Club Houston reboot

With the news that Midtowne Spa Houston is closing, I decided to go back to Club Houston.  I never really had anything against it, I just enjoyed the crowd at Midtowne.  I originally was in an open relationship and the deal was he went to Club Houston and so I had to go to Midtowne.  We didn’t want to go out together.

Club Houston is a nicer club overall.  Cleaner, better maintained.  Nicer Sauna and steamroom.  Nicer pool.  The showers are simple galvanized pipe, but they have great flow in the wet area.  The showers in the gym bathroom suck.  One never got hot and the other has standard flow.  The gym shower looked dingy.

The staff at Midtowne is definitely friendlier.  There were 3 twinks on duty when I went.  One of them was pleasant and the other two just flat out had attitude.  That takes the shine off of the place honestly.

The crowd was plenty friendly.  My friends had told me it was harder to get laid there.  LOL, not for me.  I had several guys compliment me and found no shortage of cock to ride.  I had 4 guys while I was there and could have had more if I wanted.

Overall it was pleasant.  Good music, lots of white guys.  A fair number of Asian and Latino guys.  No complaints.