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Kitty’s Captivity

I wish I was writing to tell you I had found a hung top to pin me down and pound my pussy. Alas, it’s not quite the kind of captivity I fantasize about. Rather, I have been busy with work. Winter is the slow season and that opens up the opportunity for learning and certification. Sitting through hours of boring ass classes with people who have trouble screwing in a light bulb opens up more work opportunities.

My travels took me to Fort Worthless and Amabala, the backwards state. I’ve been staying at Roach Motel Lite, aka Woodspring Suites. Unlike Extended Stay Amerika the roaches aren’t unlimited. You receive only a couple per day. The parking lot drama is not all you can watch, it’s just trailer trash lite. Not Ghetto Supreme. Other amenities include Jailhouse Security with more cameras than a porn shoot and the cheapest card readers available. Cards are conveniently reset once per week so you can enjoy the pleasure of visiting the front desk to hear how you must have demagnetized both of your cards….. Bullshit!

At any rate, other than the Motel .8 in Biloxi, I haven’t had any dick in a while. Kitty is getting hungry….. but captivity should end soon. A couple of more days I can return to Bottomsville, aka Houston.

I’ve been wondering if this new career is such a good idea. At the very least I could and should write a book about it. The labor practices border on shady and it’s arguable that widespread lack of expertise is not incidental, but in fact bad faith. But that’s another discussion not entirely related to getting fucked and bred.

If you’d like to engage in something amusing, put on the weather channel and mute it. Watch the actor wave at where he thinks the graphics are located. 🙂 This morning on Accuweather it’s Grandpa Munster and good times bad weather. Must be discount time. Most of the time they have these young bucks you’d like to fuck going on and on like they are from each area that they are talking about. Do you really think anyone is stupid enough to believe that you are from every area of the country? Or do people just listen for 2 minutes and tune out?

Well dear readers, the winds of change are blowing. Like a huge fart from a fat bitch blocking your exit, you don’t know quite what those winds will bring. To quote Einstein, “doing the same thing expecting a different result is insanity.” I like that one because it rationalizes radical change that is sometimes necessary to change the flavor of insanity I’m drinking.

CumUnion Houston February

I had a really good time at the Cumuion party in January. My schedule lined up to where I could make it to February as well, so I went. It’s held at Club Houston and it’s always busy and festive on Fridays. CumUnion seems to make sure it stays jam packed all night. More info @

Club Houston is sure a hell of alot nicer venue than the Dallas venue – Leather Warehouse or whatever the fuck that place was called. It only had one toilet, no showers, and trash bags for lockers. WTF.

They were on a wait at around 5pm when I got there and they were still on a wait for rooms at 11 when I left. I had planned on staying longer, but I was sleepy and just not feeling it.

I did manage to play with a 6’4 BBC stud who was alot of fun, well hung, and a great kisser. Had to tell him not to crush me a couple of times, but otherwise he was a great fuck.

The Hot Tub was open finally, and that was nice. Best thing they ever did was moving it outside. Unfortunately, they weren’t running the AC upstairs and it was hotter than a preacher’s undies at a swim meet.

The Sauna isn’t quite right…. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Temperature is right, the physical layout is good. I think maybe it’s too damn bright in there. Everyone sits silently and only occassionally plays.

Flakes of Dallas

I’m not sure what the issue is, but Dallas has more flakes than a blizzard! Lots of hot, hung black studs…. but they all have serious committment and follow through issues. They trade pics, agree to fuck raw, and then vanish. It’s like they get a prize for it or something. It’s really annoying.

Not quite as many whores as Houston. I swear every black guy in Houston is a $60 whore. They seem to be doing better as most are mobile. I tell them, look I’m a bottom, not Uber, not Taxi-o-rama, not an ATM.

Dallas has to rank as the flakiest City in America for BBC tops. I’ve been here several times in the last month and it’s always the same thing, regardless of where I’m at. The last few times I was by Love Field in the Ramada Love Field, which is one of my favorite dive hotels. It’s nice enough to feel safe, the front desk is paid peanuts so they mind their own soup and tricks can get in without a hassle. Plenty of parking and they fully stock the rooms of towels.

This week I’m at the Extended Stay America. It might as well be called Especially Sorry Aggravations. The room is rough…. like Motel 6 might be jealous. it’s a cute layout and perfect for tricks…. but they always seem to put me up-fucking stairs, away from the parking lot. The microwave turntable is shot, the dishwasher is dead, no trash cans in the room, mold under the kitchenette sink, no stopper in the tub (not like you’d wanna soak in it), stains in the carpet in multiple locations, TV signal goes out constantly, TV has “stuff” on the frame, electrical plugs are loose, door doesn’t seal all the way so you have constant road noise from the highway. The furniture is dinged up and the chair is nasty. They were so lazy when they painted that they got paint on the couch and didn’t wipe it up. Really sad. ESA could be really nice, but they fail on execution. I guess they don’t give a shit because it must make money. I was afraid to put my suitcase on the floor so I setup the ironing board as a luggage stand. Sigh.

Hopefully I’ll get some dick, but I’m not holding my breath. Fucking worthless tops.

Demographics of dick hunting

I have this interesting idea that you can increase the odds of finding dick by picking the right area.

To that end I ran across an interesting article in the Houston Chronicle, a sorry sad unusable excuse of a website for a sad local newspaper that is owned and mismanaged by Hearst papers….

It had a link to ESRI (the folks behind ArcGIS) and their tapestry product. Works better in Edge and doesn’t scroll or scale properly in Chrome (WTF SMH).

Have fun and let me know where the BBC is hiding.

Wimps of Waco

Oh my, there just isn’t much BBC in Waco. To be sure I found a couple of really nice dicks to ride here….okay, 4 to be exact. But it’s pretty hard work getting dick. Oh the excuses, “I don’t have a car/ride/gas…… come to me.” Good grief fella, you wanna fuck or not?

Do you have a body pic, dna sample, blah blah blah, look bitch, if you wanna fuck, get your BBC over here and nut this pussy up. Otherwise, keep your tinder bull shit to yourself. This is ass up, face down, dark hotel room. Walk in, undress, slip in, pound it, nut it, and get the fuck out. Use my hole while it uses you for your seed. It’s not social hour, we’re not dating, and this is just you keep quiet, i’ll keep quiet, and I’ll keep taking that dick.

I’m at a nice quiet Super 8…. filthy floor, but otherwise a good hotel room. Easy parking, outside door, so dick can cum n go. Unlike the security tower RL of Salt Lake City recently. That place required a card key to get in and for the elevator. More like the No Dick Hotel. GRRR…. Salt Flake City would be a better name for it. Like 3 BBC’s and they were all packing more excuses than a weigh watcher’s convention at a Golden Corral sale. Not so little debbie does dessert.

The best one turned out to have some long corn-row type braids and a pound pound pound tempo with a nice 8 inch cock. He’d quietly and stedily pound that pussy til he nutted it up. Not exactly the fake rape scene I enjoy, but it was still a good fuck. Had some other fluffy fellows who were swinging some big cock and pounded a nut in. hmmm, good dick, good times.

I think the poor hotel maid hates me though. I tear up both beds every night and throw the ‘change sheets’ card most days to get rid of the lubey sheets and get fresh ones to fuck on the next night. 🙂 Alright my little pigs, be good, be bred, be happy.

Cocksucking top

Had a nice trick in Dallas tonight. Young brother was on Grindr. I hit him up with a couple of pictures of my ass and asked if he wanted to fuck. He said sure and he’d be here in 10 min.

He wanted the room dark, always a plus. He was also into verbal and being made to suck dick. A nice twist. I told him, “Get undressed boy and suck this cock like a good bitch.” He complied in the dark. I then stepped over to him and felt him up and licked him a bit. I pushed him down and told him to suck my cock like a good boy. He obliged. I offered him some poppers and asked if he wanted to earn my load so he could get in my ass. He moaned yes and kept sucking like a good boy. After a while I pulled him off my dick and dropped down to suck his and see if the goods were as advertised. They weren’t hard, but they were definitely as advertised. A solid 9″ uncut thick black dick. Just what kitty ordered.

I sucked him for a minute and then thought to myself, what the fuck was I doing down on the filthy hotel floor? I pulled off that dick and told him to get on the bed where I could enjoy him some more. He obediently jumped on the bed and I climbed on top of him and ground my ass against his semi-erect cock while I made out with him and threatened to make him swallow my every drop. I moved over him and told him to suck that cock and started face fucking him again. I didn’t last long and shot my load down his hungry throat. He swallowed every drop and then flipped me over and proceeded to slip in my ass. Gently at first, but growing to a pounding he seemed to be seeking revenge for me making him swallow my nut. He was banging kitty like a bad stray. He fucked for a good five minutes and then shot his nut deep in my ass. As usual I performed the “finish” where I grind back on the dick and make my top moan in agony as i work another drop or three out of them.

Just that quickly he was out the door. Said he might hit it again tomorrow. Meow.

I then turned around and sent his cock pic to another top I’ve been talking to who said it would be hot if I got bred by someone else first. Told him this dick had just fucked me and bred that ass good and it was ready for him.

Ho To go

I promise I’m going to try and get back in the habit of posting. I’ve been on the road again for conferences and classes. I had a long drive through racist Texas (er Rural Texas). It’s like the BBC ends around Amarillo and isn’t seen again for a long time.

I spent the night in Albuquerque at the Rodekill Inn (Rodeway). Dirty nasty hotel with tacky management. Only nice thing was the Denny’s next door.

The night before I was at my regular favorite hotel in Dallas, the Ramada Love Field. Always lots of BBC around in the area, getting it to come fuck me is another story. Hopefully my next visit to Dallas will be better.

The drive to Albuquerque was boring. Did get some hits from Lawton, OK and will need to visit there sometime to ride that Army BBC. Got a great hit out of Lubbock and Amarillo. Planning to circle back this week and get some of that dick.

The drive from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City was uneventful. Salt Lake City should be called Salt Flake City. I was really hoping it would Some Large Cock…. but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Part of the issue is that i’m at the Hotel RL. It’s basically a fancy Red Lion. Unfortunately, they set the elevators up for card key access, so a trick can’t get in on their own. Had some great options, but they flake out at the last second.

I have some trips on the books that will take me to Biloxi and Mobile and Fort Worth where there is plenty of big black cock for my pussy to service.

What can I say?

I took a while off from posting.  At first it was a month, and then a year… and now I’m here.

So much has happened in the last year….. career changes, job changes, etc.

We lost Craigslist personals in May…. to be replaced by the whore-vertorials known as Doublelist….. getting laid has gotten harder.

Grindr is still the fastest way to find a whore or a drug dealer…. and occassionally some dick.

Lately I’ve been prowling the bookstores in Houston.  Trashy as ever, occassionally good for some dick.  Had an amazing time over Labor day weekend at Katz’s in NE Houston off 59.  This hot stud who we will call J pounded me silly.  I’ve been back a few times, but nothing like that night.

Rumor has it the Club Houston remodeled.  I haven’t been there in ages.  It’s sort of expensive not to get dick when I go.  So I quit going.

Best bang for the buck is when I’m traveling.  I was in Mobile, Amabala (the backwards state) earlier and it was horse-dick-o-rama.

So back to the cesspools called bookstores.
Cleanest bookstore in Houston goes to Lingerie Gifts, 7113 Clarewood Dr, Houston, TX 77036.  Now if they would only Air condition the backroom, lay off the sign printing fetish, and turn down the lights.  It’s a very standoffish crowd of Latino and Black guys who don’t like white guys.  What a shame.  This cock-whore would take all that black dick if he had a chance.  Admission is $5

Darkest and dirtiest bookstore goes to 420 News, approx 9901 Eastex Freeway, Houston, TX 77093.  They don’t appear on Google Maps.  It’s pitch fucking black, nothing works and when it’s hot it’s hot.  They do Air Condition.  Admission is $7.  A little tight on parking, but friendly crowd that’s there to fuck.

Runner Up shithole store goes to Excellence Video on I-45 S near Airline.  Saw a for sale / lease sign on the property recently.

Joke of a bookstore award goes to Fantasy Video off Clinton Drive.  I’ve never seen more than 2 cars there.  I’ll go in when it looks like there is someone besides the clerk there.

Best dick in Houston – Katz Video, 59 North near Beltway 8.  Admission $7.  Dirty, okay lighting, huge video selection and hopping crowd most of the time.  Parking lot is worked hard by hookers and has lots of creepers who sit and wait for someone hot to go in.  There is normally an abundance of trash on the floor in the booths.  The worst part of the crowd is the Hungry Hungry Hippo set of really big really aggressive queens who literally chase every hot guy around.  There are also some accomplished booth campers who go in and “setup shop” in one of the 4 gloryhole booths and wait on some dick to walk in.    They also lock the back door fire escape, so bitchez need to take no smoking seriously.  On the bright side we can probably motivate the HHH (Hungry Hungry Hippo) set to break down the door with a promise of a Snickers® bar on the other side.  Oh, something else worth mentioning.  The bathroom actually has a flush toilet, trash can, paper towels, shit paper, and a sink with what appears to be a soap dispenser.  I figure if all I’m doing is pissing my hands won’t be any nastier than the last cock I had in my mouth so whatever… I try not to touch anything.  When it’s particularly nasty I piss all over the pile of trash to get revenge on the person who isn’t cleaning the bathroom.  lol.

Honorable mention – nasty AF : BJ’s Adult Video on I-45 near Wayside.  Nothing works, small booths, sticky floor, couches with cum stains and an aggressive set of CD Hooker Girls.  I personally don’t see the appeal of CD girls, but whatever.  If you ask me they are like fake cheese.  Nobody is mistaking it for cheese.  It doesn’t taste right, look right, or feel right.  $7 admission and high probability of being raided according to local gossip.

Removing the blocker

I decided to remove the “are you 18” blocker plugin.  When I first put the site up I was concerned that underage kids might get on the site. I’ve since determined that the site will decidedly stay anonymous and mostly picture free.  The blocker was annoying and I think I can live without it.

Cleanout Kit

I’m the first to admit I don’t know everything about getting clean, but here’s my routine and the tools.

First I take a couple of immodiums.  This calms my digestive system down for the evening.  Otherwise when I clean out my body sees that as an open invitation to flush more poo.  I recommend a generic like this:

[amazonjs asin=”B002RL8FJS” locale=”US” title=”Kirkland Signature Anti-Diarrheal Loperamide Hydrochloride 2 MG Caplets, 200-Count Bottles (Pack of 2)”]

Then I jump in the shower.  My showers are setup with a hose, a wand, and a diverter valve.

The hose is usually an 8 foot model that lets me squat down.  I have this one and have been very happy with it:

[amazonjs asin=”B016W1OA8S” locale=”US” title=”Flexible Extra Long Replacement Extension Hand Metal Stainless Steel Handheld Shower Hose, Chrome Nickel (96 Inch) (8 Ft) (2.45 Meters)”]

The douche itself is a CleanStream.  I find this one to be easy to use and keep clean.

[amazonjs asin=”B00767NASE” locale=”US” title=”Cleanstream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Enema Attachment”]

One other tidbit that is vital is a “throttle” at the end of the hose.  It lets me regulate the volume and pressure of water.

[amazonjs asin=”B00HSWPYIG” locale=”US” title=”KES K1140B Shower Head Shut-Off Valve Solid Brass, Chrome”]

And lastly the diverter valve:

[amazonjs asin=”B004CM0002″ locale=”US” title=”LDR 520 2469CP Three-Way Shower Diverter and Mount, Chrome”]