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Using an Intel NUC or Amazon Fire Stick to Play porn

Oh admit it freaks, you wanna watch porn on that giant widescreen in your bedroom.

The Amazon Firestick is okay at this… but some websites are better than others.  Xtube and Xhamster work okay.  Pornhub does not.  Not at all.  The fucking firestick shuts down after a few minutes.

So I happened to have an extra Intel NUC laying around.  These are tiny cube computers that Intel makes.  The one I have has a dual core Atom processor which is about as worthless as tits on a barbie doll.  It’s slow and unresponsive.  One thing it’s designed for is playing videos and surfing the internet.

That’s a good thing because it handles the porn sites just fine and full screen makes it almost like playing a DVD.

It beats the hell out of trying to stream from your phone.  lol.  That isn’t worth a shit.