Action Scene

Sometimes the planets align and my schedule clears like the clouds on a dark night.  Tuesday was one of those days where I had some time off of work and was able to get to Club Houston early.  Tuesdays are half-price rooms.  All the regular rooms were gone when I arrived, as was the sling room and the “mirror” room.  I settled for a video room and hurried upstairs.  I got undressed and made my way to the maze.  It was busy, but mostly with busy bodies.  I was not having any luck and 4:30 turned into 8:30.  All I had to show for it was a hot black guy, Gorilla Guy, I had talked into fucking me in my room.  He pulled out and shot on my stomach which was quite the waste.  He had wanted to fuck with a condom and finally relented to bareback after I told him no for the 400th time.  He had a nice, thick cock, but came pretty quickly.

I wandered back to the maze again as 8:30 became 9 pm.  I couldn’t believe how slow it was.  They usually sell out of rooms and that hadn’t happened tonight.  There were a few guys I wanted but none were biting.  I was beginning to think about going to dinner and just chalking it up to a bad night.  The only amusing thing so far had been a jack off show between a couple of overbuilt white guys and a black guy I call King Kong.  King Kong has what looks like a 12 inch dick and the attitude to go with it.  He rarely gives me the time of day…. which is fine.  I like a challenge, not a suicide mission.  I walked around the corner to the cocksuck catwalk and found the two muscle bumpkins jacking off with king kong and a few wannabes watching and trying to get in the mix.  Visor boy, this otherwise hot Latino with a bad attitude was right there in the mix.  He had a nice looking cock, but it was undone by his unpleasant attitude.

I decided to go stand by the booths, which was probably a stroke of good fortune.  I noticed this average furry cub eyeing me from across the dark play area.  He was mostly hard and stroking his cock.  Suddenly he vanished from view.  I couldn’t tell what booth he went into, so I just stayed put.  About a minute later he came around to my side and went into the booth closest to me.  I went into the booth next to him and immediately set to work sucking his cock.  It was a nice average cock, but he was aggressively working my mouth with it.  I wasted no time in lubing myself and him and then sitting on that cock and letting him pound my ass.  Ordinarily this would constitute a pretty good night….but it was about to get alot better.  He stopped fucking me and walked out of his booth.  He rattled my door as I gathered my things.  When I opened it to leave he pushed me back and came into the booth with me.  I offered that we could go to my room and he replied gruffly, “no I’m fucking you here.”  Hot! I thought as he spun me around and stuffed his cock in my ass.  It took me a few seconds to get a workable position during which he was still banging me causing me to bump my head a bit.  Nothing like good rough sex.  I was vaguely aware of others in adjoining booths watching, but I didn’t really give a shit.  After about 5 minutes the loudspeaker came on announcing that it was time to clean the maze area.  I suggested we could move to my room before the lights came on.  He agreed.

We had no sooner walked out of the booth then the lights came on and everyone scattered in the maze area like cats running from a water hose.  I confidently strode ahead to my room only occassionally glancing back to make sure he was there.

When we arrived  I shut the door behind him and started to make out with him while riding his cock.  He had a bit of a belly, which was hot, but it makes the mechanics of riding an average cock and trying to make out difficult.  I suggested that we switch positions so he could pound my ass.  He asked if we could open the door and I said no… I envisioned a bunch of trolls watching and reaching in.  He shrugged and bent me over, banging my ass good.  Normally when I’m getting fucked like this I start moaning and tonight was no exception.  After a few minutes I told him to open the door and see what he could find to join him.  He smiled and said okay as he opened the door.  I swear it hadn’t been 3 minutes when I glanced back and noticed a crowd outside the door watching me get pounded.  I smiled and laughed to myself as I asked him if he had found any dick yet to join him.  Not yet he replied, but it’s looking good.

There were probably 5 guys crowded around the door to my room watching cubstud pound my ass.  Most of them had their cocks out and I would occassionally motion to them to come in, but none were up for it.  One was stroking his cock through his towel, visor guy.  It’s kind of annoying for someone to want to watch a scene, but hide their cock…. so I loudly said something about timid bitches hiding their cocks and slammed the door.  Cubstud laughed and kept pounding my ass.  After about 2 minutes I opened the door expecting the crowd would be gone.  To my surprise Visorguy was leaving and everyone else had stayed put.

This time a second guy came in, and was playing with his cock, but not wiling to fuck despite requests from me and cubstud.  He finally strolled off and a younger cub came in.  He had a more pronounced belly, but a slightly bigger cock to go with it.  He was a bit cuter, but both cubs were totally fuckable.  Youngcub swapped off with cubstud and started drilling my ass.  Cubstud got on my bed and layed down in front of me playing with me and himself as he watched youngcub pound my hole.  I noticed some motion out of the corner of my eye and realized that the floor guy was changing the room across the hall.  I could see him sneaking glances at the orgy going on in my room.  I wondered for a second if he would get hard, tell us to stop and close the door, or just ignore it.  A few seconds later the other young floor guy drifted by.  He stopped for a second and watched the action before going back to whatever he was supposed to do.    Youngcub finally came after about 10 minutes and shot a huge load in my ass.  I stood up and leaned back to thank him and we kissed for a few minutes.  As he walked away I turned my attention back to cubstud who said he needed a break.  That was fine with me, my knees hurt and my ass was sore.

I used my towel to mop up all the lube that had spilled and put my lube bottle backtogether.  Someone had apparently ripped the flip top apart trying to get it open.  lol.  Silly boys.  I took a nice shower and decided it was time to go swim a few laps.

The pool was nice and warm, and I wound up talking to a couple of hot hung black guys.  One, Tall Guy, had a room across from mine and had seen my little scene.   Tall guy wandered off and Gorilla Guy came over and sat down.  Scuba dude (the other black guy) wandered off and it was just me and Gorilla Guy chatting.  He asked me what undetectable meant and so we talked about safer sex for a few minutes.    I figured that was that.  He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “you wanna go upstairs again?”  Sure I said and jumped out of the pool.  I quickly dried off and we went upstairs to my room.

We made out a little bit with the door closed and he again offered to use a condom, to which I said no several times.  I thought he was gonna give up and then he put me on my back with my legs up and started to fuck me.  He didn’t quite have enough lube in but I didn’t really care.  After a second he pulled his cock out and looked down.  I thought for a second maybe I had gotten dirty, so I asked if everything was okay.  He had this horrified look on his face as he asked me, “Is that cum?”  I looked down at his cock and realized he had pulled Youngcub’s load out of my ass.  I chuckled, relieved it was not shit, and said “yea looks like it.”  This was apparently too much for him so he excused himself and took off.

I decided to go back to the maze and see what I could find.  I ran into MaybeStud in the video porn area.  He looked vaguely familiar from somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out where.  I stood there jacking off and he was jacking off.  I couldn’t quite tell what he wanted and then Gorilla Guy walked up to me again.  I heard some noise outside the video room and realized an orgy had spontaneously formed outside the video room.  I watched it with Gorilla Guy as I whispered that we should hook up at my house sometime and I’d make sure it was just his load in my ass.  He was game for it he said.  When the orgy wound down I wandered back and MaybeGuy was still sitting there stroking.  I took a seat next to him and he said he was a top and that he wanted to fuck me raw.  Sure I replied.  Before we could act, CubStud showed up and sat down next to me….. and started playing with me.

Somehow we all agreed to go back to my room.  It was pretty obvious another round of show n blow would be going on so we left the door open.  I was sucking Maybestud while Cubstud fucked me.  MaybeStud was having trouble getting hard and Cubstud was banging my ass.  Maybestud excused himself to go get a cockring.  Just when we had about given up on him he showed back up and plopped down next to me.   I was playing with him a bit but Cubstud was really drilling me.  A tall white guy walked in and started sucking Maybestud.  Maybestud was wide eyed looking at me and the newcomer and me again.  I thought it was kind of ballsy to just drop in but what the hell.  I reached over to newcomer and he had a big thick cock, so I started to stroke it in hopes that he would breed me.  As he started to get hard he made it obvious he wasn’t interested in me.  I laughed as I said, “Ok you can leave my room.  Out you go” and with that gently pushed him up and out.  Cubstud kept drilling me and finally managed to blow a load.  Maybestud was still having trouble getting hard so we all agreed to take a break.

I mopped up my floor again and swapped out my towel.  When I went to the shower I had a nice chat with NOLAguy, a hung black guy from New Orleans.  I invited him to breed my ass next time he saw me.  He smiled and said sure.  As I walked out of the shower I saw Maybeguy so I asked him if everything was okay.  He said sure and told me to come to his room.  I smiled as I walked by his room.  I needed my lube and poppers.  By the time I walked back the door was closing and someone had scooped me.  🙁  I decided this was a good time to pack up and head home.  My ass was sore and I had at least 2 loads in my hole.  As I walked by he told me I could at least get his name and number. The door was open again and I guess the other guy hadn’t worked out.  I looked at him and smiled and said “I’d like your cock and seed, can I still get that?”  He laughed and said, “Sure.”  I quickly went back to my room and tossed the sheets and towel on the bed.  I stripped and grabbed my lube and poppers and went back to his room.  He bent me over and proceeded to drill my ass.  He was probably an average size and not particularly thick, but it felt nice and he was pretty aggressive.  After about 10 minutes he tensed up, moaned and shot his seed deep inside me.  I thanked him for his load and we exchanged numbers.

I went back to my room and got dressed.  I gathered my things and headed down to the counter to checkout.  When I got there the counter guy was smiling at me and asked “Well, did you have a good time?”  I laughed and asked him, “Did you hear about my action scene or something?”  He smiled and said, “Of course!”