Bed Breaker

All I could hear was the droning of the cheap mini-split Air Conditioner in my bedroom.  It was pitch black and I was laying face down on the bed.  I had lubed my ass and hit my poppers good and hard.

My hole was twitching a little.  I knew this guy was big and good.  He was very muscular and didn’t talk much.  He was the poster child for big black dick on a hot man.  I had played with him once before but wasn’t able to take him all the way.  He was probably a bit over 10 inches and 4.5 wide.  Huge by my white boy standards.

Fortunately I had gotten better about hosing my ass out.  I had found a Klean Stream attachment on Amazon and was able to thoroughly clean my ass out.  I also had a secret weapon this time.  I had a couple of hydrocodone 5/325’s left over from a dental procedure.

He had hit me up via email earlier in the evening and offered to come over about 10.  I said sure and began the process of getting ready.  At about 9:30 I took both of my leftover pills, hoping they would numb my ass up good before he fucked me.

I heard a noise outside and realized he was bringing his bike up onto my deck.  The deal we had was that I would be naked, lubed, and face down ass up.  He would let himself in and use my hole.  As the door opened I hit my poppers deep and hard.

Without saying a word he climbed on top of me and lubed his dick.  He put his cock against my ass and tried to put it in.  Nothing.  My ass wasn’t opening up.  He told me to open up.  My ass wasn’t cooperating.

I suggested letting me sit on it.  That had worked last time and was easier with a big dick.  He said “ok.” We swtiched positions in the dark.  I lubed his cock and snorted my poppers before positioning myself over his towering cock.  I slowly worked my ass onto the head of his cock.  It felt like a totem pole going into me.  I was sure this was going to rip me.  It hurt like hell at first, but then slowly my hole relaxed.  I eased down onto his cock wondering how it would feel when it was all the way inside me.  It filled me up completely.  Oddly it was turning me on to have this giant black manhood inside my ass.  I was fully erect as I sat on him.  Normally getting fucked made me go limp.  But something about this muscular stud with his 10inch dick being inside me was turning me on.

As I managed to get all the way down on his shaft he reached up and grabbed me with his huge hands.  He was probably 6’4″ and 250# to my 5’10” and 185#.  He pulled me down to him and kissed me.  Oh wow this was hot.  And then he started to slowly pump me from underneath.  Easing in and out of my tight hole and making out with me while he did it.  After a few minutes he told me to lay down face down ass up again.

He maneuvered behind me again.  I glanced over at the clock which read 1:00am.  This time he placed his arms around me and put his cock against my ass.  He didn’t hesitate, but instead pushed his cock inside me.  God damn this hurt!  I squirmed and struggled a bit.  I told him this wasn’t going to work.  My pleas fell on deaf ears.  He held his shaft deep in my hole and held me firm against him.  After a few rounds he quietly whispered in my ear to relax and let it happen.  He told me that he was in my hole and that it was going to be his.  I had a choice in the matter.  It was my choice if I got fucked or raped.  I could keep struggling and he would rape my ass or I could stop struggling and get fucked.  I paused, completely stunned for a moment.  He was right, I didn’t have a choice in what he did.  He was totally in control.  I decided to try getting fucked, even though it felt like I was being raped.  I opened my bottle of poppers and sniffed them like it was oxygen inside that bottle.  I swore I was trying to breath through that 1/2 inch opening in the top of the bottle.

It helped a little.  After a few deep breaths I began to feel slighly dizzy and my vision narrowed a little bit.  I heard his deep gravely voice again in my ear, “Good boy, do what I tell you and service my cock right.”  I replied, “Yes sir.”  He started pumping my ass, slowly at first.  I kept hitting my poppers and strangely enjoying being thoroughly violated by this masculine sexy hot fucking man.  He kept fucking.  I glanced at the clock again, it said 1:25 now.  He had been fucking me for 25 minutes.

He was getting rougher with me and the whole bed was shaking as he slammed his cock in and out of me.  This was the hardest, roughest fuck I had ever had.  I loved it.  Then it happened.  With a tremendous crash the bed protested.  The footboard fell off the end of the bed and the whole mattress fell about 6 inches.  He didn’t let me up, but he did stop.  We both laughed a little realizing that the bed had just broken.  He said, “What now?”  I said, “Well, it’s broken and your cock has not been serviced sir, keep fucking!”

He began pounding me again.  I glanced over and realized it was 1:45 now.  After a couple of minutes I felt a change in his pace.  He seemed more tense and I wondered what was happening.  He got much rougher and harder and then slammed his cock into me and stopped.  He had been quiet up to this point, but suddenly let out a loud moan as his cock pulsed and filled me with seed.

We both laid there for what seemed like forever.  Finally he slipped back and stood up.  I offered him a towel and grabbed another towel to wipe myself off.  Without a word he wiped down and got dressed.  I started to put the bed back together, he helped me out, lifting one side so we could slide the bed frame onto the footer board.  We both smiled and laughed.

Without another word he turned around and walked out the door, shutting it behind him.