been a long long time

Sigh. Fuck Covid, fuck monkeypox. I feel like someone foreclosed on my sex life without the courtesy of a reach around or a kiss. I’ve neglected writing for a while and am currently in self-imposed exile to avoid unpleasant or lethal diseases.

Really it’s not correct to say I’m not writing, I’m just writing more lucrative things than smut. But I don’t post here to talk about work. This is about the gritty nasty sex life that I used to enjoy.

I took a trip recently. If I said where I went or what I was doing it would be too much information of a sensitive nature, so I’ll just suffice to say it was a gay group doing something in the outdoors. The activity requires being paired with someone and I was paired with a nice man who was 12 years older than me. Needless to say he lives in a different part of the country and is probably wildly sexually incompatible. But there was something there, something about him was quite nice and attractive. I’ve seen that a few times before and never quite understood what it was, just someone who clicked.

My first lover had that.. and remained special until he gave up and blew his brains out because he couldn’t handle his combat PTSD issues. Mind you, that was not on my watch… we broke up a long long time ago. That was disappointing, but we all have the power to choose an exit. I still miss his conversations. I’ve only seen it one, no two other times. This thing where someone just feels like they belong with you. It wasn’t the kind of trip organized around sex. Sex would be awkward anyway…. if the water isn’t fit to drink I’m sure as hell not spraying it up my ass to clean out. Besides, he said he was verse which is code for I’ll be the top in public and the bottom in bed. lol. Nonetheless, their remained this connection there. He would wink at me here and there. I think it started out innocently, but these kinds of things are rarely one sided. I’m certain he had some sort of attraction as well. The touches that did happen had a feel to them, whether it was me rubbing his shoulders or vice versa. When it was time for me to leave for the airport I gave him a hug which was quite nice and quite warm.

I held off texting for a couple of days. I learned a long time ago that long distance doesn’t work where relationships are concerned. At least not without a finite exit plan. Each of us is rather entrenched in where we live, for better or worse. I’m also not a fan of imported dick. What comes can go. But god damn, where do you meet people you might want to date? Houston is full of folks that just don’t have any sizzle for me. Oh yea, meeting him sort of got me thinking that maybe it’s time to put away my slut shoes and date someone. What with COVID and then Monkeypox the free agent wild pussy days may need to come to a close. Monkeypox is going to be messy. The CDC is trying, but bitches be out there breeding ass like there is no tomorrow.

Anyhow, I’ve also wondered if this site has not run it’s course. Everything, and everyone has a beginning and an end. This site was originally an exercise in smut writing to see if I could compile enough material for a book. The book was published and has done okay, although getting bitches to leave a review on Amazon is tough. Except for the one bitch who clearly didn’t read the book because he bitched that it was all about 9 inch black dick destroying white ass…. (Yes please). He left the book a 1 star review, but aside from that I’ve sold a few hundred copies, which warms my cunt.

I turned XX recently. The number is classified, but definitely old by gay standards. It’s gotten me to thinking I really should be dating someone. That’s all I have to share for the moment. I think it’s time to write another book, but it’s probably not going to be a smut title this time.