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Midtowne Spa Houston will be closing in August

Sad news to share.  I found out recently that they sold the property.  My source says early August is when they will close the doors.

I had found out earlier this year that the property was up for sale.  The numbers were depressing when I ran them to see if the business could be purchased and kept.  I figure a pig would do a great job of running a pigpen.  lol.  No such luck.  I estimated it to have a value of $3.5MM including the business and moderate fix-up to make it nice again.  I didn’t see a nice way to raise $30K in revenue from $10 lockers and $20 rooms.  You can’t get blood from a rock.

Rumor has it that the buyer acquired the other half of the block behind their parking.  Supposedly they are going to build more high end apartments like Pearl on Elgin a couple of blocks away.

Smart money would buy out the Valero and China Cat diner behind Midtown and then you would have two blocks to build on….

So this means everyone will be going to Club Houston.  I guess that’s good, but it may not work out so well.  The crowd there isn’t as much fun and only one bathhouse left may tempt the City of Houston to begin a harassment campaign.  Sigh.  They are currently tax assessed at $2.7MM.

quiet but not innocent

Hey seeders,

Just been busy with dram-o-rama at work… have not had time to write lately.   I promise I’m not behaving or being good.  I’ll get back to writing soon.  In the meanwhile, fuck some ass and tell me about it.  Or better yet, fuck my ass and I’ll tell everyone about it.  🙂  Oink!


I finally found some time to write stories.  I was shocked that 6200 people have read them so far.  Glad y’all like them.  I’ll try to find some time to write this week.  I have some more ideas in my mind on tales to tell.

I Miss my gloryhole

I miss the gloryhole I used to have…. let me tell you about it.  This isn’t one of those fairy tale stories…..

So at one point I owned a piece of property with a warehouse on it.  I sometimes used to enjoy playing in my warehouse.  Usually it was on the order of anonymous, dark scenes.  I would set it up where guys would come over and the building would be blacked out.  I would be naked, lubed, and ass up.  I used to set my lube and poppers on a brick in front of me.  It almost had an altar like appearance to it.

I claimed it was anonymous, but in reality I watched them pull in so I could make sure I did not have any psycho action going on.

So one day I lamented that all the bookstore gloryholes had been shutdown in Houston.  I thought, WTF why not just build one?  So I did.  I spent about $100 on materials.  At the time it was a chunk of change to me because money was tight.  I built a roughly 4 foot square “booth” that was attached to the entrance door on the side of the warehouse.  Guys would step in and be inside the booth.  It was amazing.

The panel opposite the door had a glory hole cut in it and could be opened when action wasn’t going on.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the ideal height and finally concluded that it needed to be about 8 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide and positioned from about 30 inches to 38 inches off the ground.  It was damn near perfect.

There were some days that I managed to get 8 to 10 tricks to it.  Some guys only wanted to get sucked off, but most would want to fuck once they were hard and you could pretty easilly work lube in and then spin around and sit on the beautiful cock.  At that point it was a matter of rocking back against the glory hole and letting the top get to work banging your ass.  I had some awesome sex via that hole and in that building.  Some of the guys were amazing, clean cut, well hung studs, and others were scruffy guys with dicks and a vengance for fucking.  More on that another time.

Dark seed again

Scored a hot black guy on this afternoon.  That site is very hit or miss for me.    Didn’t realize he was a repeat from the past.  Lots of fun and a great fuck.  15 minutes start to finish.  Meow.

While I was waiting on him to come over I got hit up on grindr by a “DL” white guy.  He wanted me to be blindfolded and bent over when he walked in.  This can be kind of hot, but I had to tell him not right now because I had another guy coming over.  At this point he proceeded to lecture me on how nasty it is to fuck an asshole after some other guy has fucked it.  Sigh.  Really?  My hole with a load in it is probably still cleaner than his.  I wonder what he tells his wife or girlfriend or boyfriend?  Yes, DL hypocrits are one of my pet peeves.  Be a man if you are going to fuck ass.   I don’t need to know your business and you don’t need to judge mine.