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Random thoughts and venting


Despite being a seed seeker for a while now…. I still haven’t figured out why you can get fucked all day long some days and other days nobody can be bothered.

Today is one of those no dick no where days.  It’s a great day for it.  First it’s Friday and work is quiet on Fridays.  I get to work from home and there isn’t a whole lot to do other than clean out email and decompress.  It of course gives me time to think which is an important aspect of work.  My roommate has to work today, so that’s perfect.  I have the house to myself and can prowl for cock and contemplate my hole dripping with seed from guys strange and familiar.

The journey to sniffing poppers and getting pounded isn’t so simple.  It starts with deciding that I’m going to get fucked and then taking a couple of hours to clean out my ass with a hose.  About an hour into the process I normally take a couple of generic immodium (loperamide).  It makes it possible to get porno clean, which makes for nice uncomplicated sex.  Nothing is worse than shitty sex, literally.  Ah first world gay fucking problems.  So the immodium stops your intestines from continuing to flush poo towards your asshole.  It’s more or less harmless if you take a dose.  Don’t be stupid and do it over and over again.  But shutting down the shits for 12 hours while you get banged isn’t going to hurt anything.  Things return to normal for me about 18 to 20 hours later and by the following day (40+ hours) I’m spitting out thick solid turds.  Staying regular is an important part of anal health.

And of course finding some dick…..Grindr, A4A, BBRTS, and Craigslist are all fucking dead.  Dammit!  A few flakey hits, but nothing threatening to wreck my hole.  It’s frustrating.  Kitty is hungry for some dick and seed!  This week has been off anyway.  I went out Monday night and it was a utter waste of my time.  Wednesday wasn’t any better.  I managed to find time to go out on Wednesday and while I did get fucked it wasn’t anything magical.

Sometimes you get fucked and it’s almost a religious experience that rocks you to the core of your soul.  That’s the kind of sex that is amazing and enjoyable.

I’m beginning to think I need to do some sex tourism….. where I go out of town for the weekend with the express intent of getting my hole banged.  I’ll have to see what I can cum up with.

hungry kitty

Went to midtown spa last night.  I managed to get there around 5:15.   They were running half-price rooms and it was pretty busy.  The clerk is new and semi-clueless.  Nice guy, nice to look at, but inexperienced.

After I managed to get checked in I went upstairs.  I need to piss like a racehorse and almost ran over a really hot black guy when I walked out of my room.  Never saw him again, which was a shame because I wanted his seed in my ass.

I wound up wandering around for a bit and hooked up with this sexy salt and pepper guy.  We went to my room and started making out and he had a nice hard, throbbing average cock.  A sexy furry chest.  Very much an accountant gone bad type of guy.  Unfortunately, he struck out when he wanted to use a condom.  Condoms tear up my ass and deny kitty of getting bred.  Rather than leave right away he decided to stand there and jack off in front of me.   What a waste.  No big deal, he seemed to have some hangups around kissing etc.

I went back out and it seems like everyone had left in the ten minutes that it took sexy stud to jack off in my room.  Grr, after wandering around I ran into a semi-regular latino guy.  He has a nice cock and agreed to find me in a few minutes and fuck me.  Sure enough I found him upstairs about 5 minutes later and we went to his room.  He was a little rougher than I like and kept pushing and pulling me while he was fucking me.  Dammit, just stick it in and then pound that ass…. no need to try and move my body around while you do it.  On the bright side he bred my hole.

I saw some really nice, thick, juicy black dick but none of it was interested.  One stocky guy with what looked like a 10 inch cock was interested, but he mainly wanted his cock sucked.  A couple of times he talked about being tempted to fuck me…. but then he started going on about “if I was clean” in the maze area.  Um, okay ignorant bitch…. if you wanna know my status ask…. if you ask if I’m clean the answer is yes, I hosed out before I came up here…. duh!

Yes, that is one of my pet peeves…. no big deal it was a slow night overall.  For that matter it’s been slow lately.    Adam4Adam has been producing some good hits today…. One is close by and the other is coming to Houston soon.  The coming to Houston is from New York, reddish/blond, young, and promises to breed my hole often.  Yum!

Struck out at Grandmas

I went out last night prowling for dick and seed.  It was fairly busy.  Midtown was doing their half price rooms for $10.  Monday is usually just busy enough to get fucked but not too busy that people go into StupidMode®.  StupidMode® is where everyone stops hooking up because they think something hotter, tighter, better is just around the corner.

Last night was festive, lots of BBC and YHC running around.  BBC is big black cock and YHC is Young Hot Cock which coincidentally is usually Young Hispanic Cock.  lol.  Unfortunately it was black on black night where most of the black guys there were overtly racist or closet racists.  Some will tell you straight up they are only into other black guys…. others will tell you they don’t discriminate, but then you see them only hit on black guys….. WTF.  I’m here to fuck, not walk down the aisle.

I did manage to chat with a couple of guys.  A really hot furry daddy was chatty, but then when I asked him straight up if he wanted to fuck he wanted to chill for a few.  Whatever.  I ran across a furry latino top from last week and he had the same reaction.  And one of my regulars wouldn’t give me the time of day.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what bait you throw out, you ain’t gonna catch any fish.  Last night was one of those nights.  Decided to go get some BBQ and call it a night.

Here’s a pic to enjoy….. my hole getting bred by a big black cock

big black dick
My tight ass getting wrecked by a big black top.

Dark seed again

Scored a hot black guy on this afternoon.  That site is very hit or miss for me.    Didn’t realize he was a repeat from the past.  Lots of fun and a great fuck.  15 minutes start to finish.  Meow.

While I was waiting on him to come over I got hit up on grindr by a “DL” white guy.  He wanted me to be blindfolded and bent over when he walked in.  This can be kind of hot, but I had to tell him not right now because I had another guy coming over.  At this point he proceeded to lecture me on how nasty it is to fuck an asshole after some other guy has fucked it.  Sigh.  Really?  My hole with a load in it is probably still cleaner than his.  I wonder what he tells his wife or girlfriend or boyfriend?  Yes, DL hypocrits are one of my pet peeves.  Be a man if you are going to fuck ass.   I don’t need to know your business and you don’t need to judge mine.