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Looking for dick

SW Flight 69 and the Rapist who likes to use the N Word

Sometimes Grindr will drop me a good one.  These are the fuck notes on one such trick.

I was working Grindr like a good pig bottom and had a hit at a specific distance.  That distance generally means the Airport near my house.  No big deal, usually it’s good for some juicy pics of something I’ll never get.  Turned out this one was BBC headed out for work and would be back Saturday.  We chatted it up and he promised to come over and rape me when he got back on Saturday.

Yea right!  If I had $1 for everyone who promised to fuck me…… I could buy a Senator!  Except we call that Campaign Contributions… whatever.

So Saturday he hits me up and sure enough I manage to get my hole 98% clean by the appointed time of 9pm.  I really enjoy an on-time fuck.  We agreed to a dim room and he’d walk in and fuck me.  Sure enough he did.  He stripped down, got hard, lubed up and proceeded to try and tear my ass up.  Nice cock, no complaints about the 2% that wasn’t squeaky clean.  A little slapping, hair pulling and lots of pounding.

One surprising thing is he kept growling “Take this N Dick white boy”.  That is different.  I’ve never had that word brought up in sex.  One of my Latin buddies who likes big dick of any flavor likes to ask me if I “get any N Dick lately?”.  I always chide him for his language and then gossip about where I’m getting it and he tells me what he’s getting.

Like most tops he was done in 5 to 10 minutes.  He left, I got in the shower and finished cleaning out.

I find it hard to sexualize the N word.  It has too much baggage and I just leave it the fuck alone.  It’s hard enough to be a white bottom who likes black dick and not be seen as some sort of inverted racist.  No need to juggle explosive words while navigating the mine field of inter-racial sex.

One of my repeat BBC tricks got really offended the one time I brought it up.  I had used it in a reverse negative sentence and he went off on me.  A reverse negative is “It’s not like I’m Ronald McDonald’s fuck-bitch.”  I’ll let you imagine what I might have said.  I promise it was not intended to be racist but that’s a touchy word.

I always like clear rules in communication.  Makes for easier expectation management.  I’m on the fence if I’m gonna fuck him again.  It was not the best sex.  Really good sex is fluid and passionate.  I honestly thought he was someone else at first and only at the last second did I realize who it was.  #Slut  lol.  I had cleaned out preparing for a really well hung guy and so I was not expecting a nice 8 inch cock.

Til next fuck….

North Houston Bookstore Survey

Last week I decided to check out the bookstores on I-45 North.  I went in all of them on Thursday and Friday evening.

Here is what I found:

There is a bookstore located in the shopping center at approximately 11471 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060.  I did not go in there because it looked dead.  It was located next to a Titty Bar and a Mexican Restaurant.  The odds of finding BBC there were pretty low.  PASS

There is a Katz’s  but it does not appear to have an arcade.  I skipped it.  It’s next door to Tool Club.

10206 N Freeway – 24 / 7 Video.  Seems to be run by the same folks who own the one on 290 and the one in SE Houston.  Pretty damn clean for one of their locations.  But dead.  I went in to check it out anyhow.  One pudgy Mexican guy.  Clerk was polite.  Seemed like there was a homeless person camping in there as well.  They have video of the parking lot, which I always appreciate.  Several booths were locked.  Several others had missing doors.  There were paper towels in a dispenser in the arcade.  The bathroom was clean and stocked, but had a sign not to flush paper…. ick.  Big arcade with at least 20 booths, lots of potential.    I checked this out again late Friday night and parking was empty.  Not sure how they make money.

8920 N Freeway – Video Store.  Seems to be related to the Gifts & More in SW Houston.  Same paint scheme.  Very clean.  Crappy video quality.  Bathroom does not lock.  There were a couple of Mexicans there when I was there… .nothing I’d fuck.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll ride big latin dick.  I just don’t do little pokers!  Polite attendant and overall nice store.  There is a “Spa” aka whore house next door.  Saw another fat Mexican pissing in the parking lot as I was leaving.  Really hot… NOT.

7720 N. Shepherd.  I-45 24/7 Video.  This is a big sleazy, dirty bookstore.  Booths are torn up, buttons hardly work, speakers are fucked up.  Ice Cold AC, Bathroom lock is backwards.  Toilet paper present.  Went in on Thursday and it was dead.  Went back Friday and it was busy…. tired queens, scary CD’s, and a couple of older black guys.  Had to wake the attendant up Friday.  He was fast asleep.  lol.  Parking lot has huge potholes and there was someone sitting in the same car both nights in the parking lot.  Lots of fun could be had here with the right crowd.  I get the anything goes vibe from them.

Houston 420 – 4121 N Freeway.  Never saw any cars there.  Google has busy data on it…. suggests it should have been hopping.  The other 420 locations are anything goes.

That’s about it.  Did not find any hot action but there are some promising places to follow up on.

Adam4Adam deleted again

I decided to delete Adam4Adam again.  This is the second time I’ve given up trying to get laid on that site.  I’ve concluded that nobody is really hooking up there anymore.

Oddly enough, craigslist is still very productive.  Grindr is hit or miss these days.  Some days Grindr is like a fucking customer service counter at Walmart.  A line of people waiting to tear my ass up.  Other days it’s like a ghost town.

Dallas CumUnion Party sucks

The Dallas CumUnion party had a nice crowd, about 80 guys tonight… but the venue just sucks ass.  Some of the staff is friendly, but most of them are asses.  The party is held at the Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts which is a nice leather venue for S&M and Leather folks.  It is sorely lacking for a gay sex party though.

First it has 2 toilets.  Yes, 2 toilets.  So there is always a line to take a piss.  There are no showers and the sinks are in with the toilets…. so at a ass fuck fest this creates a poor hygiene situation.

To make up for this the venue distributes 3M paper towels throughout the facility.  In jest I call them 3M.  Reality is that they are probably Member’s Mark, aka Sam’s cheapest paper towels.  There is nothing like wiping lube or shit off of your private parts with coarse paper towels.  Scratch Scratch.

For the first hour or so they had too many lights on.  They walked around and unscrewed some which helped.  For me, the crowd just wasn’t friendly.  A couple of people said hi, but most people kept to themselves.  The guys I was interested in were not interested in me.  Shrug.

There were a couple of hot tops, but the problem is that there were literally a few hot tops. They were jumping from ass to ass without going to wash up first.  Maybe I am having a bad night, but I feel like a top who has dicked 5 other random bottoms dicking me is a great way to catch any STD those other 5 bottoms or that top have.  I just don’t want to get 2 shots a week for the next 3 weeks at my doctor’s office.  Yuck.

There is no privacy, anywhere.  So if you are fucking a hot guy or getting fucked by one you are guaranteed someone not so hot is going to come run their hands over both of you and try to weasel in.

I think the party would be far more successful at a bathhouse like Club Dallas.  It has showers, private spaces, a wonderful pool, lockers,  At least there people could wash up, find some privacy to hook up with a hot guy, and engage in group if they want an audience or random guys jumping in.

So after 2 hours of chatting with a couple of guys and waiting to be noticed I decided to leave.  I came back to my hotel room, ordered pizza and got on Grindr.  Within 5 minutes I had 3 messages and cock pics being sent to me from guys I would actually let fuck me.  Bonus, Grinder didn’t charge $30 to get in.  So once I finish my pizza I’ll let dessert come fuck my ass!

Dallass trip Feb 2017

I always enjoy combining pleasure with work.  The opportunity arose this week with a trade show I wanted to go to in Dallas.  I booked into the Best Western Market Center which is a cheap, quiet motel that is great for tricks.  It’s close enough to the gayborhood and there are lots of other nearby hotels.  🙂

I got in late Thursday night and cleaned out.  I had posted to Craigslist and those turned into flakes.  It was not off to a good start when I realized the heat in my room was not working.

The front desk was nice and offered to move me to a room.  I took advantage of the opportunity and insisted they move me from the 3 story tower to the 2 story rooms in the back that open onto the parking lot.  🙂  I went from a nice double queen room with lots of space to a cramped King size room with hardly any space.

I wasted no time in having my first cock.  A 30 something black guy with an average cock.  He came over and came and went.  I then had another guy cum over….. followed by another.  Neither of these were worth writing home about.  The last one was fucking fantastic though.  6 foot 175 black, and a solid thick 9 inch cock.  He was very talented with it and proceeded to pound my ass in several positions before he shot his load deep in my ass.

In the morning I had another trick, and then this evening I had two average sized tricks.

I’ve cleaned out and am just killing time now.  My next objective is the party at 10am at the Sanctuary.  I half thought about staying in and playing on the internet.  Then I realized that would have defeated the purpose of staying a second night.  So I decided to go get some dick and enjoy the rides.  I had an okay time in July when I went.  The venue staff is a bit awkward.  A bathhouse would be a far better place for the party with showers, toilets, towels and the ability to escape from aggressive guys who don’t understand the word “NO”.


Double dick delight

Today was a typical Friday up until about noon when I had two offers of dick.  Of course I said yes to both.  They arrived within minutes of each other and I wound up getting tag teamed by a pair of black guys.  Both bred my hole and then took off.  Quite a bit of fun.  🙂

Monster cock

I went to Club Houston last night.  The crowd was light…. but I hooked up with this young thin black guy who had a 11″+ cock.  A tad too big for me to really enjoy, but he was a good fuck.

Didn’t see anything particularly exciting after that.

Dreary weather and bad hunting

Today was pretty dreary weather…… did manage to get a big load from a nice thick regular cock before heading to Club Houston this evening.  Club Houston was busy…. but a dull crowd.

Interestingly when I got there they had the “No Rooms” sign up.  As usual a 5 minute wait would get me a room.  When I got upstairs there were a few open rooms that the attendant was busily cleaning.  I didn’t think anything of it.  When I left I swear there were 7 empty rooms and he was cleaning them fast.  The same sign was up, forcing a couple of guys to wait.  I wonder if this is a half-price night marketing tactic to make people think it’s slammed.  hmmmm.  No loads while I was there.  Saw a couple of nice cocks on black guys, but the rest of the crowd was pretty unremarkable.  I was sleepy and hungry so I said the hell with it and left.

Back to basics

No surprise, I have been busy with life and not able to post as much as I would like.  I’ve been making sure Kitty gets a full diet of cock and seed.

Had a minor setback last month.  Routine testing showed I had been exposed to syphillus.  So a series of shots were in order at my Doctor’s office.  Nothing like having a golf ball injected in your ass cheek.  Seriously, it’s a painful shot.  It comes with territory of hooking up and that is why I test for it regularly and treat it if it shows up.

I drove by Midtowne on August 1st and noticed it was still open.  I didn’t have time to go in, was cutting through the midtown district on the way to the dentist.

Of notable review – I’ve had some fantastic sex at Club Houston.  Tuesdays are hit or miss.  Wednesday after Nude Yoga is usually fun.  Thursday is normally pretty good.  Friday is a fantastic fuck day.

Club Houston runs half price rooms Tuesday and Friday from 4-7:45pm.  Wednesday is half price lockers.  Nothing magical on Thursdays.  I go because my schedule puts me in that area each week and it’s a good opportunity.

I hope to get back into the swing of writing stories soon.  I have some great ones to tell that incorporate tricks I’ve had lately.  🙂

Here’s a teaser:

French Fuck – a tale of a 30 something French hottie

Taylor time – a steamroom hookup

David goes deep – a 9 inch black stud who propositioned me.  It was a grower not a shower.


Fucktivities and recent adventures

I’ve been busy lately so I have not had time to blog about my adventures and seedings.  I’ll try to catch it up a bit here.

Club Houston is very hit or miss.  I’ve basically stopped going to MidTowne Spa.  Midtowne is closing and the AC is hit or miss and the crowd is iffy.  When I say iffy, I mean sometimes there is a crowd and sometimes there isn’t.

Club Houston has a better looking crowd, sometimes they wanna play, and sometimes you feel like Casper the 200 pound ghost.  Whatever.  If you don’t put your line in the water you surely won’t catch any fish.

I have had some good dick and some good-enough dick there lately.

On the good dick side, I ran into a French guy with a furry chest and an 8 inch cock…. oh my he was fantastic.  Very sensual and a good fuck.  It was a nice change.

I also ran into a nice monster dick on an older white guy.  He plowed my hole good before filling it with his creamy load.

I got bred in the maze area once by another guy.

I’ve enjoyed their Wednesday Nude Yoga a couple of times.  Did some private moves with a hot guy who had been staring at my ass the whole yoga session.  That was enlightening to say the least.  The instructor is really nice to look at too.  Pretty sure I’m not his type, but hell that isn’t going to stop me from looking.

There are some things I’ll miss about Midtowne.  It’s more of a neighborhood bar feel.  Everyone is there to fuck for the most part and it’s no-nonsense and not timid.

Club Houston is more like a fancy meat market.  Everyone is there looking for the right piece of meat.  Most of them would just assume go hungry if they don’t see it.  Many of the guys have body-shame and modesty issues that they haven’t overcome yet.  It’s really obvious when they walk around hiding under their towel.  Come on guys, we all have a dick and we are all there to suck one.  While yours might be nice I promise we have all seen one like it.

Oh there was a Tuesday night where I ran into some young early 30’s late 20’s white guys in the pool.  We chatted a bit and then I ran into them in the maze.  They had one of the guys in the sling with another holding a towel over his eyes while the rest took turns breeding him.  That was a hot fucking scene.

I’ll try to get back into the habit of blogging more regularly and writing stories again.  🙂