Ass Pounder said to him, “This is the one I was telling you about.  He likes it hard and he can take a pounding.”  I stopped long enough to let out a “Meow” and we all three  chuckled.  I resumed servicing Ass Pounder’s cock while White guy pumped my hole.

After a little while he blew his wad and rolled off my ass and over next to me.  He was really sexy.  Ass Pounder got up behind me and slipped in to my freshly creamed hole.  I shifted a bit and put my head on White guy’s chest.  He put his arms around me and held me a bit.  I was getting my hole worked by the black guy and almost cuddling with the white guy.

Ass Pounder stopped, he was having trouble staying hard.  I think he was jealous.  Just then my phone started ringing.  I walked over to see what it was and picked it up to ansewr.  It was my best friend.  I looked at the two studs as I answered with, “Hey, I’m in the middle of something hot, can I call you back in a bit?”  My bestie said sure and I hung up.  They both looked at me and I explained it was my bestie and we all laughed.

I walked back over and was ready to resume.  Ass Pounder put me on my back and legs in the air.  White guy straddled me and put his cock in my mouth.  I was getting dicked double at the same time.  OMG this was hot.  After a bit we stopped again.

We all moved to the edge of the bed.  Ass pounder had me bent over and White guy was there for moral support.  I pulled him in so I was between his legs, he was laying back in front of me and Ass pounder had my hole.  I hinted that my fantasy had been to be held down and fucked.  White guy was happy to oblige, holding me tightly while Ass pounder worked my hole and moved both of us with the force of his thrusts.  I was really enjoying the white guy.

Ass Pounder was having trouble staying hard and White guy had to go.  We all made small talk for a few and then white guy bolted.  Ass Pounder only had 20 minutes til he had to work.  I suggested we try and get him off.  I kissed him and tried to build up his ego a bit.  I sensed he was jealous of the white guy’s chemistry with me.  I couldn’t deny it, I was genuinely attracted to the white guy.  Nice cock, pretty smile, clipped chest…. filthy mind…. hmmm.

My attention paid off and Ass Pounder got nice and hard.  He bent me over and started tearing my ass up again.  It was hurting, but felt good.  He was pumping me hard and making me moan loudly.  Finally he managed to nut in my ass.  That wasn’t enough though as he worked it in.  When he finished we chatted a bit and he gave me a tour before showing me out.