Confessions of a flake

Well, this morning I flaked out on a trick.  I had not particularly enjoyed him the first time…. he was pretty fluffy, not well hung, and I felt like I was being fucked by a finger attached to a cow.  His crotch smelled nasty, like urine and it was all I could do to suck him hard while reminding myself that this was “community service.”

Community service is my term for fucking someone who isn’t really my type, just to get that nut.

Well, I had forgotten his email.  He showed up and I was in the bathroom upstairs hosing out.  I saw him get out and was like, “oh no” not today.

So I jumped out of the shower, and pressed the pause button on the Sonos.  I had Frisky Radio playing and it stopped.  I sat quietly and waited for him to go away.  He eventually went back to his car and emailed me.  I emailed him back and said it was not as clean as I thought and that maybe later would work.

He drove away.  I feel a little bad, but I have no desire to get fucked by a smelly finger attached to a cow again.  Oh no….. not for me, not today.

I did post on Craigslist and we’ll see what happens.  The SuperBore is in town….. maybe some random stray dick will grace my presence. 🙂

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  1. I will love to meet with you. I am very curious about going to the Houston Club but I am so shy!!

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