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Things done on a regular basis for prep or cleanup

Brown Bottles in a Brown Box

Those of you who read regularly know I ordered some poppers from last week.  I was really pleased when they showed up in the mail.  Now, I hate that they use fucking styrofoam peanuts which seem to go everywhere but in the trash……but the order arrived with no issues.

I can’t help but think they are new to this because they don’t bag anything…. they just toss it in the box with peanuts.  This makes it a PITA to fish the bottles out of the foam.  Sigh.

On the bright side, I ordered 10 bottles and received 13.  I always enjoy getting more than I bargained for.  I’m really fond of their 5ml bottles which are 5 for $22.  They do $6 flat rate shipping and there are no stupid labels.  The bottles are pretty easy to open and their stuff is so much nicer than everywhere else I’ve ordered from.

Hungry Kitty

Horny as usual.  Decided to go out tonight and see if I can get a load or three.

Tonight’s recipe for success starts with a couple of immodiums followed by douching with a kleanstream hose attachment in the shower.  The immodium stops the intestine and keeps things clean for a good 6 to 8 hours.  Otherwise when you clean out, your intestines would pull a next-in-line act and things might still get shitty.

There is nothing worse than getting some good dick and having it quit because things got shitty.  Shit is a normal natural human condition, and it is in your ass.  News flash, if you fuck ass you will eventually get shit.  I think part of being a good bottom is getting squeaky clean.

A happy kitty is a clean kitty…. feed the kitty lots of cum.  I’ll post an update after my adventures and update my success or failure.  I’m going to go to one of two places.  Midtowne or a “porn theater”.  The baths are clean and there is usually a good mix of dick.  Of course Thursday is hit or miss…. sometimes it’s busy and sometimes it’s not.  The bookstore/theater was fun the one time I tried it a couple of weeks ago.