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Log of seeding activity

GBC and fuck-o-rama Thursday

I went out to Midtowne Spa in Houston last night.  It was dead for the most part so I enjoyed some chit chat in the pool.  I decided to go eat dinner with a friend so I got a in/out pass and did that.

When I cam back it still looked dead, but I thought, what the fuck… nothing to lose.

Within a few minutes I had met a skinny 25yo black guy with a 10 inch cock.  He wasted no time going back to my room to plow me.

After he left I wandered around and met a second skinny black guy with a giant black cock…… He slipped into my room and bred my hole.  He was probably average thickness, but a good 11 or 12 long.  One of the longest cocks I’ve seen.  It was good and I hope to see him again sometime.

After that I managed to convince a really good looking latin boy to visit me.  He was probably 5 and skinny, but wanted to use a rubber so I told him to scram.

A nice evening overall.

tongue fuck

Had a trick from BBRTS tonight.  Came over and parked in the driveway and played in the dark motorhome.  Not the most exciting trick…. was more interested in eating my ass.  He did blow two loads in my hole in quick succession.  I’ve only seen that mode of orgasm a couple of times before.

It works like this, they take a moderate to long time to get off, but once they cum, they cum again like 1 minute later.

White guy, middle age, dad-bod, avg cock, nice thickness, slightly aggressive fuck.

Probably won’t see him again…. just didn’t do much for me.

fucky lunch

BBC had me for lunch.  Ex-Zilla left about 30 seconds before BBC arrived.  It was a simple fuckfest with me bent over the bed.  I’ve gotten better at relaxing.  He slipped in and slammed my hole and planted a load.  These pictures are from last time, but you get the idea.  🙂

2016-05-05 12.58.53 2016-05-05 12.59.16 2016-05-05 12.59.46

fuck fuck fuck

I got flaked out on last night.  No big surprise, I saw the bullshit coming a few days ago.  Still pissed me off.

Best way to make up for being stood up?  get fucked!

Off to Midtown I went.  Had a bang up time.  Took all of 20 minutes to find the first hot man and we played for a while and flipped and bred each other.  Woof!

Ran into a good friend and spent the next 2 hours in the pool and hot tub chit chatting.  tsk tsk.

Went back up stairs and found this hot guy who was a dead ringer for the one that stood me up.  lol.  Oh except this guy was short on excuses and long on ass.  Proceeded to plow him silly, but could not get off.  Had him in nearly every position…. he is super hot 32, trimmed beard, trimmed chest, nice cock, great ass.  Has had 14 loads before I get him.

Agreed to intermission and I went and laid down with the door open in my room.  About 30 minutes later he walks by 3 times so I jump up and go find him in the maze.  We go back to my room and make out.  He’s up to 17 loads now.  He wants to breed me.  Sure…. so he proceeds to pound a load into my ass and blow a huge wad of cum in me.  Amazing self-control that he could hold his wad while 17 guys raped his ass.  As we are making out he notices I’m hard again…. I offer him my load and proceed to fuck him.  He lets me know he comes to Houston once a month and we could play regularly.  Bam, that does it and I’m able to nut in his ass.  For some reason I just don’t top random bottoms.  shrug.

He gives me his number and we both split to get dressed and get out… it’s 4am and the bath house is quickly becoming the scene of a zombie fuckdown.

Impending doom

Kitty managed to get loose one day recently and head to Midtown Spa where a kat can always have fun.  While I was there I confirmed that the property is for sale.  I suppose the business is for sale too, but it’s way out of my reach.  It’s a 2.5MM property and then the business needs alot of work.  I’d love to run a business like that.

I am afraid someone will buy the property to put a damned Starbucks in and that will be the end of one of Houston’s lovely baths.

While I was there I managed to get nailed by a regular right away, suck some hot punk dick and get banged by another regular and then ran into Erik the Great BBC.  Read about that story in another post.  🙂

Night pump

I had just come in from hanging out at the local adult theater.  It was dead.  There was this really super aggressive middle aged Latin cock sucker who kept pawing everyone.  This is the kind of aggression that gets your ass kicked.  No means NO!  I had managed to score one load from a guy I hadn’t seen in ages.

He started off with, “Hey, I’ve been to your house before.”  I looked at him, not recognizing him and said, “Oh, I suppose you want to fuck my ass?”  He said, “Yes!” With that we both started looking for a booth that would lock and wasn’t disgusting.  After a couple of tries we wound up in the one I played in before.  This time the TV wasn’t working and it was pitch black.  Just as well I thought to myself.

We both proceeded to strip down enough to fulfill our roles.  I fumbled and knocked the lube over a couple of times before managing to get him and I both lubed up.  I hit my poppers and bent over.  It’s funny how you can recognize a cock by feel, but I knew who he was.  Not too big, not too small, a funny curve and a big head.  Yup, I knew that dick.

He banged me for a few minutes and creamed my hole.  Then asked me if I had any tissue paper or toilet paper.  I was glad it was dark, he couldn’t see the “why is that my problem” look on my face as I apologized and said no.  We both got dressed and I let his load ooze out of my hole.  He left and I resumed walking around hitting on the black guys.  I wasn’t having any luck and they were hitting on each other.  I saw the hottest of them come out of the booth with the super aggressive Latin guy. Well, I thought, that explains why he was grabbing the guys dick… it must work enough.

It was almost midnight, I decided to leave.  On my way out I stopped to read a notice posted on the wall about the police raiding the place.  “Keep it zipped up so you don’t get arrested.” It read.  I shook my head and walked out.  A couple of Asian boys were sitting outside and they smiled at me as I jumped in my convertible and put the top down.  It was a nice cool night and that was at least good for a drive home.

When I got home I was starving so I ate a cupcake and sat down at the computer.  I logged on to BBRTS and A4A to see if I could find some dick.  A guy I had been going back and forth with was online.  I messaged him, “Want to breed ass?”  We went back and forth and I agreed to come over right then and there.  It was 1am now, but I was desparately horny and not ready for sleep.  I had to be up at 8am but I didn’t give a fuck.  I managed to get to his place by 1:30 and parked.  I walked up to the door and tapped lightly on it.  He answered from behind the door, naked and invited me in.  He was very slender, skinny, but had a huge 9 inch cock hanging out.  He bounded up the stairs with his hard cock bouncing left and right.  He told me to follow him.

I made my way up the stairs quickly and stopped at the top.  He lived in a small 1 bedroom loft apartment.  It was a nice layout, but very modestly furnished.  A cross between broke student and I don’t give a fuck single.  I stripped at the top of the stairs and made a pile of my belongings.  He was laying back on the bed touching his cock and I was getting hard.

I wasted no time lubing myself and opening my poppers.  I brought a fresh bottle with me.  He told me to suck him and I did.  He made me suck his cock for 5 to 10 minutes, slurping up and down his shaft.  He would periodically start pumping me while asking how I liked it.  I kept my mouth shut, it was rude to talk with your mouth full, especially when it was full of cock.

Finally, he told me to lube him up and sit on it.  I did as I was told, but hit my poppers hard first.  He was thicker than I thought and it was long.  I was sore from getting bred by the big monster cock the day before.  He had done a number on my cock.

He was pushing my limits, but I enjoyed it.  I rocked on him and he pushed himself inside me.  We were both enjoying each other.  Then the trash talk started.  That made it hotter with various insults and threats mixed in for color.  He told me to hold myself still above him, the head of his cock just barely in me.  Then he started to bounce against the bed, thrusting himself in me with each rise.  This went on for a while and he scolded me when I tried to sit on him.  After about 20 minutes he grew tired of it and told me to lay down.  He got behind me and slid in and started banging it.  A slow steady fuck deeply stretching my hole.  He showed no signs of cumming and so I told him I was getting sore.  He said we could stop and he would just owe me a load later.  We both agreed and we laid next to one another.  I apologized for not being able to handle him and he said it was no problem.  He had enjoyed fucking the load out of my hole.  I smiled and we both laughed.  I had not told him about the other guy’s load, but he apparently felt it and didn’t care.  🙂

Fuck Me Monday

Hello Dearies,

I declared today fuck me Monday in the name of horny bottoms everywhere.  It didn’t do me much good, but I did manage to ride some cock and get a huge dripping load.  Read on for the juicy details.

So I had this awful, stupid Monday morning meeting at work today.  The kind where everyone has to drive into the office to listen to a presentation that could easily have been done via an email or teleconference.  Yip Yip Hooray.  It’s the kind of meeting that ruins your morning really…. On the bright side I find that when you move around Grindr rewards you.  It’s like there is some sort of algorithm.  A couple of cute tops hit me up, which got me to craving cock.  I wasn’t cleaned out, so morning wasn’t going to work.

I have the joy of being able to work from home often, so I got home ate lunch, and set about cleaning out and posting an ad to Flake’s List.  Flake’s List is what I call Craigslist often.  I post, I get reponses, they flake out.  One bull shit excuse or another.

I got some nice threats on Craigslist…. from latin cock and big black juicy cock….. I still wish the BBC had come through and wrecked my pussy.  He says he will…..

So I waited all afternoon trying to get some dick and keeping it clean and doing some work at the same time.  I believe this is called multi-tasking.  lol.

This evening I decided to go to Midtowne Spa.  Half price rooms and Mondays are usually somewhat kind to me.  There was actually a line to get in.  I’m not sure if it was because it was busy (it didn’t seem it) or because the new clerk who is cute as a button, was slower than molasses. As I waited in line I noticed they had a notice posted saying the water heater was out of order…. so the bathhouse has no hot water. WTF!  They claim to be working on it…. work harder bitches!  When I did get in there were a couple of adorable cute white boys with funky colored hair playing with each other and cooing over each other checking out.  What a shame.

So once I got in I made my lap and had to fend off a couple of “off” Mexicans.  They were in front of me checking in and had used passports.  In theory they could be Spanish, but I just don’t think so.  They had very accented English and were just different.  They were together, but not together.  Both of them hit on me at one point in time or another….. they were both somewhat “fluffy.”  One had a 4 inch cock and the other had a nice cock but insisted on wasting a condom.  No thanks…… condom or hole, your choice but you aren’t putting one in my ass.

I then ran into an extremely hot white guy who swore up and down he knew me… but as I told him, not well enough darling, not well enough.  I’d have jumped him in a flat second.  Meow!  He seemed to have an appetite for BBC which explains why I didn’t know him that well.  Sigh.

I went back upstairs and ran into J furry.  That’s my name for this short sexy guy I’ve played with a couple of times.  He’s shorter than me, but very passionate and a good fuck either way.  I topped him a couple of weeks ago and it was actually a good fuck.  Yes, I will fuck if I’m sufficiently turned on.  He and I played while Fluffy with the 8″ cock looked on and grew irritated with us.  J furry was clearly boinking my hole and we were having “who gives a shit what you think” sex in one of the hidey spaces.  I lubed my hole and his pole and tossed my towel and lube bottle down.  I opened the cap to my poppers and dropped the cap and took a huge breath of poppers to loosen my hole up.  J furry has an average length but a huge true mushroom head that stretches my ass good.  We went at it for a good 10 minutes before he called a truce.  He is always reluctant to cum in my ass, which is annoying, but you take the good with the bad.

So then I went downstairs to sit in the hot tub and steamroom for a few minutes.  I talked to Oh God He’s Hot in the steamroom and he invited some BBC back to his room for a blow and go.  I then sat in the hot tub and chatted with this latin guy who we’ll call “Little English” because he clearly speaks enough English to say fuck me please, but not enough to be polite.  Shrug.

On the way back up I encountered this beefy Asian/Latin looking guy wearing what looked like a nitegown.  Eyeroll!  Please, if you are going to a bathhouse at least be wearing a towel and nothing more.  Fetishwear is okay, but for crying out loud, WTF is with wearing a nightgown top?  Funny thing is about 5 minutes later he was poking Little English.  That lasted all of 3 or 4 minutes before Little English took off like a cat who’s tail had been stepped on.  Asian Dress came out of the dark space they had been in and went to walk past me.  It was a tight squeeze where I was standing and he stopped behind me and started to push his cock against my ass.  Fine with me, I don’t need to be asked twice.  I motioned over to where I could bend over and he happily followed and started fucking me.  His cock was probably 7 long but crooked.  I swear it had two bends in it like some sort of water finding stick.  He wasn’t content to fuck me with it, he had to move it around like he was trying to find something in my ass.  No wonder Little English didn’t care for it.  The whole time he is starting to pound my ass some fluffy white guy with a beard comes in and motions to him and looks at me and walks out.  Finally the 3rd time he followed Fluffy beard out like a lost dog.  Sometimes I just smile and don’t ask any questions.

I went back to my post and didn’t wait long before a black guy with a thug cock and dreadlocks came by.  He almost fucked Little English and decided to squeeze by me instead.  Like Asian Dress he stopped behind me and decided to feel my ass up.  I quickly invited him over to the public fuck space where I could bend over.  He wasted no time and before long had stuffed his 8.5″ thick cock up my ass and was stretching it good.  He was doing what I call sprint fucking where he fucks quick for a few minutes and then pauses, probably to edge.  He was fucking me hard and I started to mutter things to egg him on.  I am sometimes an aggressive bottom that will talk shit, and the voice came out and got loud enough for him to hear.  Meanwhile this other bottom was next to us hoping to get leftovers and listening to me egg this top guy on.  I was telling him, oh yea, fuck that hole….. use it.  Which escalated to rape my ass, breed my ass, use it.  After a bit he decided to roll me over and started banging me good.  He was really getting into it and so was I.  I held my legs up and let him have at it which I normally don’t do.  After about 5 minutes of this he shot a huge 2 or 3 squirt load in my ass and then just froze for a couple of minutes.  I squeezed his cock a couple of times and made him jump a little bit.  I thanked him for the load and he said no problem and told everyone else watching what a good fucking ass I had.  🙂

I made a couple of laps around the floor before returning to wait and decide if I was gonna call it a night or not.  I love walking around and feeling a big thick load in me and feeling it ooze out a little.  I ran into cock number 4 who is someone I’ve done several times but not lately.  He felt my ass and noticed it was lubey/cummy and asked if I wanted more.  I replied, Kitty is always hungry, let’s go.  He bent me over and started banging my hole.  He’s a Asian American guy with probably a 7 inch average cock.  He’s a good fuck but never cums in my ass which always annoys me.  Tonight was no exception.  He was churning Dreadfuck’s load in my ass and it was oozing out and getting sloppy.  After about 10 minutes he stopped and complained he was getting close.  I reminded him that kitty was hungry and I love getting bred and want his load.  At which point he jumped back in and started on it again.  After a couple of minutes he went soft and said he couldn’t…. and walked off.  I was afraid for a second that things had gotten shitty, they were certainly sloppy…. I did a finger check, nothing.  A finger check is where you get your finger wet and sniff to see if it’s nasty or not.  no odor or cummy is good.  shitty is time to bail.  I even did a towel check, because sometimes your nose gets fucked up after sniffing poppers hard.  Towel came clean, but it was definitely time to change it.

That pretty much summed up my night and I went home shortly thereafter.  Just one damn good load.  🙂

Rough Fuck Friday

Sometimes karma will spit out a favor for you.  That happened shortly after my last rant about it being dead.

One of my regulars, J, hit me up via fuckmail from my craigslist ad.  He had deleted his Grindr account, but saw my ad and wanted my ass.  I said sure, when?  He replied 20 minutes, to which I said sure, bring it, but stay out of the neighbors driveway!  lol.  I try to keep my business my business and turning around in the neighbors driveway gets their dog, deathwish, barking like a break in is going on.

While I waited on J I had a few frantic trips to the bathroom to make sure things were hosed out.  J is latino and endowed with a thick thick cock that is about 6.5 long.  It’s probably 2.5 or so across, so it’s a hefty cock on a stocky guy who isn’t afraid to get aggressive on my hole.  I really enjoy getting bred by him, he’s furry as hell, friendly, and can fuck like he’s going to shred my hole.

He managed to get here and park without me spotting him.  I glanced up from my desk and saw him walking to the door.  I quickly jumped up and scrambled to the door.  I had put my keys in so I could quickly find them when he got here.  The door doesn’t always stay closed, so I like to lock it closed behind my trick.

We walked back to my room and I closed the blinds in the doors and he pulled his trousers down.  I could tell this was going to be a transaction, a fuck and go, bang my ass – fill it with seed – wipe off and walk out.  I lubed my hole, my cock, and his cock and then turned around with a bottle of poppers in my hand.  I reminded him to let me inhale my poppers before he started stretching my hole.  He was not in the mood to wait.  It burned going in as it stretched my ass out and reminded me I was about to get fucked hard and good.  I had been wanting this all day, so I was excited.  I told him to slow down a bit and give me a chance to loosen up. He complied.  I pointed out that it was really tight today and he agreed.  The poppers were so so, so I switched bottles and made a mental note to put that bottle in recycling.  I felt a twinge of embarassment at having hastily thrown 7 bottles of opened poppers on the bed.  I wondered for a second what kind of whore he thought I was with my collection of poppers at one side and a clean hand towel on the other side.  Then my kitty sense kicked in and I didn’t give a shit what he thought.  His thick throbbing cock was balls deep in my ass and pulsing like he was ready to rape it.

The second bottle of poppers wasn’t my friend either.  Smelled like liquid skittles.  Dammit, I had been meaning to go through the poppers and toss the old ones.  No time like the present.  lol.  Third bottle was better and what I affectionately refer to as “warm up” poppers.  Warm up poppers loosen you up, but don’t get you dizzy.

As J started to pump my hole I snorted poppers and switched into my more aggressive self.  I was bent over the edge of the bed, he was standing behind me.  I stroked myself and told him to take my ass.  Take it he did…. in a longer than usual session he started pounding it so hard I could barely manage to open the bottle in my hand, but sniffing from it was out of the question.  I’d wind up wearing it before I’d be able to coordinate sniffing from it.  I did manage to hit the bottle while he was edging here and there, trying to resist the urge to shoot his wad in my hole.  At one point during the fuck he was hitting my prostate so hard I thought I was going to piss.  I didn’t give a shit, I was enjoying his cock in my ass.

Finally he got even more aggressive and grabbed my hips as he slammed his 250# massive body against mine, concentrating all of his effort to split me wide open with his cock.  He gets off on dirty talk and taboos.  I happily complied by telling him to rape that ass and make it his.   After a couple of minutes of this I could feel him surge and blow his wad in my ass.  We both froze for what seemed like minutes, but probably was only 30 seconds or so.  His cock pulsing inside my ass, my ass twitching to suck up all of his seed.

He then squirmed and slowly worked his cock out, surely the sensation was intense for him.  And then just as quickly as it started he was done.  He looked around sheepishly and I handed him the hand towel to use.  I muttered, “here use this.” and he wiped his cock off and tossed the towel on the nightstand.  I used the towel I had laid down to wipe my ass and reflexively checked it for shit, blood, or other unpleasantries.  I noted it was just lube and not even his wad.  Sometimes my ass will eject the whole load when a big dick pulls out.  Kittty was truly hungry tonight and kept his load.

I thanked him for coming by and walked him to the door, promptly locking it behind him.



hungry kitty

Went to midtown spa last night.  I managed to get there around 5:15.   They were running half-price rooms and it was pretty busy.  The clerk is new and semi-clueless.  Nice guy, nice to look at, but inexperienced.

After I managed to get checked in I went upstairs.  I need to piss like a racehorse and almost ran over a really hot black guy when I walked out of my room.  Never saw him again, which was a shame because I wanted his seed in my ass.

I wound up wandering around for a bit and hooked up with this sexy salt and pepper guy.  We went to my room and started making out and he had a nice hard, throbbing average cock.  A sexy furry chest.  Very much an accountant gone bad type of guy.  Unfortunately, he struck out when he wanted to use a condom.  Condoms tear up my ass and deny kitty of getting bred.  Rather than leave right away he decided to stand there and jack off in front of me.   What a waste.  No big deal, he seemed to have some hangups around kissing etc.

I went back out and it seems like everyone had left in the ten minutes that it took sexy stud to jack off in my room.  Grr, after wandering around I ran into a semi-regular latino guy.  He has a nice cock and agreed to find me in a few minutes and fuck me.  Sure enough I found him upstairs about 5 minutes later and we went to his room.  He was a little rougher than I like and kept pushing and pulling me while he was fucking me.  Dammit, just stick it in and then pound that ass…. no need to try and move my body around while you do it.  On the bright side he bred my hole.

I saw some really nice, thick, juicy black dick but none of it was interested.  One stocky guy with what looked like a 10 inch cock was interested, but he mainly wanted his cock sucked.  A couple of times he talked about being tempted to fuck me…. but then he started going on about “if I was clean” in the maze area.  Um, okay ignorant bitch…. if you wanna know my status ask…. if you ask if I’m clean the answer is yes, I hosed out before I came up here…. duh!

Yes, that is one of my pet peeves…. no big deal it was a slow night overall.  For that matter it’s been slow lately.    Adam4Adam has been producing some good hits today…. One is close by and the other is coming to Houston soon.  The coming to Houston is from New York, reddish/blond, young, and promises to breed my hole often.  Yum!

Kitty got fed at lunch, twice

A repeat stud from Grindr hit me up this morning.  I was able to work him in at lunch.  Definitely not a dissappointment.  9 inches, thick and very well built.  Most of the black guys I’ve hooked up with are not that into kissing.  This guy likes to and is good at it.

So the hookup started with making out, and then me sucking him nice and fully hard.  He stripped off his shirt and tossed it on the bed as I tried to bury my nose in his bush.  He put his big hands on the back of my head and worked his cock deep into my throat telling me how he was going to wreck my pussy the whole time.

I asked if he was ready to fuck and if I could ride it and he said sure.  He layed back on the bed and I climbed on him and we made out a bit before I grabbed the shaft of his manhood.  I took a deep hit on my poppers and then slide my tight ass down on his shaft stretching it and making it burn a bit from the size of his cock.  I immediately realized it was a tad too much too fast so I slid off of him.  I kept making out with him and talking shit a bit before trying again to work his cock deep into my hole.

Try two was more successful and I managed to get him balls deep before he started pumping my hole from under me.  I leaned back and felt him slip all the way into my ass.  My ass was now fully down against his pubes and I started to rock and bounce and pump his cock in and out of my hole.  He put his big hands on my waist and I grabbed his well built arms and used them as leverage to ride his cock.

After a few minutes he needed to be in control and to dominate my hole.  First he slid me to the edge of the bed, on my back.  He slowly penetrated me and then started to pound me as I resisted the urge to scratch the fuck out of his back.  He plowed me for a few minutes and then growled at me to flip my ass over.  He positioned me in what I call downward dog as it’s close to the yoga pose by the same name.  I hit my poppers and knew I was about to get my hole wrecked.  He did not disappoint and pushed his cock against my hole before pushing intently inside me.  His thick shaft stretched my hole and I could feel him all the way inside me.  He was horned up by now and decided to start holding my hips while banging my hole.

He tried to edge by stopping for a minute and I was enjoying it too much so I started rocking back against him and working his cock.  That was too much for him so he took control and started pounding my hole until he shot his load deep in my ass.

We paused and just sat there for what seemed like forever, but was probably just a minute.  Then I pulled him down on top of me and just laid under him with his thick meat still stretching my ass.  It was a big turn on knowing his seed was way up in my ass.

After a few minutes he slipped out and stood up.  As he was cleaning off we made the requisite small talk.  I told him he needed to fuck me more regularly.  I told him it would be hot for him to spend the night, but that I might wake up and suck him hard and jump that cock.  This naughty chat got him hard again and I inquired if kitty could have another load.  He said sure and so I lubed him up, before lubing my ass and spinning around.  I bent over the edge of the bed and hit my poppers.  He hesitated as he slowly put it in and I told him to shove it in and use that ass like he wanted to wreck it.  He sped up and slid it in and started pounding my hole, shaking my entire body as he slammed his dick into my ass.  He shot after about 7 minutes and convulsed each time as he injected a load of his seed into my hungry and willing hole.

Afterwards we cleaned up and he got dressed and went to work out.

Definitely a great lunch fuck.