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I finally got around to publishing a collection of stories. Some are on this page, some are not. If you enjoy the stories you see here I would appreciate you buying the book and supporting my story telling.


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Stranded Stray

He could see the delivery truck making it’s way down the street. ¬†Blake shook his head and thought, “What the fuck are they doing out in this?” ¬†He looked again, and the FedEx truck was trundling down the street. ¬†It was pushing water up into yards with it’s wake. ¬†It reminded Blake of a ship in the ocean. ¬† An ocean was a fitting comparison to how much water had fallen in Houston. ¬†Hard, pounding, tropical rain with drops that seem the size of grapes. ¬†Each one thudding on the roof individually, but in unison creating a dull roar. ¬†He continued to watch the truck as it turned the corner and stopped in front of the house. ¬†It seemed like all FedEx drivers specialized in destroying transmissions and brakes. ¬†Even in 10+ inches of water this one had managed to skid the tires and grind the gears. ¬†Blake shook his head quietly as he watched the driver in the cab of the truck. ¬†Blake didn’t remember ordering anything, but he often forgot about his Amazon Prime purchases before they arrived. ¬†That was half the fun of ordering online he thought to himself. ¬†As an added bonus he was going to get to watch some FedEx guy get soaked bringing whatever it was to the house. ¬†Hopefully he would keep the package dry at least!

He could tell that it was a white guy, but he couldn’t see much through the rain and the truck windows. ¬†The door opened and a 4 foot wide blue, white, and orange umbrella emerged in a futile attempt to hold back the rain. Blake chuckled, this was going to be amusing he thought. ¬†“Yum,” he said aloud as the driver emerged with the package in one hand and the umbrella in the other. ¬†He was around 32, 6 foot, nice build, short buzzed blond hair and damp. ¬†In fact he was getting wetter with each step. ¬†The umbrella seemed to pose a personal challenge to the rain as it swirled around the umbrella and landed on the poor driver.

As Blake walked to the door to open it he heard a “motherfucker…” from the front yard and arrived just in time to see the hot FedEx guy on his hands and knees in the water. ¬†Water play not withstanding, he guessed correctly that he had tripped on the sidewalk. ¬†The driver finally made it to the door and Blake opened the door before he could ring the bell. ¬†“Hi,” Blake said. ¬†“Oh, Hi” the driver replied. ¬†His nametag indicated that he might answer to Alex¬†on better days. ¬†Before Alex¬†could say anything Blake offered, “So I guess you found the crack in the sidewalk? ¬†Yea sorry about that.” ¬†Alex¬†smiled and said “Yea, not exactly my favorite crack to find, but I’ll live.” ¬†Blake thought that was odd, but kept it polite, “Can I get you a towel to dry off with while I sign for the package?” ¬†“Sure,” Alex said as he noticed the handsome guy who seemed to live here. ¬†“Come on in”, Blake motioned, “Shut the door behind you so we don’t float away, I’ll be right back with a towel.” ¬†Blake figured this would be one of those good deed’s that replenish your balance at the Bank of Karma. ¬†Blake grabbed a couple of warm towels from the dryer and returned to the entryway where the hot FedEx guy was. ¬†By now a small puddle had drained down. ¬†Alex was looking like a big puppy who had come in from playing in the mud, only much much hotter. ¬†Blake signed for the package and invited Alex to dry himself off. ¬†Alex smiled and remarked, “I really appreciate the towel. ¬†This is a heck of a downpour and I don’t think I can get back out of the neighborhood on Richmond Ave, is there another way out?” ¬†Blake laughed and said, “Yes, by airplane. ¬†Not until the water goes down a bit.” ¬†Alex looked a little stressed at that and replied, “Ok” ¬†He pulled a phone out of his pocket which had somehow managed to avoid being drown and fiddled with it. ¬†“Texting home base letting them know I’m stuck until the water drains,” he told Blake.

Blake decided there might be more to this opportunity than a box of whatever from Amazon. ¬†“Would you like to shower off and I’ll throw your uniform in the dryer while we wait for the water to go down?” he asked Alex. ¬†Alex paused for a second and said, “I would want to put you out, but if you and your wife don’t mind, yes” ¬†“Wife?” Blake replied. ¬†“Surely a nice guy like you has a wife in a wonderful house like this,” Alex backpedaled. ¬†Blake laughed as Alex looked like a puppy with a mouthful of catshit caught in the litterbox. ¬†“I’m single and gay, is that alright?” Blake asked. ¬†“Absolutely” Alex replied with a smile and added, “I am too.” ¬†Blake was a little surprised but took it in stride.

Alex noticed Blake do a doubletake and wondered if he was a bottom.  Rain made him particularly horny and he would love to bust a nut in that ass he thought to himself.  Of course this was risky as it was strictly against FedEx policy to fuck a customer.  Only customer service had this pleasure.

Blake led Alex down the hall to the master bedroom and instructed Alex to make himself comfortable. ¬†“Put your wet clothes in a pile and I’ll get them in the dryer for you while you are in the shower. ¬†I’ll throw a t-shirt and pair of shorts out for you while we wait, does that work?” Blake asked ¬†“Sure” Alex said as he pulled his shirt off to reveal a nicely toned body with plenty of clipped fur. ¬† ¬†Blake had intended to leave, but Alex didn’t seem to care. ¬†Alex removed his belt and set it on the chair with his keys, phone, and wallet. ¬†He then glanced at Blake who was trying desparately not to stare as he unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them to the floor. ¬†Blake realized his own cock was probably beginning to show at about the same time Alex remarked, “I hope you don’t mind, I’ve never been very shy.” ¬†“No not at all, you have a nice body,” Blake said as he glanced at Alex’s physique and cock. ¬†He thought to himself that he must have a 8 inch cock with some nice thickness. ¬†It was soft, but¬†Blake had seen enough dicks in his day to be able to guess accurately most of the time how big they were. ¬†By now Blake had a full on hard on that was hard to hide, so he adjusted it and apologized, “Sorry about that, it has a mind of it’s own sometimes,” he said. ¬†Alex laughed and replied, “Don’t they all?” ¬†He continued, “I guess you have a pretty high sex drive too?” ¬†“Yes,” Blake admitted while smiling. ¬†Alex replied, “The rain always gets me horny.” ¬†Blake laughed, and replied, “Breathing makes me horny.” ¬†Before Alex could reply Blake said the shower is in there on the left, I’ll get your clothes started. ¬†He swore Alex’s cock had grown a little, but this was awkward and hot so he didn’t wanna stare outright.

Alex walked into the bathroom, it was very nicely done in slate and glass. ¬†It was probably the biggest walk in shower he’d ever seen in a home. ¬†He thought for sure that Blake must be a top too as he had gotten a woody when Alex undressed. ¬†He turned his attention to getting into the shower, finding the soap and getting the water going. ¬†As if on queue, Blake hollered to him, ” It takes a few seconds for the hot water to get to the shower.”

Blake scooped up the wet clothes and took them to the laundry room as the sound of running water from the bathroom echoed.  It was odd to hear someone else in the shower, he thought.  He no sooner had gotten the dials and buttons set on that damn Maytag dryer when he heard Alex calling his name.

“Blake?” Alex hollered out. ¬†“Yea? be right there…” Blake yelled back. ¬†The house wasn’t very big and when he stuck his head in the bathroom he knew instantly what the problem was. ¬†Alex was standing half way across the shower with a puzzled look on his face. ¬†Before he could say anything Blake calmly said, “The second knob turns the hose off and turns on the shower head.” ¬†“Oh,” Alex replied, adding, “Thanks. ¬†Hey what is that hose for? ¬†cleaning the walls?” ¬†Alex had never seen a shower setup like this. ¬†It looked like an ordinary shower, but it was big enough for 2 or more guys and had two controls. ¬†On one wall was a second knob and a hose with a long black attachment. ¬†Blake smiled, it was his turn to be a little catty, he replied, “Yea the walls of my ass. ¬†I’m a bottom, sorry that’s how bottom’s get clean and I wasn’t expecting company today so it’s where I left it earlier, before all this damn rain started.” ¬†Alex smiled back and said “No problem, I’m a top so I’ve never seen something like that.” ¬†Blake glanced down and noticed that Alex was mostly hard and mostly 9 inches long and about 4.5 inches wide. ¬†“Sure thing, let me know if you need help with anything else,” Blake offered.

You could have cut the silence with a knife that followed. ¬†Alex broke it though when he replied, “Yea there is someting…” ¬†Blake looked up and replied, “What’s that?” ¬†“Well, you’re a bottom, I’m a top…..” Alex paused, “It’s raining which makes me horny…. dude if you’re up for it I need to bust a nut. ¬†You have a great looking ass…,” ¬†Alex looked over to see if he’d blown it. ¬†He hadn’t. ¬†Blake said, “I’d love to….. where do you want it? ” ¬†“Right here works,” Alex shot back. ¬†Blake stripped his t-shirt and shorts off and put them on the floor before grabbing his lube and poppers and jumping in the shower.

Alex hesitated and said, “You sure this is okay right?” ¬†“Totally, ” Blake said as he dropped to his knees. ¬† ¬†The water was bouncing off of him as he slid the door closed. ¬†He figured he would suck Alex a bit and lube his hole up at the same time. ¬†Alex had a perfectly shaped cock an the extra water from the shower made it really easy to slurp down on it until it hit the back of his throat. ¬†This made Alex pulse and get a little bit harder. ¬†Blake was sucking him as best he could while he tried to lube up his ass. ¬†Before Alex could say anything he started lubeing his cock while he was sucking it. ¬†Silicone lube was good for being water resistant and this was one of the reasons that was a good thing. ¬†Blake paused and asked, “You ready to fuck ass?” ¬†Without waiting for a response Blake stood up and took a hit of his poppers as he bent over. ¬†Alex didn’t need a second invitation. ¬†He’d been wanting to get in this ass since he saw it earlier. ¬†He was throbbing and ready to plow. ¬†Alex put the head of his cock up against Blake’s hole and just held it there. ¬† He knew better than to just jam it in as that always made guy’s spasm and clamp down. ¬†He could feel Blake pushing back against him and just as he was about to push forward Blake’s hole opened up and took the head of his cock in. ¬†Hmm, that felt good, warm, moist. ¬†He heard Blake gasp a bit and smiled slyly as he liked it when guys moaned and protested a bit at his size. ¬†He’d been told he was bigger than some black guys. ¬†He slowly pushed in a little more knowing that he needed to get that hole open in order to enjoy it. ¬†Each time he pushed in Blake’s ass opened up and let him in.

Blake was really enjoying this white meat.  He was used to getting fucked by black guys so he could take dick, but this was still somewhat challenging.  It had been several days

After what seemed like an eternity Alex got his cock all the way inside Blake’s hole. ¬†He leaned over his shoulder and growled in his ear, “You ready?” “Bring it,” Blake replied back right away. ¬†Alex enjoyed the spunk as most guys were begging for more time at this point. ¬† He pulled his throbbing cock out slowly, feeling Blake grip his cock and yet not try to crush it. ¬†Just before he popped out he reversed and slid all the way in, a little faster this time. ¬†That ass felt damn good on his cock. ¬†He paused again, no complaints. ¬†This time he pulled it out and shoved it back in at more of a moderate tempo bottoming out with Blake’s asscheeks pushing his thick blond bush away from his cock. ¬†He loved looking down at that. ¬†Still no complaints so he did it again and before he knew it, he was pounding that ass. ¬†Blake had both hands on the wall and his feet on either side of Alex bent at sort of a 45 degree angle. ¬† ¬†Alex was pounding him full penetration bottoming out each time and it was making his balls burn with the desire to seed this ass and make it his. ¬†Alex asked out loud, “Do you want it?” Blake replied, “Yes Please!” ¬†Alex loved it when a bottom asked for his load. ¬†He pounded that ass a few more times before flooding it with his seed.

Blake stood there for a second enjoying the bliss of having just gotten this stud off and knowing his seed was deep in his gut. ¬†Before he could break the silence Alex slowly pulled out and then pulled him up and turned him around. ¬†They looked each other for a split second before Alex pulled him in and gave him a deep kiss and then said, “That was really nice, I need showers like this and ass like this more often.” ¬†Blake smiled and said, “I would enjoy your cock again sometime, I’ll give you my number when we dry off.” ¬†“Ok,” Alex replied. ¬†They both rinsed off and got out of the shower and toweled dry in the bedroom. ¬†Just as they finished Alex’s work phone was ringing. ¬†They both looked at each other and smiled as Alex answered it completely naked. ¬†“I’m fine. ¬†Just talking with a friend and waiting the water out.” ¬†He hung up and turned to Blake, “They wanted to make sure I was okay. ¬†Apparently another driver lost a truck in one of the creeks. ¬†They told us to stay put until the water level goes down,” He said. ¬†Blake smiled and offered him his number to put in his personal phone. ¬†Alex accepted it and put on the shorts and t-shirt Blake had loaned him. ¬†His boner was still half hard and made a little tent in the shorts.

Ownership has it’s privileges

It was a typical Friday at Club Houston. ¬†I had managed to get there around 7:30 and taken advantage of happier-hours when rooms are half-off. ¬†I was standing upstairs in the glass windows looking down into the shower area. ¬†King Kong was stroking his soapy cock and teasing the guys. ¬†I was watching King Kong, this 6’2 built black guy with a 11″+ cock and trying to figure out which twink he was going to split in half. ¬†I thought to myself that it might be too big for me. ¬†As I was in my own world thinking about King Kong I heard a deep voice next to me say, “That’s a nice ass you have.” ¬†I snapped out of my thoughts and looked over to find a tall slender 30 something black guy in tight speedos standing next to me. ¬†“Thank you,” I replied to him. ¬†I took inventory of him and wasn’t terribly impressed. ¬†There was no bulge to think of and I figured he was one of those tragic men with a fine body and no cock to speak of. ¬†On the other hand it was slow and dreaming was about all I was going to get from King Kong. ¬†I guess he could tell what I was thinking because he put one hand on my ass. ¬†He squeezed gently as he leaned over and said, “Wanna come back to my room?” ¬†I looked at him and said, “Are you a top? Do you like to fuck raw?” ¬†He leaned closer and growled in my ear, “Come to my room and I’ll bury seed in your ass.” ¬†I really liked direct guys I thought to myself as I said, “Sure!”

I followed my new stud back to his room and he shut the door behind me. ¬†Black guys were generally down to business so I tossed my keys and towel by the door and proceeded to get down on my knees. ¬†He slipped his blue speedos off and threw them in the other direction. ¬†What emerged from his speedos was much much larger than I had anticipated. ¬†My hole spasm in anticipation wasn’t entirely unexpected. ¬†He was slightly curved, thicker than average, maybe 1.75″ across, and around 8 and 3/4 to 9 inches. ¬†Just what Dr. Kitty ordered I thought to myself. ¬†I pursed my lips and got his shaft wet before taking him in my mouth and working his cock good. ¬†A good top will always show some tendency to thrust if you are sucking him right. ¬†He wasted no time in putting his big soft hands behind my head and pushing his cock down my throat. ¬†He was considerate not to choke me, but I could tell he was going to be in control while we had sex. ¬†Fine with me I thought…. I need my hole used. ¬†After a few minutes of being throat fucked and struggling to take it I stood up and told him I had somewhere better to put his cock. ¬†I told him I would need to sit on it and he leaned back on the bed. ¬†I lubed him up good and then lubed my hole and hit my poppers hard before easing down onto his manhood.

He was big, but not unmanageable.  Just the right size to stretch me out without tearing me up.  He was also somewhat firm but sensuous.  I began to ride his cock in an effort to relax my hole and he was tweaking my nipples.  He pulled me down and kissed me before telling me that I could get on all fours or he would put me there and use my ass.

I really try to please as a bottom, so I got on all fours as I felt him slide into me from behind. ¬†He slid in all the way and then started pounding me before pushing me flat on to the bed. ¬†He thrust in and shuddered, pausing for a second before continuing to pound me. ¬†I didn’t think anything of it. ¬†After about 20 minutes of pounding he put his arm over my shoulder and asked if I was enjoying myself.

“Of course,” I replied. ¬†He put his head up against the back of my neck and growled that my hole was his as he shot his load in me.

Normally this is the end of the story for most black guys. ¬†It’s just a nut and once they get it they are done and you are out. ¬†Not this one. ¬†He lay there with his cock inside me throbbing and his arm over me with his head pressed against the side of mine. ¬†I asked his name to which he replied, “Jacob.” ¬†“Nice to meet you Jacob,” I said. ¬†He squeezed me and said, “It’s sir to you when my cock is inside you.” ¬†“Nice to meet you sir,” I replied. ¬†“Good boy,” he said in my ear gently licking it. ¬†I moaned as he licked me and nibbled on my ears.

My moaning was turning him on and I felt him getting harder again. ¬†He quietly said in my ear, “I came twice when I was fucking you earlier, but I am going to put a 3rd load in. ¬†Your hole is mine.” ¬†“Yes sir,” I replied. ¬†I partially twisted around and gave him a deep kiss as he resumed penetrating thrusts into my ass. ¬†As his thrusts grew harder and more frequent I assumed a more passive position. He kept nibbling me which I very much enjoyed. ¬†I could tell after about 15 minutes he was getting closer. ¬†He growled in my ear, “This ass is mine.” I replied, “yes sir.” ¬†A few more thrusts and he shot another huge load in my ass. ¬†Absolutely fucking fantastic, I thought. ¬†He lay there with his cock inside me and muttered, “I’m holding my cock in so that my seed doesn’t leak out. ¬†It’s my claim to your hole.” ¬†Hot I thought…. He told me, “I’m going to fuck you next week, give me your number.” ¬†I had thoroughly enjoyed his cock so I gave him my number. ¬†True to form he texted me the next day and told me to be ready Saturday night to take care of him. ¬†We texted back and forth and he said, “I own that hole and ownership has it’s privileges…. like using your ass to unload whenever I need it.” ¬†“Yes it does,” I texted back.

Action Scene

Sometimes the planets align and my schedule clears like the clouds on a dark night. ¬†Tuesday was one of those days where I had some time off of work and was able to get to Club Houston early. ¬†Tuesdays are half-price rooms. ¬†All the regular rooms were gone when I arrived, as was the sling room and the “mirror” room. ¬†I settled for a video room and hurried upstairs. ¬†I got undressed and made my way to the maze. ¬†It was busy, but mostly with busy bodies. ¬†I was not having any luck and 4:30 turned into 8:30. ¬†All I had to show for it was a hot black guy, Gorilla Guy, I had talked into fucking me in my room. ¬†He pulled out and shot on my stomach which was quite the waste. ¬†He had wanted to fuck with a condom and finally relented to bareback after I told him no for the 400th time. ¬†He had a nice, thick cock, but came pretty quickly.

I wandered back to the maze again as 8:30 became 9 pm. ¬†I couldn’t believe how slow it was. ¬†They usually sell out of rooms and that hadn’t happened tonight. ¬†There were a few guys I wanted but none were biting. ¬†I was beginning to think about going to dinner and just chalking it up to a bad night. ¬†The only amusing thing so far had been a jack off show between a couple of overbuilt white guys and a black guy I call King Kong. ¬†King Kong has what looks like a 12 inch dick and the attitude to go with it. ¬†He rarely gives me the time of day…. which is fine. ¬†I like a challenge, not a suicide mission. ¬†I walked around the corner to the cocksuck catwalk and found the two muscle bumpkins jacking off with king kong and a few wannabes watching and trying to get in the mix. ¬†Visor boy, this otherwise hot Latino with a bad attitude was right there in the mix. ¬†He had a nice looking cock, but it was undone by his unpleasant attitude.

I decided to go stand by the booths, which was probably a stroke of good fortune. ¬†I noticed this average furry cub eyeing me from across the dark play area. ¬†He was mostly hard and stroking his cock. ¬†Suddenly he vanished from view. ¬†I couldn’t tell what booth he went into, so I just stayed put. ¬†About a minute later he came around to my side and went into the booth closest to me. ¬†I went into the booth next to him and immediately set to work sucking his cock. ¬†It was a nice average cock, but he was aggressively working my mouth with it. ¬†I wasted no time in lubing myself and him and then sitting on that cock and letting him pound my ass. ¬†Ordinarily this would constitute a pretty good night….but it was about to get alot better. ¬†He stopped fucking me and walked out of his booth. ¬†He rattled my door as I gathered my things. ¬†When I opened it to leave he pushed me back and came into the booth with me. ¬†I offered that we could go to my room and he replied gruffly, “no I’m fucking you here.” ¬†Hot! I thought as he spun me around and stuffed his cock in my ass. ¬†It took me a few seconds to get a workable position during which he was still banging me causing me to bump my head a bit. ¬†Nothing like good rough sex. ¬†I was vaguely aware of others in adjoining booths watching, but I didn’t really give a shit. ¬†After about 5 minutes the loudspeaker came on announcing that it was time to clean the maze area. ¬†I suggested we could move to my room before the lights came on. ¬†He agreed.

We had no sooner walked out of the booth then the lights came on and everyone scattered in the maze area like cats running from a water hose.  I confidently strode ahead to my room only occassionally glancing back to make sure he was there.

When we arrived ¬†I shut the door behind him and started to make out with him while riding his cock. ¬†He had a bit of a belly, which was hot, but it makes the mechanics of riding an average cock and trying to make out difficult. ¬†I suggested that we switch positions so he could pound my ass. ¬†He asked if we could open the door and I said no… I envisioned a bunch of trolls watching and reaching in. ¬†He shrugged and bent me over, banging my ass good. ¬†Normally when I’m getting fucked like this I start moaning and tonight was no exception. ¬†After a few minutes I told him to open the door and see what he could find to join him. ¬†He smiled and said okay as he opened the door. ¬†I swear it hadn’t been 3 minutes when I glanced back and noticed a crowd outside the door watching me get pounded. ¬†I smiled and laughed to myself as I asked him if he had found any dick yet to join him. ¬†Not yet he replied, but it’s looking good.

There were probably 5 guys crowded around the door to my room watching cubstud pound my ass. ¬†Most of them had their cocks out and I would occassionally motion to them to come in, but none were up for it. ¬†One was stroking his cock through his towel, visor guy. ¬†It’s kind of annoying for someone to want to watch a scene, but hide their cock…. so I loudly said something about timid bitches hiding their cocks and slammed the door. ¬†Cubstud laughed and kept pounding my ass. ¬†After about 2 minutes I opened the door expecting the crowd would be gone. ¬†To my surprise Visorguy was leaving and everyone else had stayed put.

This time a second guy came in, and was playing with his cock, but not wiling to fuck despite requests from me and cubstud.  He finally strolled off and a younger cub came in.  He had a more pronounced belly, but a slightly bigger cock to go with it.  He was a bit cuter, but both cubs were totally fuckable.  Youngcub swapped off with cubstud and started drilling my ass.  Cubstud got on my bed and layed down in front of me playing with me and himself as he watched youngcub pound my hole.  I noticed some motion out of the corner of my eye and realized that the floor guy was changing the room across the hall.  I could see him sneaking glances at the orgy going on in my room.  I wondered for a second if he would get hard, tell us to stop and close the door, or just ignore it.  A few seconds later the other young floor guy drifted by.  He stopped for a second and watched the action before going back to whatever he was supposed to do.    Youngcub finally came after about 10 minutes and shot a huge load in my ass.  I stood up and leaned back to thank him and we kissed for a few minutes.  As he walked away I turned my attention back to cubstud who said he needed a break.  That was fine with me, my knees hurt and my ass was sore.

I used my towel to mop up all the lube that had spilled and put my lube bottle backtogether.  Someone had apparently ripped the flip top apart trying to get it open.  lol.  Silly boys.  I took a nice shower and decided it was time to go swim a few laps.

The pool was nice and warm, and I wound up talking to a couple of hot hung black guys. ¬†One, Tall Guy, had a room across from mine and had seen my little scene. ¬† Tall guy wandered off and Gorilla Guy came over and sat down. ¬†Scuba dude (the other black guy) wandered off and it was just me and Gorilla Guy chatting. ¬†He asked me what undetectable meant and so we talked about safer sex for a few minutes. ¬† ¬†I figured that was that. ¬†He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “you wanna go upstairs again?” ¬†Sure I said and jumped out of the pool. ¬†I quickly dried off and we went upstairs to my room.

We made out a little bit with the door closed and he again offered to use a condom, to which I said no several times. ¬†I thought he was gonna give up and then he put me on my back with my legs up and started to fuck me. ¬†He didn’t quite have enough lube in but I didn’t really care. ¬†After a second he pulled his cock out and looked down. ¬†I thought for a second maybe I had gotten dirty, so I asked if everything was okay. ¬†He had this horrified look on his face as he asked me, “Is that cum?” ¬†I looked down at his cock and realized he had pulled Youngcub’s load out of my ass. ¬†I chuckled, relieved it was not shit, and said “yea looks like it.” ¬†This was apparently too much for him so he excused himself and took off.

I decided to go back to the maze and see what I could find. ¬†I ran into MaybeStud in the video porn area. ¬†He looked vaguely familiar from somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out where. ¬†I stood there jacking off and he was jacking off. ¬†I couldn’t quite tell what he wanted and then Gorilla Guy walked up to me again. ¬†I heard some noise outside the video room and realized an orgy had spontaneously formed outside the video room. ¬†I watched it with Gorilla Guy as I whispered that we should hook up at my house sometime and I’d make sure it was just his load in my ass. ¬†He was game for it he said. ¬†When the orgy wound down I wandered back and MaybeGuy was still sitting there stroking. ¬†I took a seat next to him and he said he was a top and that he wanted to fuck me raw. ¬†Sure I replied. ¬†Before we could act, CubStud showed up and sat down next to me….. and started playing with me.

Somehow we all agreed to go back to my room. ¬†It was pretty obvious another round of show n blow would be going on so we left the door open. ¬†I was sucking Maybestud while Cubstud fucked me. ¬†MaybeStud was having trouble getting hard and Cubstud was banging my ass. ¬†Maybestud excused himself to go get a cockring. ¬†Just when we had about given up on him he showed back up and plopped down next to me. ¬† I was playing with him a bit but Cubstud was really drilling me. ¬†A tall white guy walked in and started sucking Maybestud. ¬†Maybestud was wide eyed looking at me and the newcomer and me again. ¬†I thought it was kind of ballsy to just drop in but what the hell. ¬†I reached over to newcomer and he had a big thick cock, so I started to stroke it in hopes that he would breed me. ¬†As he started to get hard he made it obvious he wasn’t interested in me. ¬†I laughed as I said, “Ok you can leave my room. ¬†Out you go” and with that gently pushed him up and out. ¬†Cubstud kept drilling me and finally managed to blow a load. ¬†Maybestud was still having trouble getting hard so we all agreed to take a break.

I mopped up my floor again and swapped out my towel. ¬†When I went to the shower I had a nice chat with NOLAguy, a hung black guy from New Orleans. ¬†I invited him to breed my ass next time he saw me. ¬†He smiled and said sure. ¬†As I walked out of the shower I saw Maybeguy so I asked him if everything was okay. ¬†He said sure and told me to come to his room. ¬†I smiled as I walked by his room. ¬†I needed my lube and poppers. ¬†By the time I walked back the door was closing and someone had scooped me. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†I decided this was a good time to pack up and head home. ¬†My ass was sore and I had at least 2 loads in my hole. ¬†As I walked by he told me I could at least get his name and number. The door was open again and I guess the other guy hadn’t worked out. ¬†I looked at him and smiled and said “I’d like your cock and seed, can I still get that?” ¬†He laughed and said, “Sure.” ¬†I quickly went back to my room and tossed the sheets and towel on the bed. ¬†I stripped and grabbed my lube and poppers and went back to his room. ¬†He bent me over and proceeded to drill my ass. ¬†He was probably an average size and not particularly thick, but it felt nice and he was pretty aggressive. ¬†After about 10 minutes he tensed up, moaned and shot his seed deep inside me. ¬†I thanked him for his load and we exchanged numbers.

I went back to my room and got dressed. ¬†I gathered my things and headed down to the counter to checkout. ¬†When I got there the counter guy was smiling at me and asked “Well, did you have a good time?” ¬†I laughed and asked him, “Did you hear about my action scene or something?” ¬†He smiled and said, “Of course!”

French Connection

I had just finished Nude Yoga at Club Houston and was walking upstairs to my room.  We made contact and locked eyes for a moment.  He had beautiful eyes and a really furry chest.  My heart practically skipped a beat, he was blond, clean cut, and had a super furry chest without being a gorilla.  He had to be 30 something.  No way in hell he was actually interested in me I thought.  I kept walking up and smiled briefly back at him as he turned the corner.  I dropped my yoga mat in my room, had a refreshing drink of Coca-Cola and sat for a moment relaxing.

I was hornier than a stray cat in heat so I lubed my hole, grabbed my lube, poppers, and towel and headed out to prowl for some dick. ¬†I made a lap of the rooms and glanced at the guys in their rooms stroking their dicks and watching twink-porn. ¬†I decided to head to the dark maze play area and see who was in there. ¬†Other than a few aggressive Gaysian boys slamming booth doors there wasn’t much going on. ¬†I walked back to the cocksucking catwalk area and leaned on the wall in the dimly lit area. ¬†The play area has a horshoe shaped raised platform that guys can stand on and other guys can walk up and suck them off through glory holes. ¬†It’s a nice setup for sucking dick, but I usually want more than that.

As I was standing there my furry stud walked in. ¬†We made eye contact again as he walked up the stairs and leaned against a wall across from me. ¬†I considered pinching myself to see if it was real and then gathered my courage and pride and walked over to where he was standing. ¬†He wasted no time in pulling his towel back and stuffing a thick 7.5″ cut cock into my mouth. ¬†I slowly serviced his cock, letting it glide in and out of my mouth and feeling every bump, every vein, and every groove on his manhood. ¬†We alternated with him working my mouth and me bobbing my head on his cock. ¬†I was really into this guy and working his dick good. ¬†I could hear the occassional moan and knew he was enjoying it. ¬†I raised my hands and put them on the ledge next to him as it made it easier for me to float on and off his rod. ¬†He reciprocated and lowered his hands to play with my hair. ¬†This was probably the most sensual blow job I had given in ages. ¬†It was really wonderful, but my ass was twitching and wanting way more. ¬†I could also sense that a crowd was gathering and the only thing I hate worse than a little dick is a cock blocking queen trying to interfere with my trick.

My stud seemed to be thinking the same thing. ¬†He paused me and lifted my chin up so we made eye contact. ¬†He said in very accented English, “Let’s go to my room.” ¬†I felt like I’d won the lottery as I replied, “Sure!”

I followed him to room 242 and he opened the door. ¬†As I followed him in he shut the door behind me and it was just the two of us. ¬†He was nicely built, super furry, and absolutely handsome. ¬†He reached over and pulled me to him and we started making out. ¬†I was stroking his cock with my hand and dropped to my knees to suck him some more. ¬†He let me go for a few and then stopped me and pulled me up to him and asked in his thick accent, “Do you want to fuck?” ¬†“Yes!,” was my enthusiastic reply. ¬†He laid back and slipped a condom on his beautiful cock. ¬†I hate condoms, but I wanted this man inside me and was willing to tolerate the condom. ¬†I knew it would tear my ass up and hurt later, but I didn’t care right now.

I positioned myself over him and we made out for a few minutes. ¬†I asked him his name and he said it was Marc. ¬†I asked him where he was from, “France,” came the shocker. ¬†Normally French guys hadn’t been that hot… I guess they just keep the ultra hot ones there. ¬†This guy was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. ¬†Aside from being handsome and hung he was really taking time to make sure I was having fun. ¬†Kissing was turning us both on. ¬†I lubed him up and fingered my hole a bit with lube to make the best of it. ¬†Then I slowly pushed my ass down around his thick blond cock. ¬†I could feel him pulse as I lowered my tight hole around him. ¬†He moaned as I started to rock slowly up and down on his shaft. ¬†I would periodically lean down to make out with him which gave him the opportunity to thrust up into me.

After a few minutes we switched up the positions and tried a few before settling on what I call “doormat.” ¬†It’s where I lay flat on my stomach and the guy gets behind me. ¬†Normally guys will pile drive my ass in this position. ¬†Marc was very different and kept making out with me and taking his time. ¬†It was the kind of sex I dream about having in a relationship, but which always seems to elude me in my relationships.

After about 20 minutes of intense passionate sex I told him I wanted his load. ¬†He repeated the question to me, “You want my cum?” ¬†“Yes please,” I replied. ¬†He thrust into me and paused while making out with me. ¬†Then he pulled out and reached his hand down and removed the condom. ¬†I saw it last as he flung it on the floor and then he slipped back inside me and what was already fantastic sex got even more passionate as he was truly inside me. ¬†He pounded me hard for a few minutes before tensing up and moaning as he blew his load deep inside me. ¬†He just laid there with his chin on my shoulder nuzzling against the side of my head. ¬†It was really amazing sex. ¬†He slowly slid out and then I rolled over as he laid back down on my chest. ¬†I was running my fingers through his hair and stroking his neck gently. ¬†He was overnighting and headed back the next morning. ¬†He worked for Air France as a pilot. ¬† We laid there and chatted for a few minutes before we each had to go back to our worlds. ¬†I thanked him and told him to have a safe trip before I walked out the door and back to my room.

Deep Tissue Massage

The lobby always had that too clean appearance to it. ¬†It was accented by the sickeningly friendly woman at the counter. ¬†I could tell she was drinking the Kool-Aid. Hell she was probably fucking the manager. ¬†No big deal, I wasn’t here for her or the bull shit new age nonsense for sale in the lobby. ¬†While I generally hated the pretense at Massage Envy, I did enjoy getting a massage. ¬†As I checked in I learned that my regular massage therapist wasn’t available. ¬†He had called in sick so they had switched me to David. ¬†She hoped I didn’t mind. ¬†Well fuck! I thought. ¬†I guess I was going to be fine with it.

I sank down in the chair and pulled out my iPhone to see what was lurking on Grindr. ¬†I was more horny than sore, but I had signed up for the massage a few days ago. ¬†Grindr was the same boring fucks that always wanted to trade pictures. ¬†It was like some sort of beginner porn or something. ¬†As I was scrolling through the prospects I heard my name being called, “John….” ¬†I looked up at the source of the voice.

I thought to myself, this must be David. ¬†I sure hope he can give a good massage. ¬†He wasn’t that much to look at. Okay, he was flat fucking ugly. ¬†I reminded myself that I was hear for the rub down not the fuck down. ¬†I greeted the little troll at the door and smiled as politely as I could muster.

“Hi John, David was busy setting up the room from his last client and wanted me to bring you back. ¬†I’m Sam., ¬†he said. ¬†“Thank you Sam,” I replied. ¬†Sam proceeded to escort me back to room 12. ¬†This room was usually colder than a Baptist preacher’s wife. ¬† Sam motioned for me to go into the room, but stayed out of the room. ¬†Before closing the door he said, “David prefers that you be face down on the table if you want to make yourself comfortable. ¬†Enjoy your massage.”

And with that Sam closed the door, leaving me in the dimly lit, freezing cold room listening to fake beach noises.  This was unusual.  Protocol was that the therapist greeted you and then wasted 10 minutes of your time while you got undressed.  Whatever, I thought.  It was late and they probably all wanted to get the fuck out of here.  I resigned myself to be surprised and quickly got undressed and under the sheet on the table.  To my pleasant surprise the table was warm.  At least someone had something right I thought.

I settled in under the sheet, face down as requested and waited for David. ¬†After a few minutes there was a gentle tap followed by the door opening. ¬†I glanced up as David introduced himself, “Hi John, I’m David.” ¬†He continued, “I’ve read your chart and I’m ready to give you a good working over.” ¬†Ha! I thought, you hardly know the working over I want boy! ¬†David was 25, 5’9″ probably 180# a bit on the stocky/muscular side. ¬†He was clean cut with short hair and was lightly tanned. ¬†In a word this guy was hot. ¬†I would enjoy the massage for sure, but I wanted more. ¬†“Great,” I replied.

David placed his hand on my back and walked around me. ¬†Therapists had this pattern of ‘grounding’ on the patient. ¬†I could tell alot from touch and David’s hand wasn’t the cold, disinterested one. ¬†I decided I would be chatty with him. ¬†Sometimes I was dead quiet and just laid there enjoying my massage. ¬†Othertimes I was chatty and would have a good conversation with the therapist. ¬†My only rule was that they didn’t unload all their personal problems on me.

I started out with the standard fare, “How long have you been doing bodywork?” ¬†“About 5 years,” he replied as he began to work my shoulders. ¬†He was definitely good. ¬†He ran his muscular hands down my back and I was acutely aware of his crotch very close to my head. ¬†I could smell his sweaty crotch! ¬†It smelled delicious. ¬†David’s hands were working my sore back and finding knots while my mind was in the gutter. ¬†He worked his way progressively down my back pausing for a second at my ass. ¬†As he begin to massage my ass he remarked, “You have a nice ass, very firm and muscular.” ¬†“Thanks, I hear that alot,” I replied as I smiled and laughed a bit. ¬†He didn’t skip a beat and replied, “I bet.” ¬†Hmmm I thought, if only you knew. ¬†It was pretty unusual to have the therapist massage my ass, but it had happened before and was pretty inoccuous. ¬†I had made sure to be squeaky clean before coming in. ¬†That was my habit.

He worked his way down my legs to my feet as we traded small talk.  He had moved to Houston from Raleigh, North Carolina.  That explained the wholesome look and friendly demeanor.  He had me turn over and massaged my legs and chest and neck.  This was normally where things wound down with some pitiful plea for a tip and another massage.

Instead David told me to turn over again. ¬†Sure, I thought. ¬†I glanced at the clock as I turned over and realized we had run over by about 20 minutes. ¬†I kept my mouth shut and hoped I wasn’t going to get billed extra. ¬†He said, “You had some extra tension in your back that I want to take care of.” ¬†“Thanks I said,” as I thought to myself that the real tension was in my ass. ¬†He lowered the table down to where I was about 10 inches off the ground. ¬†Massage Envy had some great powered tables, which was one of their redeeming qualities. ¬†David straddled me and removed the draping so he could get to my back. ¬†This was unusual for sure. ¬†He began to work my lower back and slid down to my ass. ¬†He settled down on to my legs which was my first clue that this was about to get interesting. ¬†As he lowered himself he said, “You don’t mind if I touch you do you?” ¬†“Not at all, touch whatever you want,” I replied. ¬†“I will,” he said. ¬†He started to work his way up my back, leaning forward as he did. ¬†I could feel a bulge in his pants and knew that he was turned on. ¬†That was hot I thought to myself, but it probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

As if I to ensure I hadn’t imagined his cock pushing against my ass he paused to adjust himself. ¬†After which he remarked, “I’ve got a little tension myself that needs releasing.” ¬†I thought for a second before replying, “I’d be happy to help.” ¬†As if on queue he stood up and unbuckled his pants. ¬†I didn’t dare turn around, but I could tell he was taking his pants off. ¬†He said in a low voice, “I had hoped you might.” ¬†Before I could reply he was back on top of me, skin against skin this time. ¬†He said, “I have some lube here which will feel better than massage lotion, but I’m a bit aggressive when I fuck.” As he said this he was lubing himself and my hole. ¬†I replied, “bring it!” ¬†He was probably 8.5 and a bit thicker than average from what I could feel. ¬†I hadn’t turned around to look lest I spoil the moment.

He wasted no time and deftly moved back to position the head of his cock against my ass. ¬†He leaned over me and whispered, “Let me in or I’ll break down your hole.” ¬†Hot I thought as he eased into my hole. ¬†I desperately wanted some poppers. ¬†He must have been reading my mind because I heard the unmistakeable sound of a cap being removed and him inhaling. ¬†He handed the bottle to me and I happily took it.

He wasn’t messing around and started pumping my hole. ¬†He was very good at being a top and I had been craving his cock the whole time he had been massaging me. ¬†As he was fucking me I wondered about the time and if we were going to get interrupted. ¬†This was somewhat risky for both of us and the last thing I needed was drama. ¬†David plowed my hole good and deep for a few minutes before unloading in me. ¬†He hadn’t lasted long and he knew it. ¬†He bit gently on my ear and said, “That’s a sample. ¬†I’ll give you my number for later.” ¬†“Deal sir,” I replied. ¬†He pulled out and cleaned up and got dressed. ¬†He leaned over and whispered to me, “You’ll leave me a $5 tip.” ¬†I thought that was odd, but before I could respond he said. ¬†“You normally tip $15 according to the computer. ¬†So $5 will make them think you didn’t like my massage. ¬†I’m headed to the front to tell them you complained which is why we ran over.” ¬†We both smiled as he walked out the door. ¬†His seed was deep in my hole and oozing a bit as I got up and got dressed. ¬†I pulled myself together and headed to the front.

When I got to the front the manager was the only one there and he was clearly ready to get the fuck out. ¬† He asked how my massage was. ¬†“It was okay, but I don’t think we should schedule him again.” ¬†He looked up and replied, “Most people request repeats with David.” ¬†I replied, “I didn’t care for his technique, but I can see why others might.” ¬†He smiled, “Okay, I’ll take him off your list.”

As I signed the card receipt and put in the tip I noticed that the manager’s phone was sitting there, unlocked. ¬†He had Grindr up. ¬†Hmm, I thought to myself. ¬†It made for an interesting moment because I think he realized I saw his phone. ¬†He grabbed it at the first moment and locked the screen. ¬†He smiled and said, “Have a nice night John.” ¬†I smiled back and said, “I did, thanks.” ¬†He had a twinkle in his eye so I knew there was more going on when he replied, “I’ll see you next time.”

Cream Filling Sandwich

It had been a late night last night, but I woke up at 8:45 and reached for my phone.  I needed to see if work was on fire or not.  I really wanted another 4 hours of sleep.  I went to bed at 3:30am.  Sigh.  No issues at work, but Grindr and Text were on fire.  The text was the most interesting.  I had one from Ass Pounder.  Hmm, I had been wanting this one since last week.  It was just a hello, so I said hi back and went to Grindr to clear the 7 messages there.

Ass Pounder wanted to know if I was horny. ¬†I replied and said kitty was in heat. ¬†He asked if I could get up there. ¬†I said sure, but that I needed to shower real quick. ¬†I jumped up and went to piss and shower. ¬†I really needed to know if my ass was clean. ¬†Luck was on my side… it was clean. ¬†I checked my schedule and texted back that I was good to go. ¬†He said good and sent me a picture of a cock and asked if I wanted some of that too. ¬†I said sure and asked when. ¬†He said his friend wanted to join in and in about 40 minutes. ¬†Perfect I thought as I got ready and got dressed. ¬†He sent me the address and warned me to watch for no parking signs as his neighborhood was vicious about towing. ¬†I found a spot that had other cars parked there and was free from no parking signs. ¬†It took me a bit to find his place, but I did as I was told and let myself in. ¬†I walked to the 3rd floor. ¬†it was a really nice place.

He welcomed me and told me to strip down, so I did. ¬†He was laying back on the bed stroking his fabulous cock. ¬†I climbed on to the bed and started to suck him when I heard someone come in behind me. ¬†It was a short, well dressed white guy who was a bit older. ¬†He was hot I thought. ¬†I kept sucking and he wasted no time stripping down. ¬†What a way to start the morning I thought as I looked at the white guys 8″ cock and slurped on the black guys 9.5″ thick cock.

White boy walked over and stood by me while the black guy pushed me onto that white dick. ¬†I sucked him a bit and marveled at what a nice cock it was. ¬†I could see them making motions out of the corner of my eye but couldn’t tell what they were agreeing to.

No matter, I would find out soon enough. ¬†The white guy pulled out and lubed himself up. ¬†He maneuvered to my ass and slid in all the way. ¬†Ass Pounder moved around and started using my mouth while white guy was pumping my ass. ¬†Ass Pounder said to him, “This is the one I was telling you about. ¬†He likes it hard and he can take a pounding.” ¬†I stopped long enough to let out a “Meow” and we all three ¬†chuckled. ¬†I resumed servicing Ass Pounder’s cock while White guy pumped my hole.

After a little while he blew his wad and rolled off my ass and over next to me. ¬†He was really sexy. ¬†Ass Pounder got up behind me and slipped in to my freshly creamed hole. ¬†I shifted a bit and put my head on White guy’s chest. ¬†He put his arms around me and held me a bit. ¬†I was getting my hole worked by the black guy and almost cuddling with the white guy.

Ass Pounder stopped, he was having trouble staying hard. ¬†I think he was jealous. ¬†Just then my phone started ringing. ¬†I walked over to see what it was and picked it up to ansewr. ¬†It was my best friend. ¬†I looked at the two studs as I answered with, “Hey, I’m in the middle of something hot, can I call you back in a bit?” ¬†My bestie said sure and I hung up. ¬†They both looked at me and I explained it was my bestie and we all laughed.

I walked back over and was ready to resume.  Ass Pounder put me on my back and legs in the air.  White guy straddled me and put his cock in my mouth.  I was getting dicked double at the same time.  OMG this was hot.  After a bit we stopped again.

We all moved to the edge of the bed.  Ass pounder had me bent over and White guy was there for moral support.  I pulled him in so I was between his legs, he was laying back in front of me and Ass pounder had my hole.  I hinted that my fantasy had been to be held down and fucked.  White guy was happy to oblige, holding me tightly while Ass pounder worked my hole and moved both of us with the force of his thrusts.  I was really enjoying the white guy.

Ass Pounder was having trouble staying hard and White guy had to go. ¬†We all made small talk for a few and then white guy bolted. ¬†Ass Pounder only had 20 minutes til he had to work. ¬†I suggested we try and get him off. ¬†I kissed him and tried to build up his ego a bit. ¬†I sensed he was jealous of the white guy’s chemistry with me. ¬†I couldn’t deny it, I was genuinely attracted to the white guy. ¬†Nice cock, pretty smile, clipped chest…. filthy mind…. hmmm.

My attention paid off and Ass Pounder got nice and hard. ¬†He bent me over and started tearing my ass up again. ¬†It was hurting, but felt good. ¬†He was pumping me hard and making me moan loudly. ¬†Finally he managed to nut in my ass. ¬†That wasn’t enough though as he worked it in. ¬†When he finished we chatted a bit and he gave me a tour before showing me out.

Night pump

I had just come in from hanging out at the local adult theater. ¬†It was dead. ¬†There was this really super aggressive middle aged Latin cock sucker who kept pawing everyone. ¬†This is the kind of aggression that gets your ass kicked. ¬†No means NO! ¬†I had managed to score one load from a guy I hadn’t seen in ages.

He started off with, “Hey, I’ve been to your house before.” ¬†I looked at him, not recognizing him and said, “Oh, I suppose you want to fuck my ass?” ¬†He said, “Yes!” With that we both started looking for a booth that would lock and wasn’t disgusting. ¬†After a couple of tries we wound up in the one I played in before. ¬†This time the TV wasn’t working and it was pitch black. ¬†Just as well I thought to myself.

We both proceeded to strip down enough to fulfill our roles. ¬†I fumbled and knocked the lube over a couple of times before managing to get him and I both lubed up. ¬†I hit my poppers and bent over. ¬†It’s funny how you can recognize a cock by feel, but I knew who he was. ¬†Not too big, not too small, a funny curve and a big head. ¬†Yup, I knew that dick.

He banged me for a few minutes and creamed my hole. ¬†Then asked me if I had any tissue paper or toilet paper. ¬†I was glad it was dark, he couldn’t see the “why is that my problem” look on my face as I apologized and said no. ¬†We both got dressed and I let his load ooze out of my hole. ¬†He left and I resumed walking around hitting on the black guys. ¬†I wasn’t having any luck and they were hitting on each other. ¬†I saw the hottest of them come out of the booth with the super aggressive Latin guy. Well, I thought, that explains why he was grabbing the guys dick… it must work enough.

It was almost midnight, I decided to leave. ¬†On my way out I stopped to read a notice posted on the wall about the police raiding the place. ¬†“Keep it zipped up so you don’t get arrested.” It read. ¬†I shook my head and walked out. ¬†A couple of Asian boys were sitting outside and they smiled at me as I jumped in my convertible and put the top down. ¬†It was a nice cool night and that was at least good for a drive home.

When I got home I was starving so I ate a cupcake and sat down at the computer. ¬†I logged on to BBRTS and A4A to see if I could find some dick. ¬†A guy I had been going back and forth with was online. ¬†I messaged him, “Want to breed ass?” ¬†We went back and forth and I agreed to come over right then and there. ¬†It was 1am now, but I was desparately horny and not ready for sleep. ¬†I had to be up at 8am but I didn’t give a fuck. ¬†I managed to get to his place by 1:30 and parked. ¬†I walked up to the door and tapped lightly on it. ¬†He answered from behind the door, naked and invited me in. ¬†He was very slender, skinny, but had a huge 9 inch cock hanging out. ¬†He bounded up the stairs with his hard cock bouncing left and right. ¬†He told me to follow him.

I made my way up the stairs quickly and stopped at the top. ¬†He lived in a small 1 bedroom loft apartment. ¬†It was a nice layout, but very modestly furnished. ¬†A cross between broke student and I don’t give a fuck single. ¬†I stripped at the top of the stairs and made a pile of my belongings. ¬†He was laying back on the bed touching his cock and I was getting hard.

I wasted no time lubing myself and opening my poppers.  I brought a fresh bottle with me.  He told me to suck him and I did.  He made me suck his cock for 5 to 10 minutes, slurping up and down his shaft.  He would periodically start pumping me while asking how I liked it.  I kept my mouth shut, it was rude to talk with your mouth full, especially when it was full of cock.

Finally, he told me to lube him up and sit on it.  I did as I was told, but hit my poppers hard first.  He was thicker than I thought and it was long.  I was sore from getting bred by the big monster cock the day before.  He had done a number on my cock.

He was pushing my limits, but I enjoyed it. ¬†I rocked on him and he pushed himself inside me. ¬†We were both enjoying each other. ¬†Then the trash talk started. ¬†That made it hotter with various insults and threats mixed in for color. ¬†He told me to hold myself still above him, the head of his cock just barely in me. ¬†Then he started to bounce against the bed, thrusting himself in me with each rise. ¬†This went on for a while and he scolded me when I tried to sit on him. ¬†After about 20 minutes he grew tired of it and told me to lay down. ¬†He got behind me and slid in and started banging it. ¬†A slow steady fuck deeply stretching my hole. ¬†He showed no signs of cumming and so I told him I was getting sore. ¬†He said we could stop and he would just owe me a load later. ¬†We both agreed and we laid next to one another. ¬†I apologized for not being able to handle him and he said it was no problem. ¬†He had enjoyed fucking the load out of my hole. ¬†I smiled and we both laughed. ¬†I had not told him about the other guy’s load, but he apparently felt it and didn’t care. ¬†ūüôā

Riding Horsecock

The maze area was very crowded. ¬†My eyes hadn’t adjusted but I could tell there were 6 to 8 people in the play area of the maze at Midtown Spa. ¬†This was my favorite bathhouse in Houston. ¬†A touch sleazy but not pretentious. ¬†From what I could tell there were 3 bottoms on the mattress and at least 3 tops fucking ass or playing with it. ¬†The one closest to me was a 6’2″ black guy and he was hot. ¬†As my eyes adjusted I could see the black guy near me was probably 10 inches. ¬†He began fucking the guy laying closest to me and was really pile driving that ass.

A man was exiting and made his way through the crowd and stopping past me. ¬†He was nicely build, 5’10 and middle aged. ¬†I couldn’t really see anything in his towel as he walked past. ¬†He stopped a few steps past me and walked back. ¬†I was standing with my towel in my hand and my naked, lubed ass exposed. ¬†He stopped directly behind me and rubbed his bulge against me. ¬†He was big…. very big. ¬†He pushed against me and began to grind my ass with his package. ¬†I leaned back and asked if he wanted to fuck here or in my room. “Your room” came the reply. ¬†I replied, “406, see you there.”

I was rock hard, and horned up as hell. ¬†I walked to my room and he was right behind me. ¬†He walked in behind me and shut the door, dropping his towel and throwing it in the corner. ¬†His cock flopped out. ¬†It was huge! ¬†I swear I had seen this dick before and had it. ¬†It was the largest cock I’d ever had. ¬†It was not the right first, cock for the day as he was easily 10 by 7. ¬†Meaning he was 10 long and 7 around. ¬†I told him to hang on while i opened fresh poppers. ¬†I was going to need that to take him.

I opened my poppers and lubed him good several times and my hole good before bending over to submit to his will. ¬†He wasted no time putting the head of his dick against my ass. ¬†It was pitch black in my room except for the light coming in over the wall. ¬†He pushed but my hole was not opening. ¬†He didn’t let this stop him and simply pushed harder, forcing my hole to open wide for him. ¬†He slid all the way in despite my moaning and protests between inhaling poppers as deeply as I could. ¬†He slowly pulled out and then thrust back in while holding my ass still. ¬†He picked up the rythm and was pounding my hole while periodically slapping my ass. ¬†I had my head against the wall and was desperately inhaling poppers hoping for relief from the force that was violating my ass. ¬†On the one hand it hurt in a very special way, and on the other hand it was a huge turn on being forcefully used by this man and his cock. ¬†If ever I had seen a monster cock or donkey dick, this was it! ¬†He just kept pounding my hole, standing behind me and working me over. ¬†After about 30 minutes I told him I needed a break. ¬†He pulled out and let his cock hang there. ¬†I stood up, slightly dizzy from being fucked. ¬†He reminded me that he had fucked me before and that it was good to see me again. ¬†I thanked him and told him to use me again in a bit.

He walked out and I sat there trying to figure out the state of my insides. ¬†After a few minutes I grabbed my towel and walked down to the maze area. ¬†It was mostly empty again so I laid my towel on the play area and bent over. ¬†An older guy with an 8 inch cock walked up behind me and slipped his cock in. ¬†He pumped me for a few minutes before seeding my hole. ¬†While he was fucking my donkey cock trick walked up. ¬†When the older guy walked off donkey cock walked over and leaned over me. ¬†He growled, “I thought you needed a break?” Before I could reply he added, ” I need some more ass and I’m taking it now.” ¬†“Yes sir” I said. ¬†He slid in me much to the amazement of a couple of people who were watching by now. ¬†He proceeded to work up to pounding my ass. ¬†After a few minutes he just stopped pulled out and walked away, leaving me wondering what was wrong. ¬†He later came up and said he just wanted some variety.

A third guy had been watching and now walked up to play with my ass. ¬†He was latin with a scruffy beard and furry chest, probably early 30’s. ¬†His cock had a pronounced downward curve. ¬†He lubed and up and slid in to what would be a marathon fuck. ¬†My ass was sore, so a curve down and a marathon fuck weren’t exactly a great idea. ¬†After about 10 minutes he showed no sign of getting off and I let him slide out. ¬†I told him I had to piss and walked off before he could slip back in. ¬†The reality was he had been pumping my bladder and it wasn’t terribly comfortable.

I walked off to the bathroom, but couldn’t piss. ¬†I said hi to some friends and wandered back to see if I could get some more dick. ¬†It was getting late and I needed to go soon. ¬†Horse cock walked over to me and whispered in my ear that he needed to cum in some ass. ¬†I suggested my room and he agreed. ¬†He again wasted no time in my room, this time with the lights on. ¬†He positioned me bent over and forced his thick shaft inside me. ¬†He was fucking harder this time and I knew that he was on the path to seeding me. ¬†After 5 minutes or so he succeeded in getting off as I heard him moan and shove his cock deep into my ass. ¬†He unloaded and then held it there for 30 seconds or so before slowly slipping back out. ¬†He thanked me and I thanked him for the cock. ¬†I suggested videoing my hole next time he fucked it. ¬†He laughed and walked out.

Morning Stray

Bzzzz. ¬†Bzzzz. ¬†My phone was making a slight buzzing noise. ¬†I cracked my eyes open and rolled over to find the offending object. ¬†I grabbed it and unlocked it. ¬†It was a Grindr Message. ¬†The sender was a 27yo handsome black guy. ¬†Hmm, that’s a nice way to wake up I thought. ¬†I said Hi back and layed there. ¬†It was 8:45am according to the digital clock on my dresser. ¬†Ugh, I needed to get going.

I checked my phone again, first meeting wasn’t until 10am so I was good to go for a few minutes. ¬†My day was packed with conference calls, the new normal. ¬†Fortunately I could work from home most of the time, so this left me time for breakfast.

“I want some ass, now!” read the message. ¬†“cock pic?” I replied. ¬†A very nice thick, black cock came back in the image that responded. ¬†“Host or visit?” I replied. ¬†“You host, location?” he replied. ¬†I sent back my location and a couple of pictures of my ass. ¬†“address?” he replied. ¬†I thought for a second about my roommate who was asleep upstairs and then sent my address. ¬†I asked my trick if he wanted to fuck out in my motorhome or in my house. ¬†He replied that he didn’t care, I just needed to lubed and ass up. ¬†I told him he would be fucking me in my motorhome. ¬† I asked his ETA and he responded 16 minutes.

I hurried through the shower, checking to make sure everything was squeaky clean. ¬†I had gone out the night before and gotten my hole destroyed, so there was no telling how things were this morning. ¬†That went well and I grabbed lube, fresh poppers, and a towel. ¬†I opened up the motorhome and opened the driveway gate directly in front of it. ¬†Calling it a motorhome was a bit of an understatement. ¬†It is a converted coach and is really big and really unique. ¬†I’d been fucked in it once before when I was bringing it home from the auction I bought it at. ¬†This was the first time I’d tricked in my motorhome.

I waited inside the motorhome, lubed, naked, with my poppers open, ready to get fucked.  This was a great way to start the morning I thought.  Across the street the neighbors 20 something son was washing his car.  He was hot in his own right and I stood there stroking myself wondering what sort of manhood was between his legs.  He was a nicely built black man of average height.

My fantasy was quickly disrupted when the blue Toyota Corolla pulled in.  It was a nice, basic car.  A slim man stepped out and adjusted himself.  He walked hesitantly up to the gate and then came around to the door.  I could see all of this through the big window in the front of the motorhome.  It was tinted with reflective film so I could see out, but nobody could see in.

He stepped in and said hi. ¬†He almost immmediately unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to his knees. ¬†Out flopped an absolutely beautiful cock. ¬†Somewhere between 8.5 and 9 and a little thicker than average with increasing thickness near the thick head. ¬†Probably one of the nicest cocks I’d had the pleasure of. ¬†I dropped to my knees and started sucking him hard. ¬†It took only a minute or two to get him fully erect. ¬†He had a gentle upward curve.

I assumed the position bent over the couch while he applied lube to his cock.  He slipped in and it was surprisingly easy.  I thought to myself that he had the perfect fucking cock.  He wasted no time and begin banging my ass at a medium tempo.  After a few minutes of mutual moaning I asked if I could ride him.  He said sure and we switched positions.

I climbed on top of him and eased myself down onto his cock, steadying myself with my hands on his broad shoulders.  My rock hard cock was precumming on his smooth midsection as I bounced on his lap and worked my hole in and out over his cock.  We were both enjoying the hell out of each other.  I put his hands on my shoulders and neck to see what sort of play he was into.  He took the bait and started to fuck me more forcefully.  After a minute he pulled me into him and held me there.  I nuzzled him and we started making out a bit.  Then I held his shoulders as I leaned back with his cock fully in me.  Again I started to ride him and then stopped after a few seconds.

He was getting more aggressive. ¬†He told me to lay face down on the couch and he would bang me from behind. ¬†The furniture dimensions were nearly perfect for this. ¬†As I got off of him I spotted some white fluid that had leaked out of my ass and onto his belly. ¬†I teased and asked if he had cum once. ¬†He said maybe a little, but that he wasn’t done with me at all. ¬†That was hot, I rarely made guys cum by riding them.

He got behind me and slipped into me burying his meat all the way inside me until he slammed his hips against my ass.  He then started pile driving my hole.  It was hurting a little bit and there was no way I could grab my poppers.  I had put them on the window ledge which turned out to be convenient as I could just manage to inhale from them.  He kept on banging me and telling me how good that ass was.  He was making my hole sore and I started squeezing my ass around his cock as he pushed.

This must have sent him over the edge. ¬†He leaned over me and started fucking alot harder. ¬†This was amazing sex, but getting better. ¬†He said to me, “You want my load whore?” “Yes Sir” I replied. ¬†“good, you are going to get it.” he said and with that he slammed into me and I felt his meat pump a load of seed inside my hole.

He held his cock inside me and the throbbing subsided. ¬†He slowly pulled out while telling me, “I want to make sure my load stays in there. ¬†That’s my hole now.” ¬†I was totally turned on by this stud. ¬†We made small talk as he cleaned up and got dressed. ¬†I asked him, “So are you single or stray?” ¬†“Stray, open marriage.” he said. ¬†“How often do you want to fuck this ass?” I asked. ¬†“When I can get free,” He said as he turned and walked out.