“NOW?” read the email.  I was accustomed to getting some short emails from my craigslist postings, but this was going for broke.  I replied, “cock pic? like raw?”  This was my normal response to the first email anyway.  It was surprising how many guys didn’t read my ad or thought that the picture of their splendid cock would make me think twice.  I liked raw and raw only, and it needed to be big enough to get the job done and small enough to be a possibility.

Several emails later I found myself in my garage, the lights out, a couple of sleeping bags on the floor and windows covered with some flimsy black cloth from WalMart.  Two layers seemed to block out the street light and make it suitably dark.  I was waiting rather impatiently for my trick to arrive.  He was 5’10” 205#, black, 27, with what he claimed was 9 inches.  Time will tell I thought.  I normally didn’t hook up with black guys, but I was horny.  I didn’t know it, but this encounter was going to change my opinion.

I had the driveway gate open and was peering out through a crack in the fabric.  Every few minutes a car would go by and I would anxiously check to see if it was pulling into my driveway.  After several drivebys, one finally did pull in.  It was a ancient, beat the hell up dark green Ford Astrovan.  As he applied the brakes they screeched loud enough to wake the dead.  This piece of shit van looked like it had just rolled off the set of Junkyard Wars.  He parked and the door groaned and creaked when he got out.  I thought for a second it was going to fall off!  Then he slammed it.  Fuck!  Geez this guy was going to let the whole neighborhood know he was here.  Then just as quickly he jumped back in and started his van and backed out.  Ugh, the guy who had gotten out seemed to be the right build.  He backed almost to the street and then stopped and shut it down.  This time he got out and walked around the front.  He stopped when he came to my gate post.  There he proceeded to open his pants and piss on my gate.  Fucking animal!

He took a long leisurely piss and then shook it once before tucking it back in his pants.  He had raggedy hair and was wearing some jeans and a well worn t-shirt.  This guy could have passed for homeless.  He looked about the right age, but something about him was turning me on.  He had a vibe like he had been uncaged.

The next part was always iffy.  He started to walk to the front of the house.  This could be a disaster and was one of the reasons I watched.  I quickly jumped to the door and cracked it open.  I loudly whispered, “Hey! Hey! Over here…..”  He stopped in his tracks, looked around, and then realized where the voice was coming from.  He turned and strode over to the door.  He paused a second when he reached the door.  I could see this in the dim light coming through the crack under the door.  The door didn’t have a threshold and had about a 1.5″ gap.  It had never been an issue in the past.  Everyone always paused to get up their nerve the first time they came to play in my garage.

I was about 10 feet from the door, on my knees, nude, and with my hole lubed up.  He pulled the door open and stepped in, letting it close quietly behind him.  “Hello,” I said.  “Are you the hole I’m here for?” came the reply.  “Yes sir,” I shot back.

He took what seemed like two steps and unbuttoned his pants.  HIs cock was all of 9 inches and maybe a little more.  He had a strong masculine musty smell.  His cock was flopping in my face.  I wasted no time in gently taking it in my mouth and stroking it with one hand.  While I was sucking him hard his pants fell to the floor and he kicked his shoes and the pants off.  He took his shirt off and I could barely see that he was built and well defined.  It didn’t take long for me to suck him hard.  I instinctively reached for the lube and slathered my hole with it before coating his big cock.

I turned around and positioned myself on all fours.  Inhaling my poppers hard I was expecting to have my hole wrecked.  I wasn’t to be disappointed, but first a detour.  My stud dropped down behind me and instead of forcing himself in me he surprised me.  I felt his hot wet tongue in my ass and was surprised.  It felt really good.  I could smell him behind me but had not expected to be eaten out.  He didn’t seem to care that there was a bunch of lube down there.  It was getting me turned on, I was craving his dick.

After a few minutes he had me moaning and wanting more.  He asked for the lube and I passed it back.  I heard him lube up and then the bottle closed.  He put the head of his cock against my ass and reached up with both hands to pull me back onto him.  In one slow, steady motion he inserted himself inside me.  I gasped a bit, even though I was turned on and had hit my poppers he was still big and thick.  Once he bottomed out he stopped and held me on him.  My hole contracted a couple of times and I felt him pulse once.  He said in a deep quiet voice, “I’m going to enjoy your pussy and you are going to enjoy my cock.”  I couldn’t quite place his accent, but I definitely was enjoying his cock.

He started slowly pumping me, full deep thrusts followed by pulling nearly all the way out.  It was enough to make me cum actually.  Normally the show is over if I cum.  But he kept on fucking.  It was an opportunity for me to lay flat on my stomach.  He positioned himself over me at this point and begin to pick up tempo.  In no time flat he had escalated to pounding my ass.  I think at one point he was trying to split me in half.  Pile driving my hole with his cock.  He was sweating heavily and making me moan.  We were inches from the garage door which was uninsulated and only 15 or 20 feet from the fence with the neighbors.  I was a bit worried they could hear us fucking if they were in their yard.  On the other hand, I didn’t give a shit.  I had a thick black cock in my ass and the animal it belonged to was mating my hole.

This went on for 20 minutes at which point I was beginning to get sore.  I asked if he was close.  He said not yet and kept pounding my hole.  I asked again, to which he said not yet.  He was a rough fuck and my hole was worn out at this point.  I told him I was going to need a break.  He replied, “You’ll get one when I leave.”  He increased his tempo and his arms reached around me.  I wasn’t sure if he was pinning me down or hugging me tightly.  Either way he slammed his cock deep in me and injected his seed inside me.  As he was cumming he said, “I own this hole now, it’s mine.”  I said, “Yes sir.”

He rolled off of me after he came and lay there for a minute.  We lay side by side in the dark garage, letting the cool air circulate around us and cool us off.  He pulled me over and on top of him.  I lay there with my head on his chest.  He was rubbing my shoulders and making me moan again.  I felt his manhood pushing against me which was how I realized that my moaning turned him on. It didn’t take much of this before he was fully hard and I was fully wanting it.  I lifted myself up and looked him in the eyes and asked, “Do you want it again sir?”  He pulled me in and kissed me and said, “yes I do.”  I lifted myself up and maneuvered to put his cock against my ass.  He pushed up and inside me at the same time I eased down on him.

As he reached full depth I leaned back and squeezed down on him.  He was banging me from underneath and came after about five minutes.    I climbed off of him and lay next to him.  I realized he was one of these guys who takes a while to cum the first time and then cums quickly each additional time.  The rarest of the four cummers.  We laid there for about fifteen minutes.  We chatted a bit and he told me he was an office manager.  I really liked the sex and realized I probably wouldn’t see him again.

He climbed on top of me again and I felt his cock against my ass.  It wasn’t against it for long.  He slid in and started pounding me again.  Like the last time he only took about 5 to 7 minutes to climax.  This was his 3rd load in me tonight.  My hole was sore and wrecked, but dripping his seed.

When he was done he asked for a towel and wiped himself down and got dressed.  He said “Thanks.” I replied, “Sure thing.” and he walked out the door letting it slam behind him.  He climbed into his piece of trash Astrovan and backed out.  That was the last I ever saw of him.