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Looking for dick

Struck out at Grandmas

I went out last night prowling for dick and seed.  It was fairly busy.  Midtown was doing their half price rooms for $10.  Monday is usually just busy enough to get fucked but not too busy that people go into StupidMode®.  StupidMode® is where everyone stops hooking up because they think something hotter, tighter, better is just around the corner.

Last night was festive, lots of BBC and YHC running around.  BBC is big black cock and YHC is Young Hot Cock which coincidentally is usually Young Hispanic Cock.  lol.  Unfortunately it was black on black night where most of the black guys there were overtly racist or closet racists.  Some will tell you straight up they are only into other black guys…. others will tell you they don’t discriminate, but then you see them only hit on black guys….. WTF.  I’m here to fuck, not walk down the aisle.

I did manage to chat with a couple of guys.  A really hot furry daddy was chatty, but then when I asked him straight up if he wanted to fuck he wanted to chill for a few.  Whatever.  I ran across a furry latino top from last week and he had the same reaction.  And one of my regulars wouldn’t give me the time of day.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what bait you throw out, you ain’t gonna catch any fish.  Last night was one of those nights.  Decided to go get some BBQ and call it a night.

Here’s a pic to enjoy….. my hole getting bred by a big black cock

big black dick
My tight ass getting wrecked by a big black top.

Hungry Kitty

Horny as usual.  Decided to go out tonight and see if I can get a load or three.

Tonight’s recipe for success starts with a couple of immodiums followed by douching with a kleanstream hose attachment in the shower.  The immodium stops the intestine and keeps things clean for a good 6 to 8 hours.  Otherwise when you clean out, your intestines would pull a next-in-line act and things might still get shitty.

There is nothing worse than getting some good dick and having it quit because things got shitty.  Shit is a normal natural human condition, and it is in your ass.  News flash, if you fuck ass you will eventually get shit.  I think part of being a good bottom is getting squeaky clean.

A happy kitty is a clean kitty…. feed the kitty lots of cum.  I’ll post an update after my adventures and update my success or failure.  I’m going to go to one of two places.  Midtowne or a “porn theater”.  The baths are clean and there is usually a good mix of dick.  Of course Thursday is hit or miss…. sometimes it’s busy and sometimes it’s not.  The bookstore/theater was fun the one time I tried it a couple of weeks ago.