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Log of seeding activity

DL cock

I decided to post on craigslist.  I had not done that in a while.  Managed to score a hot 29yo 6’2″ 190# white guy with a nice 7 inch cock.  He came over a little after lunch and wasted no time getting down to business.  He stripped down and had me suck him hard.  That took a bit of time, but once he was hard he was ready to fuck.  Straight(ish) guys can be different… and this one was no exception.  He pushed it in quickly and then started jackhammering my ass with his dick.   Jackhammering is definitely a unique style.  It’s what I call it when the guy is fucking fast and hard.  Most guys don’t do it for an extended period of time, but this one did.  The whole time he fucked was jackhammering. Overall a good fuck, and took a bit longer than average to cum.


Dark seed again

Scored a hot black guy on this afternoon.  That site is very hit or miss for me.    Didn’t realize he was a repeat from the past.  Lots of fun and a great fuck.  15 minutes start to finish.  Meow.

While I was waiting on him to come over I got hit up on grindr by a “DL” white guy.  He wanted me to be blindfolded and bent over when he walked in.  This can be kind of hot, but I had to tell him not right now because I had another guy coming over.  At this point he proceeded to lecture me on how nasty it is to fuck an asshole after some other guy has fucked it.  Sigh.  Really?  My hole with a load in it is probably still cleaner than his.  I wonder what he tells his wife or girlfriend or boyfriend?  Yes, DL hypocrits are one of my pet peeves.  Be a man if you are going to fuck ass.   I don’t need to know your business and you don’t need to judge mine.


Tonight was one of those nights where it wasn’t very busy, but there was plenty of dick and seed.

It didn’t take long after I got to Midtowne to get my first load.  It was a nice latino guy I’d had before.  Not super big, but a good fuck.  Had a little interference in the form of observers.  Probably a bit under average thickness and 6 inches.  He still planted his seed and jetted out there.

I then went upstairs and did a little community service.  Community service is when I take dick that is attached to a guy I wouldn’t normally find enjoyable.  It can be pretty enjoyable, and tonight was no exception.  It was a 7.5″ white cock attached to a nice dirty older guy with lots of fir.  He put a load in and then wandered off for a few minutes.

It didn’t take long to score my 3rd guy, a furry latino guy.  I sucked him in the hallway for a few minutes and then moved to the play area to let him tear my hole up.  Average thickness, but a nice 8 inches.  A good aggressive fuck.  Number 2 came by to watch and gave number 3 the skitters.  We retreated to my room where he proceeded to plow me and put his seed in.  He actually got me off which was a nice tidbit.

I wandered around for a bit before encountering number 4.  He was another community service, but put in 2 or 3 loads.  Sometimes I just can’t tell, and this cock was one of them.  5 inches and a bit thin… but dick is dick.  He was very vocal which can be hot and very furry.

I then hung out for about an hour before my highlight of the night showed up.  The highlight is about 8.5″, thick, black, and aggressive, but passionate and respectful.  He’s a great fuck and tonight was no exception.  He really wrecked my pussy before he rewarded me with a load of seed.

I wandered around looking for some more cock, but there were only 4 guys there and they weren’t giving me the time of day.  It was time to come home and eat some food.

I hope y’all are enjoying hearing about my adventures.  Tonight was a very good night for kitty.  🙂

vers bttm with a nice cock

Today for lunch I had a nice 8.5 to 9 inch black guy breed me.  6 foot tall, 200 pounds or so.  Nicely built, a few tattoos.  A really nice guy with a nice cock.

He wanted the door unlocked, the room dimmed, and me ass up and lubed.  I was happy to oblige.  He made it well worth my while.

He caressed my ass and lower back, kissed my cheecks and teased my hole a little with his finger.  I’m not much on fingering, but he did not stick it in.  He teased it a bit and then lubed himself up and slid it in.  He worked it a bit and then slapped it a couple of times and started banging it hard.

He edged a couple of times and I could feel him throbbing in me while he stopped himself from dumping his load.  It was hot to have a talented top in my ass.  It had been several days and a few trips to the baths that were lackluster at best.

I tried riding him, but he wasn’t into that at all…. couldn’t stay hard, which was a real shame, and definately not into kissing.  We flipped over and he started pounding it until he shot his seed deep in my hole.

We chatted a bit afterwards and I definately hope to get that dick again.