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Cocksucking top

Had a nice trick in Dallas tonight. Young brother was on Grindr. I hit him up with a couple of pictures of my ass and asked if he wanted to fuck. He said sure and he’d be here in 10 min.

He wanted the room dark, always a plus. He was also into verbal and being made to suck dick. A nice twist. I told him, “Get undressed boy and suck this cock like a good bitch.” He complied in the dark. I then stepped over to him and felt him up and licked him a bit. I pushed him down and told him to suck my cock like a good boy. He obliged. I offered him some poppers and asked if he wanted to earn my load so he could get in my ass. He moaned yes and kept sucking like a good boy. After a while I pulled him off my dick and dropped down to suck his and see if the goods were as advertised. They weren’t hard, but they were definitely as advertised. A solid 9″ uncut thick black dick. Just what kitty ordered.

I sucked him for a minute and then thought to myself, what the fuck was I doing down on the filthy hotel floor? I pulled off that dick and told him to get on the bed where I could enjoy him some more. He obediently jumped on the bed and I climbed on top of him and ground my ass against his semi-erect cock while I made out with him and threatened to make him swallow my every drop. I moved over him and told him to suck that cock and started face fucking him again. I didn’t last long and shot my load down his hungry throat. He swallowed every drop and then flipped me over and proceeded to slip in my ass. Gently at first, but growing to a pounding he seemed to be seeking revenge for me making him swallow my nut. He was banging kitty like a bad stray. He fucked for a good five minutes and then shot his nut deep in my ass. As usual I performed the “finish” where I grind back on the dick and make my top moan in agony as i work another drop or three out of them.

Just that quickly he was out the door. Said he might hit it again tomorrow. Meow.

I then turned around and sent his cock pic to another top I’ve been talking to who said it would be hot if I got bred by someone else first. Told him this dick had just fucked me and bred that ass good and it was ready for him.

Ho To go

I promise I’m going to try and get back in the habit of posting. I’ve been on the road again for conferences and classes. I had a long drive through racist Texas (er Rural Texas). It’s like the BBC ends around Amarillo and isn’t seen again for a long time.

I spent the night in Albuquerque at the Rodekill Inn (Rodeway). Dirty nasty hotel with tacky management. Only nice thing was the Denny’s next door.

The night before I was at my regular favorite hotel in Dallas, the Ramada Love Field. Always lots of BBC around in the area, getting it to come fuck me is another story. Hopefully my next visit to Dallas will be better.

The drive to Albuquerque was boring. Did get some hits from Lawton, OK and will need to visit there sometime to ride that Army BBC. Got a great hit out of Lubbock and Amarillo. Planning to circle back this week and get some of that dick.

The drive from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City was uneventful. Salt Lake City should be called Salt Flake City. I was really hoping it would Some Large Cock…. but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Part of the issue is that i’m at the Hotel RL. It’s basically a fancy Red Lion. Unfortunately, they set the elevators up for card key access, so a trick can’t get in on their own. Had some great options, but they flake out at the last second.

I have some trips on the books that will take me to Biloxi and Mobile and Fort Worth where there is plenty of big black cock for my pussy to service.

SW Flight 69 and the Rapist who likes to use the N Word

Sometimes Grindr will drop me a good one.  These are the fuck notes on one such trick.

I was working Grindr like a good pig bottom and had a hit at a specific distance.  That distance generally means the Airport near my house.  No big deal, usually it’s good for some juicy pics of something I’ll never get.  Turned out this one was BBC headed out for work and would be back Saturday.  We chatted it up and he promised to come over and rape me when he got back on Saturday.

Yea right!  If I had $1 for everyone who promised to fuck me…… I could buy a Senator!  Except we call that Campaign Contributions… whatever.

So Saturday he hits me up and sure enough I manage to get my hole 98% clean by the appointed time of 9pm.  I really enjoy an on-time fuck.  We agreed to a dim room and he’d walk in and fuck me.  Sure enough he did.  He stripped down, got hard, lubed up and proceeded to try and tear my ass up.  Nice cock, no complaints about the 2% that wasn’t squeaky clean.  A little slapping, hair pulling and lots of pounding.

One surprising thing is he kept growling “Take this N Dick white boy”.  That is different.  I’ve never had that word brought up in sex.  One of my Latin buddies who likes big dick of any flavor likes to ask me if I “get any N Dick lately?”.  I always chide him for his language and then gossip about where I’m getting it and he tells me what he’s getting.

Like most tops he was done in 5 to 10 minutes.  He left, I got in the shower and finished cleaning out.

I find it hard to sexualize the N word.  It has too much baggage and I just leave it the fuck alone.  It’s hard enough to be a white bottom who likes black dick and not be seen as some sort of inverted racist.  No need to juggle explosive words while navigating the mine field of inter-racial sex.

One of my repeat BBC tricks got really offended the one time I brought it up.  I had used it in a reverse negative sentence and he went off on me.  A reverse negative is “It’s not like I’m Ronald McDonald’s fuck-bitch.”  I’ll let you imagine what I might have said.  I promise it was not intended to be racist but that’s a touchy word.

I always like clear rules in communication.  Makes for easier expectation management.  I’m on the fence if I’m gonna fuck him again.  It was not the best sex.  Really good sex is fluid and passionate.  I honestly thought he was someone else at first and only at the last second did I realize who it was.  #Slut  lol.  I had cleaned out preparing for a really well hung guy and so I was not expecting a nice 8 inch cock.

Til next fuck….

Why power bottoms don’t enjoy Methy PNP tops

I want to start off this rant by saying that I really don’t give a shit what people do.  I’m not the least bit judgemental.  If you wanna get higher than Neil Armstrong’s fart on the moon that’s between you and the dark goddess you worship.  Whether you drug of choice is Meth, Coke, Tobacco, or Alcohol…. or something else entirely… that’s your biz, not mine.

Now, that said, I’m a bottom.  That means I want dick in my ass pumping a load in.  Preferably average to big and let’s get it on donkey dong!

Nothing is quite as annoying as needing a  visit from AAA and a can of Fix-A-Flat.  If your cock can’t get hard, then Kitty is gonna be unhappy.  She ain’t AAA and she don’t have no fucking Fix-A-Flat for your limp ass cock.

So against my better judgement I decided to bring over someone who wanted to PNP.  I even Uber’d his hung dumb ass over.  Whatever, $20 in Uber is not anymore expensive than hunting him down at a bookstore.  I told him he could commune with Tina… .just in the bathroom and under the vent fan.  I don’t want that shit all over the house.  Of course than he wanted to bring over a buddy who was hung….. and another buddy.  Both of those turned out to not be hung….. typical little dick Latinos.  Small dick, uncut and unclean.  I did get a little dick from the first one, and it was a nice 10.  But 30 minutes of fucking in 6 hours is not hardly what I’d call efficient.  I finally got rid of them by saying I was hungry and wanted to go get a taco at Taco Cabana so the show was over for now, but it had been fun.

Overall it went well, but I was pretty sorely disappointed.

Using an Intel NUC or Amazon Fire Stick to Play porn

Oh admit it freaks, you wanna watch porn on that giant widescreen in your bedroom.

The Amazon Firestick is okay at this… but some websites are better than others.  Xtube and Xhamster work okay.  Pornhub does not.  Not at all.  The fucking firestick shuts down after a few minutes.

So I happened to have an extra Intel NUC laying around.  These are tiny cube computers that Intel makes.  The one I have has a dual core Atom processor which is about as worthless as tits on a barbie doll.  It’s slow and unresponsive.  One thing it’s designed for is playing videos and surfing the internet.

That’s a good thing because it handles the porn sites just fine and full screen makes it almost like playing a DVD.

It beats the hell out of trying to stream from your phone.  lol.  That isn’t worth a shit.

North Houston Bookstore Survey

Last week I decided to check out the bookstores on I-45 North.  I went in all of them on Thursday and Friday evening.

Here is what I found:

There is a bookstore located in the shopping center at approximately 11471 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060.  I did not go in there because it looked dead.  It was located next to a Titty Bar and a Mexican Restaurant.  The odds of finding BBC there were pretty low.  PASS

There is a Katz’s  but it does not appear to have an arcade.  I skipped it.  It’s next door to Tool Club.

10206 N Freeway – 24 / 7 Video.  Seems to be run by the same folks who own the one on 290 and the one in SE Houston.  Pretty damn clean for one of their locations.  But dead.  I went in to check it out anyhow.  One pudgy Mexican guy.  Clerk was polite.  Seemed like there was a homeless person camping in there as well.  They have video of the parking lot, which I always appreciate.  Several booths were locked.  Several others had missing doors.  There were paper towels in a dispenser in the arcade.  The bathroom was clean and stocked, but had a sign not to flush paper…. ick.  Big arcade with at least 20 booths, lots of potential.    I checked this out again late Friday night and parking was empty.  Not sure how they make money.

8920 N Freeway – Video Store.  Seems to be related to the Gifts & More in SW Houston.  Same paint scheme.  Very clean.  Crappy video quality.  Bathroom does not lock.  There were a couple of Mexicans there when I was there… .nothing I’d fuck.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll ride big latin dick.  I just don’t do little pokers!  Polite attendant and overall nice store.  There is a “Spa” aka whore house next door.  Saw another fat Mexican pissing in the parking lot as I was leaving.  Really hot… NOT.

7720 N. Shepherd.  I-45 24/7 Video.  This is a big sleazy, dirty bookstore.  Booths are torn up, buttons hardly work, speakers are fucked up.  Ice Cold AC, Bathroom lock is backwards.  Toilet paper present.  Went in on Thursday and it was dead.  Went back Friday and it was busy…. tired queens, scary CD’s, and a couple of older black guys.  Had to wake the attendant up Friday.  He was fast asleep.  lol.  Parking lot has huge potholes and there was someone sitting in the same car both nights in the parking lot.  Lots of fun could be had here with the right crowd.  I get the anything goes vibe from them.

Houston 420 – 4121 N Freeway.  Never saw any cars there.  Google has busy data on it…. suggests it should have been hopping.  The other 420 locations are anything goes.

That’s about it.  Did not find any hot action but there are some promising places to follow up on.

What can I say?

I took a while off from posting.  At first it was a month, and then a year… and now I’m here.

So much has happened in the last year….. career changes, job changes, etc.

We lost Craigslist personals in May…. to be replaced by the whore-vertorials known as Doublelist….. getting laid has gotten harder.

Grindr is still the fastest way to find a whore or a drug dealer…. and occassionally some dick.

Lately I’ve been prowling the bookstores in Houston.  Trashy as ever, occassionally good for some dick.  Had an amazing time over Labor day weekend at Katz’s in NE Houston off 59.  This hot stud who we will call J pounded me silly.  I’ve been back a few times, but nothing like that night.

Rumor has it the Club Houston remodeled.  I haven’t been there in ages.  It’s sort of expensive not to get dick when I go.  So I quit going.

Best bang for the buck is when I’m traveling.  I was in Mobile, Amabala (the backwards state) earlier and it was horse-dick-o-rama.

So back to the cesspools called bookstores.
Cleanest bookstore in Houston goes to Lingerie Gifts, 7113 Clarewood Dr, Houston, TX 77036.  Now if they would only Air condition the backroom, lay off the sign printing fetish, and turn down the lights.  It’s a very standoffish crowd of Latino and Black guys who don’t like white guys.  What a shame.  This cock-whore would take all that black dick if he had a chance.  Admission is $5

Darkest and dirtiest bookstore goes to 420 News, approx 9901 Eastex Freeway, Houston, TX 77093.  They don’t appear on Google Maps.  It’s pitch fucking black, nothing works and when it’s hot it’s hot.  They do Air Condition.  Admission is $7.  A little tight on parking, but friendly crowd that’s there to fuck.

Runner Up shithole store goes to Excellence Video on I-45 S near Airline.  Saw a for sale / lease sign on the property recently.

Joke of a bookstore award goes to Fantasy Video off Clinton Drive.  I’ve never seen more than 2 cars there.  I’ll go in when it looks like there is someone besides the clerk there.

Best dick in Houston – Katz Video, 59 North near Beltway 8.  Admission $7.  Dirty, okay lighting, huge video selection and hopping crowd most of the time.  Parking lot is worked hard by hookers and has lots of creepers who sit and wait for someone hot to go in.  There is normally an abundance of trash on the floor in the booths.  The worst part of the crowd is the Hungry Hungry Hippo set of really big really aggressive queens who literally chase every hot guy around.  There are also some accomplished booth campers who go in and “setup shop” in one of the 4 gloryhole booths and wait on some dick to walk in.    They also lock the back door fire escape, so bitchez need to take no smoking seriously.  On the bright side we can probably motivate the HHH (Hungry Hungry Hippo) set to break down the door with a promise of a Snickers® bar on the other side.  Oh, something else worth mentioning.  The bathroom actually has a flush toilet, trash can, paper towels, shit paper, and a sink with what appears to be a soap dispenser.  I figure if all I’m doing is pissing my hands won’t be any nastier than the last cock I had in my mouth so whatever… I try not to touch anything.  When it’s particularly nasty I piss all over the pile of trash to get revenge on the person who isn’t cleaning the bathroom.  lol.

Honorable mention – nasty AF : BJ’s Adult Video on I-45 near Wayside.  Nothing works, small booths, sticky floor, couches with cum stains and an aggressive set of CD Hooker Girls.  I personally don’t see the appeal of CD girls, but whatever.  If you ask me they are like fake cheese.  Nobody is mistaking it for cheese.  It doesn’t taste right, look right, or feel right.  $7 admission and high probability of being raided according to local gossip.

Adam4Adam deleted again

I decided to delete Adam4Adam again.  This is the second time I’ve given up trying to get laid on that site.  I’ve concluded that nobody is really hooking up there anymore.

Oddly enough, craigslist is still very productive.  Grindr is hit or miss these days.  Some days Grindr is like a fucking customer service counter at Walmart.  A line of people waiting to tear my ass up.  Other days it’s like a ghost town.

Breaking Bad (Poppers)

I am tired of hunting for good poppers and playing cloak and dagger games around quality.  I am hoping to break the cycle of bad poppers, hence the name of the post.

So I have grown used to the poppers from US Pop Shop.  That’s too bad as they have nice stuff.  I read somewhere that it’s best to alternate between the popper chemistry.  The basic concept is that there are three alcohols that can be reacted to form a nitrite.  The nitrite acts as a powerful vasodilator with a short acting duration.

So let’s talk chemistry.  There are three types of poppers in broad brush:

Amyl Nitrite – This is a controlled substance in the US and requires a prescription.  It was reclassified in the late 1960s by people who didn’t like others having fun.

Isobutyl Nitrite – This is one of the formulations out there.

IsoPropyl Nitrite – this it the other common formulation.

Each of these is made by reacting an alcohol with nitric acid to perform a nitrition.  This is different from a Nitration, but still basic organic chemistry.  It’s worth noting that care must be exercised as Nitric Oxide is a by product which is toxic and causes delayed chemical pneumonia.  Translation it can kill or sicken you seriously.

Isopropyl alcohol, Isobutyl Alcohol, or Pentanol (aka Amyl-N Alcohol) can be used.  Each has slightly different evaporation and vaporization qualities.

There have also been CycloHexo Nitrite and other short lived chemicals that have similar impacts but less desirable side effects such as intense headaches.  It’s worth pointing out that some sources claim poppers cause vision deficits and headaches.  Yes, probably under some circumstances.  The primary affect is that they relax smooth muscles which is why they are vasodilators.  They lower blood pressure by enlarging the blood vessels.  Yes this could aggravate underlying physiological issues in the eyes or brain.  As with all items, different ones impact people differently.

As this is basic organic chemistry there are a variety of ways to cause the reaction.  The most economical appears to be this:

30 ml of distilled water, 30 mg of sodium nitrite (saturated sodium nitrite solution)

30 ml of alcohol of choice (which ever flavor you want to make)

chill to zero and titrate (drip) Sulfuric acid (battery acid) in while stirring vigorously.

What happens is the sulfuric acid attacks the sodium nitrite to form nitric acid…. which then attacks the alcohol to form X-nitrite where X is whatever alcohol you used.  The by products are heat, a nitrite and an unusable mixture of leftover chemicals.

It also produces some Nitric Oxide which is an orange toxic gas.  Toxic means it could kill you so it’s important to wear gloves a respirator/mask/eye protection and work with plenty of ventilation.

Now, it’s mostly frowned upon legally to make these for consumption as inhalants.  However, they are powerful solvents and are capable of removing most contaminants with no residue from electronic items such as video heads, circuit boards etc.  There are apparently also some uses in biochemistry for slide preparation involving the removal of water.  So from here on out we will be discussing Nitrites in the scope of using them to clean electronics and decontaminate grease from labware.  These industrial/technical uses remain legal in the United States.

Interestingly the compounds are reasonably unstable and should be stored in small bottles and kept cold for maximum preservation.  A deep freeze is an excellent place to keep them.  Small 5 ml bottles can be sourced from AliExpress for approximately 30 cents each.  This is an ideal size because a small amount of solvent can be consumed and discarded as needed for each session where it is needed.

A batch size as described above yields about 30ml of product.  This can then be cleaned with Glycerin which produces an ultra pure compound with no contaminants.  Commercially produced products often cut a corner here and use alcohol or kerosene both of which irritate the skin if contact happens to occur.

Batch costs, using materials sourced on eBay and or Amazon point to batches of approximately $3 to $5 which nets out to about 60 to 80 cents per 5ml container.  This cost analysis ignores the cost of labware and equipment such as graduated cylinders, beakers, stirrers, scales, and lab stands.  Allowing for extras in case you drop one, about $200 worth of labware is required to produce your own cleaners in-house.  It appears to be a very straight forward ROI against commercially obtained cleaners of varying quality and age.

My research pointed to there being one or two manufacturers who bottle the solvents in 500ml industrial containers which are then rebottled by various brands and sold for room odorizers and video head cleaners, etc.  US Pop shop claims to make their own and they probably do.

I still think it’s critically important for my expirements to have known quality solvents to clean my electronics with.

Once all the bits accumulate I will share what I learn.  Please keep in mind that it is illegal to sniff or otherwise consume these.  My article is not intended to encourage this activity.  I suspect that many of you who find this article are discerning videophiles, have specific scent preferences, or just want the best solvent to remove highly flouridated grease contamination.  All things that these solvents excel at.

Confessions of a flake

Well, this morning I flaked out on a trick.  I had not particularly enjoyed him the first time…. he was pretty fluffy, not well hung, and I felt like I was being fucked by a finger attached to a cow.  His crotch smelled nasty, like urine and it was all I could do to suck him hard while reminding myself that this was “community service.”

Community service is my term for fucking someone who isn’t really my type, just to get that nut.

Well, I had forgotten his email.  He showed up and I was in the bathroom upstairs hosing out.  I saw him get out and was like, “oh no” not today.

So I jumped out of the shower, and pressed the pause button on the Sonos.  I had Frisky Radio playing and it stopped.  I sat quietly and waited for him to go away.  He eventually went back to his car and emailed me.  I emailed him back and said it was not as clean as I thought and that maybe later would work.

He drove away.  I feel a little bad, but I have no desire to get fucked by a smelly finger attached to a cow again.  Oh no….. not for me, not today.

I did post on Craigslist and we’ll see what happens.  The SuperBore is in town….. maybe some random stray dick will grace my presence. 🙂