Fucking new year

Hey bitchez! So here we are in 2023. Covid hasn’t killed us all and most of managed to avoid monkeypox. Wee!

According to a drag queen whose name rhymes with “lit your box” I qualify to be a virgin again….. no fucking thanks. Did you know if you confine a bottom for long enough they might fuck another bottom? Sort of reminds me of those fish that can switch from female to male. Someone’s gotta do it… and I had a woofy sub-bottom hang out with me a month or so ago. He wanted it rough, so he got it rough. I told him to strip the fuck down and he did…. then I told him to bend over, and he said no… so I bent him over and stuffed my cock in his ass. He tried to squirm a bit so I had to pin him down and pound him. Fortunately for him I don’t last that long. But he said he enjoyed it.

I’ve been thinking of going to Club Houston again. Been a damn long time. Just been busy working to make bills be paid. Like I told a bitch, they don’t pay themselves, and nobody’s gonna pay for this pussy so I betta werk!

I was in closet station last week. I’m officially old as I didn’t find the twinky twenty somethings to be all that interesting. Look little boys, I wanna have sex, not teach it. You should be 8″ or at least 30 to ride this ride. Bring your confidence and check your bullshit at the curb. Man-sex doesn’t involve timidness, maybes, or other horseshit. I’m going back tomorrow…. we’ll see if I can score some dick this time.

I just haven’t been in the mood. But I was telling myself I need to get in the fucking mood. I’ve gotta go to South Racist Carolina in February and that gives me an opportunity in Montgomery on the way there and Atlanta on the way back. Hoes gonna hoe….. so yea, how much dick can I catch on that trip? Better have my ass back in shape before that trip. It’s a long fucking drive from Houston not to catch a few dicks along the day. Why the fuck anyone would put a conference in South Carolina is beyond me….. maybe it’s a charitable act…. economic charity. Anyhoe I’m gonna go and have me a damn good time.

Speaking of good times, Frisky radio committed suicide at Christmas. It suddenly quit working on Sonos. At first it was “down for a few days.” It’s been a few weeks… where ya at cunt? Talk about shitty transitions….. business model was always suspect anyway. So I’m back to listening to Pandora and it’s play list of 13 songs.