Back to basics

No surprise, I have been busy with life and not able to post as much as I would like.  I’ve been making sure Kitty gets a full diet of cock and seed.

Had a minor setback last month.  Routine testing showed I had been exposed to syphillus.  So a series of shots were in order at my Doctor’s office.  Nothing like having a golf ball injected in your ass cheek.  Seriously, it’s a painful shot.  It comes with territory of hooking up and that is why I test for it regularly and treat it if it shows up.

I drove by Midtowne on August 1st and noticed it was still open.  I didn’t have time to go in, was cutting through the midtown district on the way to the dentist.

Of notable review – I’ve had some fantastic sex at Club Houston.  Tuesdays are hit or miss.  Wednesday after Nude Yoga is usually fun.  Thursday is normally pretty good.  Friday is a fantastic fuck day.

Club Houston runs half price rooms Tuesday and Friday from 4-7:45pm.  Wednesday is half price lockers.  Nothing magical on Thursdays.  I go because my schedule puts me in that area each week and it’s a good opportunity.

I hope to get back into the swing of writing stories soon.  I have some great ones to tell that incorporate tricks I’ve had lately.  🙂

Here’s a teaser:

French Fuck – a tale of a 30 something French hottie

Taylor time – a steamroom hookup

David goes deep – a 9 inch black stud who propositioned me.  It was a grower not a shower.